Venus Sextile Juputer | increased expectations, opportunities for more love/more money, shop smart, drive safely, watch your tongue, play with the kids

kids by Joa Gna

Today, Venus (in Leo) sextiles Jupiter (in Libra) at 24 degrees. There is opportunity for expansion/celebration/to get lucky. Personally, the opportunity will be between your late degree Leo and Libra houses.

Collectively this will be about love, money, self-esteem, our values, women, beauty, children, recreation, romance, fun jiving (all those Venus and Leo themes) finding their happy places through our groups, social activities, chance encounters (Venus is still conjunct that North Node!), women, travel, education, foreign, weddings, higher thinking.

I know this sounds like a word salad. Because it is. Take what you need!

This would be a good time to begin a new relationship - personal or business. With Mercury so close to Mars (exact tomorrow) there could be some bickering, maybe quite a lot of bickering, but it might be worth it!

Watch your wallet because Venus/Jupiter is good for spending money and might not care if we actually have any. On the other hand funds spent on our appearance or our relationships is probably not a bad thing. Just keep your eye on the benjamins today and through the weekend.

Jupiter brings increased EXPECTATIONS.

In this case it would be around our relationships, love and money. And because we often seem to get what we expect we are going to get this can be very helpful. Hence, his reputation as a kind of astrological Santa Claus.

Keep in mind though that Jupiter is a planet made up entirely of hot air (gases). Not everything will pan out in huge ways. Some things will just kind of fade away like a dream. Venus is moving toward an inconjunct with wounded healer Chiron, so some of the promise of this energy will need to be fine-tuned. Something might trigger a previous wounding.

With Venus in Leo new doors will open (North Node!) fastest with a Leo attitude - optimistic, happy, generous. There are multiple opportunities here and we simply can't screw this up.

The greatest opportunities for our collective will come through our belief that things can get better for all of us.

The Moon is in Cancer. It opposed Pluto just about the time of the London bombing. And we have Mercury (transportation) moving toward an exact conjunction with Mars (violence) tomorrow. What we see in the collective is always at work in our own lives, too. So take care with machinery. Drive safely. Passionate conversations and arguments can be dropped like bombs so don't initiate confrontations. Think before you speak.

By mid day the Moon will be sextiling (opportunity) the Sun - in Virgo, so opportunities for a light to be shone on detailed work, service or our health. This is good for seeing both sides of a situation and for having alternate views work together. The Moon goes void at 5:23 EDT. With an interaction with unexpected "out-of-the-blue" Uranus as her parting shot - we could have some unexpected emotions (ie a reason for unexpected emotions) later in the day. After the Moon gets into Leo late tonight would be a good time for fun, romance, kids.

Don't plan to get to sleep early! xo all

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