Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of August 7th - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and it's Leo season LET'S HAVE SOME FUN

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We start the week with MONDAY'S Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.

Usually, with Eclipses, I find we start to feel the energy about 6 months prior, so probably six months ago there was some change in our thinking/beliefs and we started to move in a different direction maybe without us actually moving in a different direction. Then the Eclipse season acts like a portal to connect that thinking/belief realm to our 3D physical reality and over the 6 months following the eclipse the changes manifest ... and life is different.

With me, eclipse events happen almost exactly one month to the day before or after the eclipse if I am going to be significantly impacted. Other people have events within the week. If this Full Moon brings a conclusion or culmination, we might also have felt it around the time of the Uranus station August 3rd or back on July 10th. Events transpiring now could take us back to February's New Moon in Aquarius. This eclipse is in the same space as the eclipse of August 1999 - does the summer of 1999 ring any bells? Do you see any similar themes to what is happening now?

This all might seem a little vague, but if it is impacting you, you will know about it. You won't need me to tell you that something is being "eclipsed out" or "coming to light".

Results of an Aquarian Full Moon will almost certainly involve themes of liberation, disruption and separation. I wrote about this eclipse in Part I HERE and Part II HERE.

Eclipses 'eclipse things out' making this is a good time to get rid of stuff. Sometimes when I am at a crossroads trying to decide which direction to take (or maybe to strike a grand bargain with the universe) - I get rid of something.

Sometimes a whole lot of somethings.

(once an entire business that I flew to Chicago and dumped onto my niece's livingroom floor)

I sell it or give it away or throw it away or often I leave it at the curb with a FREE sign carelessly lettered on a piece of cardboard and it is ... gone ... fast.

One of the great things about the crowded state of New Jersey is that there is a home for every unwanted end table, broken flower pot and bottle of Debbie Gibson cologne circa 1988, although I have two chairs on Craigslist right now that no one seems to be biting on. So I will take a bag of clothes and box of books I've been saving for the Full Moon and drop them at Goodwill.

This is probably something like what our ancestors did when they were fearful of eclipses, bargained with the Gods (please don't take that, here take this!) and fed virgins to volcanoes. But I don't think I have any virgins lying around. Just old sweaters.

On TUESDAY, the Aquarius Moon will sextile (opportunity) a retrograde Uranus. Maybe something old is new again here. Aquarian/Uranian themes could dominate the day - the internet, technology, astrology?, groups, advocacy, causes, freedom, friendship, unique projects or our biggest baddest goals. The Moon will be void from 3-6PM EST, so not a good time to start anything new. After the void the Moon will be in Pisces making us more able to pick up subtle impressions. We'll be more sensitive, more imaginative, maybe more desirous of ESCAPE. Definitely close up shop early.

On WEDNESDAY, the Moon is in Pisces all day. She trines (brakes off) Venus in Cancer, opposes Mercury (in Virgo) and hooks up with Neptune. Favorable energy for healing, women, beauty, money, real estate, home, family, love. Lots of water - so an emotional and sensitive day. There is some adjusting today with an authority figure or with our responsibility or goals (Saturn). Good beach day - if you are playing hookey though, don't post any pics on Facebook or you will probably get caught.

THURSDAY is a great creative day with good energy for relationships. The Moon is void from 9:38AM EST until midnight though, so don't start anything new.

There are two very good aspects today and one that looks like it will all work out in the end! This is a good day to plan something with a partner or work with the public. You can shine!

First, Mercury is sextiling Venus. This brings opportunity through communications, conversations, ideas, siblings, our local community,  involving work, health, pets, women, money or love. There could be good news involving a real estate deal, renovation, relocation, family issue, home issue, etc. If you need to talk to a woman about something - this is the day. Return the call. Send the email.

We also have Mars being a bit cranky with Neptune so maybe something with our Leo ruled stuff - creative projects, children, romance, recreation or maybe something with our Pisces ruled stuff - healing, spirituality, imagination, hospitals, art - gets a bit of a shake up. There could be a bit too much passion or some anger here, too.

We also have the Sun (in Leo) sextiling (opportunity) Jupiter (in Libra), so hopefully that angry/passionate situation Mars is stirring up works out in the end or expands us in some way. This is good energy for relationships and partnerships. Venus will be impacting everyone today. Get dressed. Show up as your best self. Strive for beauty and balance. Play fair. If you meet someone new today he/she might just be a keeper. Of course, they will be showing you their best self so there is that part to consider!

FRIDAY looks like another good beach/hookey day. We won't feel like working. Tell the boss your astrologer told you to take the day off - ack! This is actually a pretty good vacation week. My sister is in town from Olympia, Washington starting on Tuesday. You would think she had some astrological assistance planning her trip. :)

On SATURDAY Mercury stations retrograde (HAVE YOU BACKED UP YOUR FILES?!). Venus (in Cancer) trines (brakes off) Neptune (in Pisces). Events will conspire to have us looking BACKWARD. Post to follow.

xo all

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