Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of September 11, 2017 - moth meet flame, rushing just creates more lack, know when to shut the hell up, a dragon in our path could be a dragon, could be a fire extinguisher

Runaway by Lukreszja

We know whenever the work week includes the complete Gemini Moon cycle it is going to be busy and we have other stuff happening that looks busy, too.

Rushing doesn't seem to get us anywhere faster though.

Remember we have had, through a strange set of circumstances, Mercury traveling with Mars for weeks and we still have one more week of this. This is fast moving energy and can lead to arguments and accidents. People will continue to be quicker to speak out, quicker to be annoyed and will speak out more forcibly.

The flow of information and daily tasks has been challenging to keep up with. Customers/clients can be irritable and want things done yesterday. Good advice (yes, from grandma) if you can't say something nice about someone, well then just shut the hell up (yes, my grandma was from New Jersey).

The Course in Miracles teaches we have two ways we can respond - through love or through fear. Love knows when to shut up. This can be the harder, higher ground. Fear requires little regulation of ourselves as we blather out something to eradicate our anxiety or cement our identity. Let's choose the higher ground this week.

All the chaotic energy that is trampling on Mother Earth's body is trampling ours, too.

There are multiple situations converging, but the Mars/Mercury piece of the puzzle (just a few more days of this one!) is impacting our liver (perfect storm for something like a bladder infection or digestive issues), stomach/solar plexus (2nd chakra).

This chakra is super impacted by Neptune's stomach churning storms (Solar Eclipse plus Pisces Full Moon ruled by Neptune and conjunct Neptune), Leo's fires (Grand Fire Trine, Eclipse, more anxiety!), dis-empowering lies and the media blasting "catastrophe" at us 24 hours a day. This chakra really needs healthy boundaries. If we are feeling something like "I can't digest all this information" or "I have lost my center" or the feeling that our gut instincts are letting us down - it's time to reset our boundaries here.

(and on the flip-side some people's boundaries are drawn so tight - we can be so sure we are right and that what we believe is TRUE - that tightness and rigidity creates similar issues with an out-of-balance 2nd chakra. I know someone who can literally only eat three different foods.)

Life on planet Earth is not for sissies folks.

Flipping that pancake and checking out the positive side (yes, that will be the side with the most visible blueberries)- Mercury/Mars, now that both are in Virgo and moving forward, is good energy for learning and applying our skills - not bad energy for back-to-school if the teachers can keep the kids from bickering and in their seats!

On MONDAY, the Moon will be void until 3:29PM EDT. This is not a good time to start anything new if we want something to come of it (so if you are filing a late tax return or something you want 'nothing to come of' this would be a green light).

Even void the Taurus Moon (ruler of our resources) and the Virgo Sun (ruler of work and service) can get alot done. Work efficiently with what you already have.

After the void, the Moon enters communicative and multi-tasking Gemini squaring Mercury (Gemini's ruler) and Mars. This would not be a good time for any kind of challenging conversation because people can be testy and words sharper than we intended. We could say/do things in haste that we might regret later. Try to avoid rushing - especially if you are a fire sign - Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Good timing if a hard-headed (hopefully not heart-less, remember that North Node in Leo), strategic game plan needs to be announced/implemented, but not everyone is going to like it.

Jupiter (in Libra) is trining (brakes off) the South Node in Aquarius. This could be a smooth/simple opportunity to interject something Aquarian into a group or social situation. Maybe it's our freak flag - whatever makes us uniquely ourselves. Something quirky, new and innovating (or rebellious - Aquarius is that, too, of course) creates expansion and "luck" now. Since we are talking about the South Node of what we are releasing, we could be stepping away from something that is "distracting or distancing" ourselves from others (technology? many people are without electricity right now). We get lucky by getting involved and being ourselves - just keep in mind that Mercury and Mars are squaring the Moon and take your time, know when to shut the hell up.

On TUESDAY, Venus (in Leo) is trining (brakes off) Saturn (in Sagittarius). This is excellent energy for manifesting into physical form (Saturn) what we want (Venus). This energy is in play all week. This is still Saturn so results come through work and time, but they do come. The investments we make now (love, money, what we already have, women, beauty, self-esteem, values) can pay off later. We can also see the results of our prior labors this week and next.

On WEDNESDAY, the fly in the ointment (damn flies) to yesterday's exact Venus/Saturn trine is today's Sun square Saturn. This could take us back to something started when the Sun met up with Saturn back in December. With the Sun ruling the Leo North Node of our collective way forward AND our HEART this obstacle/restriction/wall is actually a positive. In both the same way all obstacles are positive in the end when we look back at what we have learned and in the sense, at this particular time in our history with the collective way forward about following our HEART - whatever stands in the path of that will need to be dealt with.

For now it might look like a fire breathing dragon. And in fact it could be an actual fire breathing dragon, but it could be the dragon that will lead us directly to the acquisition of the fire extinguisher that we will need moving forward. Whatever we use - skill, resources, etc - to get around or over this thing is going to be needed later on, too. We have the Sun in Virgo and Virgo loves to make something. We might have to build it as we go.

Any tension or challenges now that come up are part of the process that gets all of us to a happier space. Yes, we will have to deal with whatever comes up now, but life is magical and we get the square at precisely the right time - Virgo season! - so we'll use that Virgo Sun to fix what needs fixing here. It doesn't have to be a perfect fix and it won't be some big, splashy thingamajig. Virgo rules the small, practical steps that are helpful. Work small with whatever is challenging while keeping your heart (North Node Leo) firmly fixated on what you WANT (that Venus!).

The Moon goes void at 2:35PM EDT.

On THURSDAY, Venus (still in fiery Leo and approaching the eclipse degree next week - that's when the benefits of that monster Solar Eclipse will become more visible) meets up with the North Node of our collective destiny. Pay attention to what comes to your attention now. Maybe a woman comes into your life and moves your whole story forward somehow. This is the energy for desire (Venus) to meet up with whatever it takes to make the desire come true. Moth meet flame. We'll talk more about Venus's journey this week in the dailies including a sextile (opportunity) with big-time opportunity maker Jupiter on FRIDAY.

Lots more to write about including Mars and Mercury's final exact conjunction on Saturday, but I am out of time this morning. I have a largish store order to get to and another store owner who wants a face-to-face skype - which means I have to think about what my own face looks like this morning. Which reminds me with all this Venus we will want to be looking our best this week (and next week). It will make us more attractive - ie more able to attract what we want.

Venus loves all the lace and polish and we want her on our team now. We will be a stronger channel for our favorite muse's energy if we take a little extra care with ourselves.

xo all

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