Eclipse Hangover and Venus Square Uranus | pattern disruption, course correcting

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Monday's eclipse was a potent pattern interrupter.

It brings something to light or eclipses something out of our way. It closes off one path, one way forward, so we are nudged, pushed, dragged or drop kicked (boot meet ass) onto another path.

With so much retrograde energy there is alot of looking backward here (in the United States we are working through our collective energetic baggage regarding the Civil War and Nazism) as old cycles need to be finished up. We don't want to/need to be carrying this sh*t anymore. This energy will play out over the next six months.

The North Node in Leo assures me that we need to focus on the future and what we are creating rather than on the past and what we have lost. 

I had my own Oprah 'aha moment' the morning after the eclipse. I'd stilled my mind in meditation, drawn myself, once again, into the present moment when it hit me that since I believed my past thoughts had set into motion my present reality, my consistent focus on the present moment (pretty much a staple of New Age thinking, not that I consider myself New Agey, but it does impact me), which is great for focus and clarity was at least partly (and maybe significantly) responsible for my endless loop of creating the same things over and over again. New characters, same story line. New actions, same results.

So because what is, is a reflection of what was - focusing on what is has us focusing on the past, so we keep recreating our future as the past. Am I making sense?

I need to do ALOT more thinking/feeling about what I want and the future I want to create - with an emphasis on the feeling that is symbolized by the thing I want. I always think I do this, but I don't do it anywhere near as often as I am focusing on the present moment

which is really the past in disguise! That tricky bastard.

Our lives are never stagnant for long, our lives are always changing - how much of this change we are consciously participating in is up to us. I am pretty certain our unconsciousness will have its way with us IF we do not have a certain level of commitment to ourselves and are not in a vibratory state where we can handle the responsibility of captaining our own ship.

Are we unconsciously generating a life that mostly consists of everything we have gathered along the way that is not even ours?

Anyway, this is just something to think about, how too much emphasis on 'being in the moment' or not enough emphasis on 'creating the future' could unconsciously set us up for a loop. I don't think we need to do less meditation, mindful walking, etc - I know this stuff is helpful. But I do think we need a daily practice of thoughtful creation (thinking about and feeling what we want that at least equals, probably in both time and intensity, the present moment practice).


I've been feeling hungover since the eclipse. I wrote the Sun into Virgo, clean the closet post, but keep opening my closet, inbox, etc and closing them again. Everything seems like quite a mess. Like I am being asked to clean up after Katrina.

I've heard some people found the eclipse to be energizing. I've felt mostly drained with a few sporadic moments of motivation. Now that the Moon has gotten away from the Sun (Moon into Libra today after traveling through Leo, the Eclipse and Virgo being blasted by solar energy - enough already Sun leave the poor Moon alone!) it could be the cosmic coffee that wakes me up - I am hoping!

Today could be tricky. We have Venus (in Cancer) squaring Uranus (in Aries) and trining Chiron (in Pisces). This is break-up, break-through, break something energy. And, yes, if we break something, the glass will be sharp.

Venus rules partnership, money, love, our self-esteem and our values. In Cancer, she is sensitive, moody and family/home oriented. She is squaring off with rebel/awakener Uranus in independent Aries. The trine to wounded healer Chiron means if something hurts here - the hurt is very old and very deep. And we'll know how old and how deep by how much aspirin or red wine we have consumed by the end of the night.

This square could make relationship and/or financial issues unpredictable. Maybe a change we should have made a long time ago now closes in on us. Maybe we make some kind of impulsive move or break toward freedom that just leaves us more unstable. There could be an unpleasant surprise here. It could feel like our safety/security is threatened. Slow down. Take a deep breath. We can love ourselves through this thing.

If we are the one feeling restless it doesn't mean we need to take drastic action - this close to the eclipses and with both Mars and Mercury set to hit the eclipse degrees within the next two weeks - maybe small moves would be best. Mercury is retrograde, along with four other planets including Saturn set to station direct TOMORROW. Let's not make any moves that set our course in cement, if we were a GPS we would still be course correcting.

xo all


DancingMooney said...

I don't feel energized either. I feel like I need a nap, yet I can't seem to find the time to get a good one in... August has been fast paced. It feels like September will start out the same.

Did I tell you we got a puppy? :) She is a handful but we are loving her...

Trying to stay positive though, and keep moving forward... boy oh boy, do I know the feeling about doing the same things in different ways, over and over... hopefully I've cut the ties on that one for good if nothing else.

I've been reading from my kindle lately, sorry I haven't commented more...

Blessings to you and thanks to you always for your posts Cat.


Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Janell - Yeah, it seems pretty draining. I had a couple people tell me they were energized - maybe from the experience itself, I guess, the energy feels exhausting to me. I need a nap, too!

A puppy? That's great. I just checked your insta! She is totally adorable! Those eyes!

Sorry I haven't been on there in a while. I promised myself I will get back on after Labor Day. Lovely anniversary photo, too. You two are so cute together. I just realized his name is Mr. Mooney, like Lucy's boss ;) and you are Mrs. Mooney ;)

I read on my Kindle, too - no worries. Thanks for touching base - so glad to hear all is well with you - love your new little baby! xo