RED ALERT | Mars Conjunct Mercury at the Eclipse degree - fighting words, the courage to speak, part lll

Inner lion by DorottyaS

To recap - the Solar Eclipse on August 21st set up a powerful event chart when the Sun and Moon met up at 28 degrees Leo. The chart's influence could extend for months.

The faster moving planets, and in particular Mars - the planet of action and aggression - can act as "triggers" for Eclipse events as they hit these degrees.

Today we have Mercury (retrograde and about to change direct on Tuesday - we've seen how powerful Mercury stations are with world events) and Mars meeting up at the Solar Eclipse degree of 28 degrees Leo.

Even without this meeting happening at such a powerful degree (kind of like fighting on a minefield) Mars and Mercury together are tricky energies to manage AND we still have that trine to "anything-can-happen" revolutionary Uranus in play.

The best use of this energy - we have the courage (Mars) to say (Mercury) what needs to be said. Fresh ideas (Mercury/Uranus) allow us to initiate (Mars) something we can be proud of (Leo). Passionate (Mars) language/thinking (Mercury) changes (Uranus) the situation. Unexpected (Uranus) news (Mercury) encourages generous/optimistic (Leo) action (Mars).

The most challenging use of this energy - our words (Mercury) result in a rip-roaring fight (Mars). Our speech (Mercury) could be harsh or self-centered (Mars). We could blurt out exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time (Uranus). We could have an accident. Unexpected (Uranus) news (Mercury) starts a war (Mars).

In Leo, things could get very dramatic and VERY LOUD.

I am not going to advise to avoid challenging conversations or run and hide (the North Node is in Leo, courage is required now) because Eclipse events carry a large degree of fate with them - the argument may need to happen. The bad news may need to come out. On the other hand, we can use our astrology knowledge to prevent a nuclear meltdown. Keep a calm head. Choose your words carefully. Mars wants to go, go, go. Take a moment and think things through.

And drive safely.

xo all


lynn bowes said...

You've mentioned that 28* thing a few times and you know me, I have no idea where I am looking in my chart for that 28*. Can you remind me, please? This has been an unsettled several weeks and it always helps to see where things are for me. I check my biorhythm page, too, just to confirm what I already know - I'm off. Everything is happening at the same time and August/September are "piling on" and I don't like it one bit.

Catherine Ivins said...

Hey Lynn - your Eclipse degree is in your 7th house of partnerships - other people. And its opposing your 1st house of yourself. And that's where Mercury has been retrograde - your relationships with other people.

So typically - this would be something like a re-connection with a past partner, a meeting with a significant new partner or a prompt that pushes you to approach one-on-one relationships including business partnerships in a new way. The trigger will be another person who challenges you. So, whether you are taking a second crack at a situation, or wrapping something up, the process of review can open up a new chapter regarding your one-on-one equal relationships.

The 28 degrees Leo is also, although out of sign, very near your natal Venus (love, money, women, art, beauty, values). Also the Full Moon this week is in your 1st house of yourself - so yes, it will probably feel like everything is piling on. Ugh! Also you do have your Chiron at 27 Sagittarius trining the eclipse degree in your house of work/public life so some kind of pain/wound there either connected with this or it just pings it!

You have 6 planets between mid Leo and early Libra so this time of year (mid August thru early October) is probably often eventful/maybe stressful for you!

Catherine Ivins said...

Also Saturn is getting near that Chiron degree (27 Sag) of yours - I have my Venus there and can definitely feel him already via restrictions, boundaries. Saturn lessons come through loss - I am very much NOT looking forward to his full impact when he hits this degree in December! But hopefully we are getting the worst of it over now as he approaches - that often happens - then a gift when he leaves! Keep things totally above board/honest/hard working with your 10th house - career/public life to avoid the worst of him.

Catherine Ivins said...

Also you are a Virgo so will feel much better/more organized and on top of things when Mercury is moving forward again!

lynn bowes said...

Well, I've gotta say, all of that makes sense.

Reconnection with a past partner - my very first boyfriend dying unexpectedly two weeks ago. We had spoken in the weeks before and he was on my list of people to see when I went back to Kansas City this week. True that all of this prompted me to drop everything and I'll be driving to KC Wednesday to visit all of those people I have been putting off for almost 20 years. I've lost so many that I never had a chance to talk to and now is my chance. I'm sorry I let all of this time pass and it's well past time to go. This really is a time for review.

Restrictions and boundaries - UGH! I thought birthday month was going to be a fun one! Yikes!