Today's Astrological Weather Report - peacocks strutting their stuff, something about not trying so hard, imperial ambitions and alpha dogs going at it plus an empty nest "no one needs my homemade cookies anymore" sniffle

Insecure by Birdy-7

Today we have the Moon in fiery, independent Aries. Trining Venus (love, money, women) in Leo this morning making it a good time to push (the Moon is answering Mars today!) for something close to our heart that we started working on/dealing with before the end of July when Mercury went retrograde - remember Mercury is walking old territory until September 19th.

This energy is good for strong females who want to be noticed ... hmmm :)

It's also good for independent action.

By lunchtime, the Venus trine is fading out (dammit, I want my spotlight!) as the Moon moves into a square with Pluto (in Capricorn) AND Mars - in possibly today's biggest aspect - a sesquiquadrate with Pluto (yes, that's a word).

That's alot of Pluto. And since Pluto is in Capricorn, that's alot of Capricorn.

This will likely direct our action, emotions and possibly our anger at Capricornian thingamajigs - Cappy people, serious people, fathers, our career, authority, limits, rules, time constraints, security, safety, physical things we can touch, walls, things that can't be moved.

Pluto will always beat Mars in an arm wrestling contest, so this is good energy to find out who is really in charge. Battles for dominance and power are likely. It looks especially treacherous ground for the earth signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - to slug it out.

On the other hand somebody has to come out on top. Note - it will probably be whoever started out there ....

With Pluto there is always the possibility of destruction. We will be holding a hammer so everything might look like a nail. Or maybe someone else is holding a sledgehammer. Either way the good news is with Pluto there is always the potential for the destruction to lead to rebirth. Things/people/relationships can, and often do, come back better and stronger after a Pluto whomping. Or they end up six feet under. There is rarely an in between. Keep this in mind.

Another aspect perfecting today - is Ceres (in Cancer) inconjunct the South Node (in Aquarius).

I have been feeling this one and went looking through today's chart to see what it was. With perfect timing as always (kids going off to school although that's not my story now) the universe offers up an "empty nest", "miss the good old days when I was taken care of or when I took care of something/someone" transit.

There is "mothering/smothering", "nurturing", "sustenance" that is no longer needed. Maybe it has been outgrown entirely or maybe we just need to find a new way of doing it because the seasons (of life or the year) have changed.

With the South Node involved we know something is leaving. With Aquarius involved we know the ending/release is liberating. Whatever is happening will be a big deal to us to the extent our past includes issues of separation and insecurity (and whose doesn't!). And the extent 24 degrees Cancer or Aquarius - or thereabouts - might factor into our natal or progressed charts.

We'll work through this. Maybe we need to mother ourselves now!

If you have some choices about what you are doing today - and you do! - remember it is Virgo season. We are going to have an even greater heap of Virgo to work with/deal with over the next couple weeks, so it's good to embrace it.

Let's focus on what is right in front of us. Clean stuff up. Get organized. All this Pluto today makes it a good day for purging and recycling, plus the Moon in waning. Take care of the details now. Know when good enough is good enough.

With Mercury heading back into Virgo (moving forward) it is best to say what needs to be said and then drop the matter. Too many directions, extra words, etc, will be taken as criticisms ... even though we are thinking we just want something done right. Let's go easy on others, who don't have the benefit of astrology that we do, when they seem to be criticizing us. Isn't it possible they just want things done right/to go right, too?  

Best to talk about what you know for sure NOT what you are worried about that hasn't even happened yet. This is probably always good advice. Make a bumper sticker. But don't forget to credit your grandma. She probably said it first. xo all

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