Mercury Stations Retrograde | a return to something started before July 25th - if your heart's still in it, fix it

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Yesterday we had Neptune (in Pisces) exactly trining (brakes off) Venus (in Cancer). Both these planets are cozy and powerful in these signs and trines can normally be counted on to remove roadblocks and provide smooth sailing. Yes, if you are perched on the edge of a cliff, trines can remove that wooden cross bar keeping you from tumbling over, but in this particular case I think you would somehow manage to land on a nice patch of soft grass.

Today, Venus (still trining Neptune) will conjunct Ceres and Neptune will trine Ceres. This will bring Ceres energy into whatever story-line we are working with and maybe even into our Mercury retrograde journey.

Ceres is the mother/child energy of unconditional love.

This brings our awareness to maternal issues, childhood issues, security issues. Ceres rules the seasons and carries the energy of "impermanence" - nature's promise of security through the death and rebirth cycle. All this compassionate Neptune, Pisces, Venus, Cancer, Ceres energy has me thinking that whatever is dissolving or being washed out, lost at sea here - won't be as bad as we are afraid it will be. We have to trust the divine timing of life here. Summer can't be spring and autumn can't be winter.  But there is always more joy, more tenderness, more of whatever we are seeking - even though it might come in a different form depending on the "season".

At 9PM EDT tonight Mercury (communication, ideas, thinking, fast moving gizmos, transportation, siblings, our local neighborhood) stations retrograde in his/her home sign of Virgo.

The usual Mercury retrograde disclaimers will apply for the next few weeks It's time to think "re".

Rethink, redo, re-examine, research, repeat, reunion, reminisce, revise, remove (clutter ie the stuff that gets in the way of our life moving efficiently), revisit, relax.

This is not the best time to plow full steam ahead with new things. It's not the best time to sign a contract because things will come to light later that require revision or our thinking (Mercury) can change after Mercury moves direct (September 5th).

It's a good time to READ THE FINE PRINT. Use clear language - we need to be doubly sure people are understanding what we are saying and that we are understanding other people, because wires get crossed now. Double check the email before hitting 'send'. Mercury, the fleet footed messenger, rules things that are fast moving from our computers to our cars. BACK UP FILES.

Take extra care driving. Slow down. We need to give ourselves extra time to get where we are going. There will be delays - bring a book. This is not a good time to make a major decision and even small decisions will go wonky. THINK THINGS THROUGH. Be clear about the consequences.  

Rushing, while Mercury is moving backward, can trip us up.

The space of the sky (and YOUR natal and progressed mid Virgo/late Leo house themes) Mercury is backing over rules our work, health, paperwork, our pets, organization, people we hire, people we work with, our day to day activities - situations in these areas could slow down so we can "re"visit, "re"vise and "re"vamp.

We can catch mistakes and catch up with MISSED OPPORTUNITIES. 

Someone could leave or someone/something from the past could reappear. There could be miscommunications. Stuff could break down. Delays are likely. Plans will change. We can't prepare for everything, but we can slow down and double check what we are doing.

Maybe something from the past needs a second look - most likely something started before Mercury hit his/her retrograde degrees on July 25th. Go back over it. Is it still worth fixing/finishing? Does it stand out (remember this whole journey ends in the limelight of LEO)? Is it still special? Is your heart still in it?

Until September 5th, when Mercury stations direct, it would be best not to focus too much on future situations, 'what ifs' and final conclusions - let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Let's take care of what needs taking care of in the present and the stuff from the past that has "re"appeared or "re"mains unfinished.

With so much energy moving backward in the middle of eclipse season - that's more than enough.

We are straddling two worlds now, sitting in the space between the two eclipses AND Mercury will station direct next month at the exact same degree of the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Leo - this stuff is all working together in ways we can't quite see yet!

This weekend, Mars will reach the same degree the Sun (15 degrees Leo) held during last week's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - remember how this works - the initial activity, in this case the Lunar Eclipse, creates a kind of checkpoint and events transpire later as other celestial bodies reach that same checkpoint (our births are checkpoints, too - although checkpoint isn't the word I am looking for, but my brain is foggy this morning!).

Mars is about action, initiative and anger. And he's in Leo where he's loud and bossy. Trump has Mars in Leo and, after I breathed a sigh of relief at hearing he would be on vacation during this transitional time period, was very Mars in Leo with his brash posturing on Twitter about North Korea last week (we'll talk more about this next week when we talk about the next eclipse).

The same energy is available now to us to say/do things we could regret later or respond to drama in a way that escalates angry situations. Keep this in mind, too, now. Of course, worked in a positive manner, Mars in Leo provides the courage and confidence we need now.

xo all

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