Sun Square Saturn | meet the wall (no, not THAT wall)

the wall by alice faux

The Moon, still in multi-tasking and communicative Gemini has some nice aspects this morning with both Venus (sextile) and Jupiter (trine) - this would be a good morning for communicating with a partner, teaching, some kind of PR opportunity, social something or other.

Before going void, she sextiles (opportunity) Uranus (the unexpected, the future, freedom). Uranus is in Aries for a few more months and her interactions with our Moon today could have us feeling ambitious and looking for something new. 

At 2:35PM EDT the Moon goes void until dinnertime. We'll be left dangling with that sextile to Uranus pushing us to close up early and make a run for it. The Moon will enter Cancer at 6:12PM EDT leading to a couple days where we would all prefer to hunker down at home or with people and places that feel like home. Our emotions will naturally be soothed by what nourishes us and its lack will be more strongly felt.

The Moon is in the last quarter phase of her monthly cycle. And Mercury is getting ready to begin covering new ground next week - this is the time to put any finishing touches on projects started before late July or follow up with any appropriate situations from before that time.

With the Quarter Moon happening in fast moving and "too many irons in the fire" Gemini we could be feeling rushed, under-appreciated or over-worked. The Moon is winding down now. Find some time this week to unwind a bit, too.

In the meantime, back on the ranch, the Sun (in Virgo) is hitting her exact square with Saturn (in Sagittarius) at 21 degrees. These two will be close enough to have this tension/stress in play all week.

This is Saturn's 2nd square (due to his retrograde) with the Sun since we started our new Saturn cycle back on December 10th at 18 degrees Sagittarius when these two power players met up.

This is that wall, or obstacle, we talked about in the weekly (ie fire breathing dragon). There are GROWING PAINS.

The Sun will shine a spotlight this week on whatever this is for us. Our life force/creativity is blocked somehow. There is pressure, tension, frustration. Maybe too much work or too much service is being required of us. We could doubt our own abilities and any space we "don't have what it takes" could be right in our face and possibly even on view for others.

Maybe we'll get a "no". Maybe something that stabilizes us comes to an end or something requiring additional responsibilities/work could begin.

Whatever this wall is for our egos in this cycle - we hit it. "DAM!" said the fish when she did. Ack!

Patience and diligence (sorry!) are the only antidote to a Saturnian wall. We'll get through this. Time is on our side here.

(September is a big decision month and no one is going to feel like they have enough time/facts, etc to make the best decision. In October, Jupiter - higher thinking and remember Saturn is answering to him! - will move from Libra where he can see both sides and wants things to be fair, and into Scorpio where he will not be dealing with any crap.)

This square could be most strongly felt by the mutables - Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces - and anyone with planets or points around 21 degrees Sagittarius or 21 degrees Virgo. But since this is the Sun we are talking about we will all be feeling blocked somewhere.

The way through this tangle (since the Sun is in practical Virgo) is working with whatever is right in front of us in the current moment.

Don't look too far ahead or too far back. Saturn likes things to stay exactly as they are, but that opportunistic sextile between Uranus and the Moon today tells us something new needs to happen here. The square makes any move challenging since we are between a rock and a hard place. Just do your Virgo and get through the briar-patch - small, practical steps, focus on quality, don't get caught up in a 'perfectionist/criticism/mired in the details' trap. Keep moving. Do your best. If you don't know what to do - there is probably some weeds to be pulled or dishes to be washed somewhere. 

Doing something for someone else (very Virgo-like) can help bring us out of any depressive funk - Saturn can be heavy-duty. Of course, if this over-doing is part of the tension, this would be the thing to ease up on a bit. Virgo also rules our health - if this is the space we are hitting the wall - take things seriously. Make the difficult changes. Do it one step at a time.

Tomorrow, we have Venus crossing the North Node - she is on a roll people! Whatever it is we are doing to bring more beauty to the world is ripe for a BIG PUSH in the right direction.

xo all

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