Mars in Virgo Trine Pallas in Taurus | patterns of behavior, strategy, working the process, perseverance, creativity

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First check the forecast HERE for this week's major energy patterns.

The Moon is still in "big-picture" Sagittarius today and making some tense aspects including a hook-up with serious Saturn. Although our mood could be a bit flattened, the combination of Saturn's feet on the ground/strong foundation and Jupiter's (Sagittarius ruler) head in the clouds/build it BIG isn't necessarily a bad thing, right?

It sounds like a recipe for success, long term success, which is a perfect fit with today's perfecting aspect -

Mars (in Virgo at 13 degrees) trines (brakes off) Pallas (in Taurus at 13 degrees).

Mars rules action, initiative, war and independence and Pallas rules creative intelligence, strategy, war and patterns.

Practical action (Mars in Virgo - take the next step, cross your t's, do what makes sense) along with structured, creative problem solving and pattern recognition (Pallas in Taurus - establish a new pattern/schedule/plan that builds on what is already working but put your own creative spin on it). 

This moves whatever we are working on/dealing with forward more smoothly (trine).

With all of this earth (Virgo/Taurus), stuff is going to take time to germinate. This isn't the energy of something that is fast or explosive. This is slow growth that lasts.

This starts with a plan. Something that builds on WHAT IS ALREADY WORKING. Then we do the day-to-day practical work the plan lays out. Create a pattern to be followed. Work the process. Progress will be steady and noticeable. 

Perseverance is required.

xo all

Mini Astro Lesson - Taurus and Virgo are naturally trine each other. Rulers of our 2nd (our resources, our values, our self-esteem) and 6th houses (work, health, day-to-day activities) the themes of these houses naturally compliment each other, too. They work together so smoothly we might only notice them when they aren't working. We work (6th house) and make money (2nd house). We value ourselves (2nd house) and so we do the work needed to stay healthy (6th house). You get the picture. The other natural trine here (earth signs) is our 10th house (Capricorn) which rules career/public life, you can see how this house fits in here, too.

There is natural law at work here. If you go to, free horoscopes, natal chart and enter your birth data - your chart will include a little graph at the bottom where you will see lots of little symbols including triangles. Those triangles are some of your super-powers. They are your planets and points that were in just the right houses and just the right degrees when you were born to provide you with your personal arsenal of "brakes off". Check them out. Google the attributes of the planets and houses involved. Make a word salad. Sit with that for a bit.

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DancingMooney said...

Mmm a word salad could be fun. I think I have that page printed out, hope I can make sense of my triangles. :)

Life has been busy lately but I think it might slow down a tad for a week or two...

My mom's boyfriend is ultimately going to have a leg amputation in a couple of weeks... 4 corrective surgeries prior didn't work. :( We are just keeping our fingers crossed that while an amputation is a scary thing to think about doing, hopefully it will cut the bad from his body so the rest can heal.

Trying to stay the course with business. Definitely paying attention to what's working and focusing on THAT.

Hope you and yours are well. I need to catch up more often. Thinking of you always...