Mercury Conjunct Mars ... again | headstrong, argumentative, pushing the conversation, pushing the idea, the review is over and we are ready to get started

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Mercury and Mars have been dancing together for weeks (highly unusual!). They met up on September 3rd when Mercury was moving backward (retrograde). They meet again today with both energies (our head and our ability to act) moving forward - we are post eclipse, eyes wide open.

So what are we going to do? The review, the reflection - is over.

Maybe we get a second shot at something from early September. Maybe this is another argument (Mercury/Mars is great energy for a rip roaring confrontation) or more likely the same one being rehashed - last time Mars was strong and direct in a fire sign and Mercury was still retro in Leo. Now Mercury is strong in Virgo, a sign he rules and Mars is not quite so flashy. So Mars is a little less powerful now and Mercury is a lot stronger. There is greater potential for a cool head to win this round.

Maybe we need to have the uncomfortable argument to find where the blockages are. The bigger the blowup the older and deeper the pain.

Or maybe we need to walk away from unproductive discussions and focus on how to get what we thought we needed from the other person from ourselves. Maybe we need to just let it go.

We are more likely to be comfortable expressing anger OR sorrow, but not both (the Course in Miracles teaches they are really both fear in disguise). So we will be more comfortable with anger and repress sorrow (hubs) or be more comfortable with sorrow and repress anger (me).

We'll push whatever we are not comfortable with onto other people for them to act out for us. This is mostly done unconsciously, but when we get conscious about this stuff - well, first our world is majorly rocked then majorly ripe for real change. Alot of this past season has been about family dynamics, old stories that need to be put to bed - we will know what these are by the way they trigger our bodies and emotions. This isn't so much a time of progress as a time for healing ...

(I decided to take an hour beach-break yesterday morning and enjoy a little "local-summer" now that the tourists are mostly gone. I am sitting in the front of a long line of cars making a left turn at a red arrow waiting for the bridge to close and the gates to open. This arrow is new and I'm sitting there thinking it's a smart new addition because when the gates come down, and block the traffic in front of the bridge, everyone used to pile up in the intersection and the traffic going straight through (not over the bridge) used to get stuck, too.

We are sitting for a bit. Bridge openings on this road can take a while. Suddenly someone behind me beeps their horn. Then someone else. Soon at least a dozen people are beeping and yelling out their windows at me. I am not sure they can all see what I see, but I am still looking at a red arrow and the bridge rails closed. I am thinking WTH. Well maybe I am thinking WTF. Well maybe by now I have my arm out the window with my middle finger extended.

And yes, I am thinking to myself that I must be really pissed off to be attracting this much "pissed off" in my direction.

I inch up a bit, so the tractor trailer behind me can get around me and into the empty right lane (there is an empty right lane next to me for cars going straight and not left over the bridge) - maybe he wants to avoid the bridge wait and drive straight? But no, he swoops around me to the left, along with four other cars, blocking the intersection and piling in front of the gate.

I was thinking about Mars/Mercury (Mercury also rules transportation) and about how this could have, in the past, triggered old stuff for me the way traffic situations tend to do to us - other times in life we have been cut off, left behind, out-maneuvered - but it didn't this time. I kept a cool head - well, my left middle finger got a little hot and itchy, but as a person more comfortable with sadness than anger, that anger had to come out. It felt appropriate to the situation (plus I live in Jersey).

I could see the red arrow and the closed gates. Maybe the other drivers could, too, but maybe they couldn't. Maybe they got around me and said to themselves "oh, so this is the hold up".

With the Mars/Mercury energy peaking today knowing that other people don't have the info/view/background knowledge that we have can help avoid a tussle. It can also show us our triggers.)


Maybe we push (Mars) the idea/conversation (Mercury). We decide (Mercury) we take action (Mars).

We still have the Black Moon Lilith (the uncontrolled woman, sexual freedom) story in play, the Venus (love, money, values) story in play, the Moon in fun-loving Leo, the Sun in practical Virgo shining a light on our harvest AND all the ways we screwed this harvest up (damn nit picky Virgo) and all the ways it was screwed up for us (not everything is under our control) and all the ways we freaking got lucky.

What are we going to do with all of this?

I am about to hit a local flea market and then clean the pool, so we can close it up for the season (sniffle). I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday.

We'll use Mars/Mercury to move forward. We'll watch for Mars/Mercury triggers.

.... xo all

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