Mars inconjunct Chiron and trine Uranus | yes, it might hurt ... no, that isn't going to stop us

Summer breeze by TheNightSheDied

I was going to jump back into the weekend series, but we have a lot going on today so let's stay where we are for a little while longer.

First, let's talk Moon - this stuff is fleeting but powerful.

The Moon is in stable and ambitious Capricorn. As it moves through Capricorn today, the Moon will conjunct Pluto giving us stamina and the ability to focus. On the downside (fly meet ointment) it could excavate intense energies that are not so great for harmony with others.

If we need to end an emotional attachment though (my personal plan is the solid defeat of SUGAR) and take our own power back - this is good energy to do that.

Tonight the Moon will square Jupiter. This could bring up relationship issues or tension between work/goals and partners/other people. Our emotions could be over-the-top and out of proportion to what is going on. This might lead us off course. Things can feel better than they actually are, too. Our standards could get lowered.

We also have Mars (action, initiative, boldness, anger) inconjunct Chiron. Inconjuncts can't be solved. With Chiron involved someone is going to get hurt.

Maybe our confident action (Mars in Leo) rubs someone else the wrong way (Chiron in Pisces). Or maybe we are the one who gets hurt. We can't win here, but I'm not really sure we will be able to avoid whatever this scenario kicks up (or if we want to), especially if we have planets or points around 27 degrees Leo or Pisces.

This doesn't mean we give up.

If we want/need to step up now (Leo North Node/Mars) and are worried about making a mistake or worried about what other people will think, we also have a trine (brakes off) from Mars to innovative Uranus (in independent Aries). Action creates freedom. Self-expression is freeing.

Bold, brave actions may lead to some difficult moments with/for other people (and for ourselves!) and we surely don't need to toss salt in the wounds, but we don't need to stop in our tracks to avoid any chance of injury or hurt feelings either. And, of course, it could be someone else's bold action that hurts us.

Either way, we keep moving forward.

Remember, Mercury is still retrograde and we have him (news, information, communication, siblings, transportation) meeting up with Mars this weekend and Mars hitting the Eclipse degree. I will post part II about that tonight or tomorrow morning.

This is not the best time for big changes because we can't see far enough ahead. Let some stuff unwind itself first. Let's see where the cards have fallen after Mercury stations direct next week.

In the meantime we can keep moving forward toward what our heart wants. Don't stop. Now is the time for planning and revising. The eclipse has reset everything, but we are not fully operational quite yet. Let's be gentle with ourselves and others.

Also, Houston needs underwear.

xo all

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