Today's Astrological Weather Report - handcut carrots, small tweaks adjust BIG things, practical language, the audience goes home

South wind by painted poppy

Today, we have the Sun (in Virgo) trining (brakes off) Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn), Mars (action, initiative, passion, anger) changing signs from fiery Leo into stable Virgo and Venus (in Leo) inconjunct Pluto. The Moon is waxing in Aries this morning and moves into Taurus at 12:23 EDT (after a short void around lunchtime). The Moon is exalted in Taurus - the sign of prosperity and ruler of our resources.

First, let's look at Mercury.

You might remember he moved into Virgo on July 25th before reversing course and traveling back through Leo. So, now we are kind of back where we were then, but with a clearer grasp on whatever information/facts we need to be grasping to move ahead. We are older and wiser now. The retrograde forced us to deal with delays, to take another look at something, to ask the right questions, to revise, to review, to reconsider - and now we have the results/the decision/the info we need. It won't get much clearer than this.

Retrogrades force our hand with this stuff. They can't always force us to use what we have learned, but let's face it - if we were planning to do X, and, during the last few weeks learned Y and Z that impact X, we would be a fool not to use what we have discovered/learned as we move forward. So we will.

Mercury (communication, thinking, ideas, local neighborhood, siblings, transportation) is quite happy to be back in Virgo - a sign he rules.

In Virgo, our thinking, writing and communication will be more practical and commonsense. We will be all about the details. Nothing gets by Mercury in Virgo.  But lots of things get dismissed. If it's not real, if it doesn't work - it's gone. This is an excellent transit for organization, cleaning, paperwork, working on the tedious trivia we have overlooked during Mercury's days in star-studded Leo. The curtain gets drawn, the crowds go home, the star of the stage (us!) hones his craft without an audience, without applause. This is the work that gets done right because it needs to be done right. This is also excellent service energy - for taking care of our health, for taking care of other people, for taking care of our animals.

The Virgo house in your natal chart gets a visit from active Mercury - this is where the solutions will be. This is where we can drill down the details and become more efficient.

This is where we will be walking our talk.

The shadow side of Mercury during this transit (through September 29th when he moves into Libra - note he will start covering entirely new ground in Virgo on September 19th) is that we can't always see the forest for the trees. We might get so caught up in the details the big picture gets away from us. We could forget/lose sight of why we are doing the thing we are doing in the first place. Or we get so caught up in something being so perfect, that it never gets finished. Or we pare something down so much that in the end we end up with nothing .... keep an eye (yes, we need three eyes now!) out for this stuff.

The big news today is the perfection of the trine between the Sun and Pluto.

This is an aspect we don't want to waste. Here is where a precise adjustment (Sun in Virgo) creates career/place in the outer world opportunities (Pluto in Capricorn). A tweak to our day-to-day activities or work routine (or diet/health routine! or some regimen with our pets!) STARTED NOW is very powerful. We have to do what is right for other people here, too, because our Virgo Sun rules service - we can't take more than our fair share or cop out on something that is necessary. 

POWER comes through the details now. Use this transit to set up an improved schedule. Prioritize. Do the most important thing first. Take a look at the houses in your natal chart this trine is impacting (your Capricorn and Virgo houses) - there is an increased opportunity for these houses to work together now. Trines are easy to miss because things fall into place easily. Note where this is already happening. Help it along with increased efficiency toward what we are passionate about!

The fly in the ointment with this and yes, there is always a damn fly in the ointment. Maybe without the fly there would be no ointment!

We have Venus (love, money, women, beauty, our values, our self-esteem) inconjunct (something not solvable here) the same career/place in the outer world/authority Pluto.

It looks like something we want (Venus) won't happen quite the way we want it to. Or maybe a situation with a woman isn't working out. Love/money can be tricky. To the extent we are not valuing the right stuff the support won't be there. Whatever this is, it will impact this final leg of our Pluto story which started when Pluto met up with the Sun back in early January.

The trine with Virgo though tells us the way through this is to do our Virgo.

Cross our t's and dot our i's. Do what is right in front of us. Clean up the mess. Share. Put one foot in front of the other now. Eat right. Go for a walk. There won't be any shortcuts, but we won't need them because with Pluto answering to Saturn - whatever it is we are building it is going to be sticking around for a long time ...

xo all

Enjoy that Taurus Moon this afternoon - take comfort in what really matters. Get out in nature (Ack - I am writing a post for tomorrow about the crazy weather!). Get your hands in the dirt. Balance your checkbook. Get a massage. Cut the vegetables with a knife, not one of those fancy electric choppers. You get the idea.

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