Mercury backs into Leo and approaches Mars | RED ALERT for the next few days ... part l

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Now, a red alert isn't necessarily a bad thing. Think about those red light specials the department stores used to have when people actually shopped there. They were designed to get us to look over here. There is something over here we need to be paying attention to. Red lights (and alerts) are attention grabbers.

Whenever an event/situation/person is grabbing our attention we will react or respond. Now, many of us, have been training ourselves to respond to situations rather than react to them. To slow down, take a breath, think about what the most intelligent, compassionate response would be and most of the time this is exactly what we should do.

Sometimes we just need to react though. If we find ourselves in one of those situations hopefully we can turn the wheel into the slide and not screw things up even more by turning away. But we just don't know until we are in it what we are going to do.

And I once, with my car sliding on ice, instinctively turned my wheel away from the slide - exactly what they say not to do. I spun in a few complete circles and came to rest, without a scratch, precisely between two metal guideposts.

(Of course, this was years ago and just yesterday I was pushing Sully on the swing and Olive walked right in front of Sully's legs and almost got clobbered. My reaction was very slow, sloth-like actually and I pride myself on my good reflexes. I need more sleep. And to stop watching sloths on the internet. I'm serious.)

Anyway, this post is your red alert. Let's look at the astrology.

Today we have a retrograde Mercury backing from Virgo into Leo.

His journey through Virgo had us picking over the details of something; making revisions, dealing with criticism, determining if this thing is even possible.

Now we are back into the Sun's territory (Sun rules Leo). This could have us re-thinking what our heart (Leo) wants. Does something we thought we wanted still making us happy? Do we still want to do this? This could be about a creative project, romance, child, something recreational or involve the theme of our Leo natal house. With the retrograde tied so tightly into the Eclipse all of this has a much bigger importance than we can see from our current vantage point.

Saturn (in Sagittarius) is squaring Vesta and inconjunct Ceres. This could be about home/family issues or legal/educational/foreign issues - there is something happening here where we are being forced to take on greater responsibility, exercise more patience, shoulder a greater burden, etc. The inconjunct tells me there may be no way out of it. Devotion, service, nurturing and security will feature in our smoothest path forward.

In a few months Saturn will come home to Capricorn. It will be best to find a way to take on any increased responsibility with a welcoming heart because following our heart is what is moving all of us forward. Know that things falling apart now are setting us up to be in the right place at the right time later - and by this I am talking about the space we are most needed.

I am not advising we take on more than we have to take on. We are not victims or martyrs here. We are not here to carry other people's burdens. That said, there might be a responsibility here that cannot be shrugged off. And we can't see the whole picture. No point kicking and tossing a tantrum when we can just get on with it. 

Hurricane Harvey isn't just happening in Houston. And this isn't to minimize what is happening in Houston! In some way the energy represented by this Hurricane (forced loss, forced responsibility, dealing with something we don't want to deal with, under water, accepting nature, accepting authority, being homeless, loss of security, loss of solid ground beneath our feet, being all wet, etc) which is the physical manifestation of the Eclipse - the largest storm in the United States in 60 years in our 4th largest city, the ramifications of which can't be remotely seen yet - is playing out in everyone's lives. Our energy is all over the place right now.

OK, back to the RED ALERT. 

As we come into the weekend we have Mercury beginning to conjunct Mars (exact on Sunday) AND Mars hitting the Eclipse degree of 28 Leo. And this is all (once again) trining (brakes off) a rebellious, reactionary, "anything-can-happen" Uranus. And then on Tuesday Mercury will station direct at that same 28 degrees! You can't make this up. WTH, people.

We've seen all kinds of previous madness during recent Mercury retrogrades and now we have Mars - anger, initiative, passion, war - thrown into the mix at the exact degree the Solar Eclipse previously set up as an activation point.

We'll talk more about ways this can all play out tomorrow, but as we approach this energy - it will be important to keep a cool head since Mercury rules our thinking and Mars is a hot-head.

Know that angry (Mars) words (Mercury) or unexpected (Uranus) information (Mercury) that makes us mad (Mars) or requires action (Mars) will have consequences far beyond whatever situation we are dealing with because Eclipse energy is in the mix, too!

We'll talk about all of this tomorrow, but in case your personal RED ALERT allows you to respond and not react (please drive safely starting right now) - it will be good to be prepared, so you can choose the most intelligent and compassionate response. The words we use can wound other people mightily now, too - they can hit someone like a hurricane. Keep that in mind. 

xo all

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