Mercury Opposite Chiron | healing words, hurting words, verbal triggers, let's be compassionate with ourselves and others

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The Moon is void until 12:24 PM EDT - this is not a good morning to launch something new. Sleep in if you can or go for a long walk and enjoy some unencumbered Sagittarius Moon optimism for a couple hours.

After lunch EDT the Moon moves into Capricorn. It will be time for us to get to work. Be responsible. Take care of business. Be respectful of other people's time and boundaries as well as our own.

There has been a story building all week. See the weekly HERE

Today Mercury (26 degrees Virgo) opposes Chiron (26 degrees Pisces). Words have an elevated power to both heal and hurt now. Think through what you are saying and hearing - is your response out of proportion to the situation? If it is, you can be sure an old wound is being triggered.

For example, this is how road rage works.

(and yes, be cautious when driving today, too, with Mercury involved and this could also involve a sibling issue, also Mercury ruled).

Hubs used to get really crazy in traffic when we were younger. I could never understand the big emotional response he would get when someone followed closer than he would like or pulled too quickly in front of him.

(obviously there are times when this could be a big deal, but he would make a way bigger deal out of little - non emergency - happenings of this than was called for)

Being cut off (other spaces where we have been cut off, where someone has shut us up, where someone appears to be have gotten "ahead of us") -

being followed too closely (other spaces in our lives where people are on our back, where people have been nipping on our heels, breathing down our necks, where we have not been fast enough)

 the themes driving activates are pretty universal - we've all been there.

When we feel an emotion that is out of proportion to what is happening we know it is activating something else - something our physical or emotional self is holding.

We have all kinds of "other people" issues playing out now. Relationships that have been steady as a rock for 20 years (is there really such a thing) are not so stable these days because Pluto in Capricorn is squaring Libra and Aries (our relationship axis) plus we have Jupiter in Libra.

Today, the Sun (in Libra) conjuncts Vesta. This shines a spotlight on a relationship issue, especially if we have a situation where balance, beauty or fairness is lacking. 

With Mercury not only opposing Chiron today (our childhood wound), but also squaring Black Moon Lilith - there will be a taboo issue no one wants to talk about. But somehow it will be.

That Chironic wound is unlikely to be ignored.

Finding an answer isn't as much the point of all of this right now as much as drawing our attention to the wound. It won't be comfortable. Comfort can be over-rated when we are housed in bodies per-programmed to crave what is familiar. Keep this in mind.

Let's be compassionate with ourselves and other people now. We really are all fighting a hard battle ....

xo all

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