Mercury Stations Direct, Mars Into Virgo, Sun Opposes Neptune | BIG ENERGY, take your time

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There is alot happening in the skies today!

Mercury stations direct at the big Solar Eclipse activation point of 28 degrees Leo. Mars moves from fiery Leo into practical and precise Virgo. And the Sun (in Virgo) opposes Neptune (in Pisces) at 12 degrees.

Let's look at Mercury direct first.

Happening at the exact degree of the Solar Eclipse, our Eclipse stories move forward now. We have all the facts we need - we may not know everything, but we know what we need to know. We know enough to take practical and precise action (Mars into Virgo).

With Virgo, there has to be a plan. Things must be done in a piece by piece, step by step manner. It is a great gift to us for all of this to end in Virgo, believe me.

During the last few weeks we have been back over the Leo part (the theme of our natal Leo house, the creative project, the children, the romance, the recreation) AND the Virgo part (the theme of our natal Virgo house, the day-to-day activities, health issues, job issues, the practical details of something).

Maybe we've had a rip-roaring fight, maybe we haven't (that energy is still in play).

Now as Mercury stations to move forward - and we know how powerful Mercury is at stations we've seen multiple terrorist/vehicle events in the days around this energy peak, so take care now - there is a shift that moves us forward, too.

This has been a very challenging Mercury retrograde. I think we'll all be glad to see it in our rearview mirror! Note- Mercury will be covering old ground until September 19th, so action on things in play BEFORE late July is still favored.

With Mars (our action. initiative, passion, anger) changing signs at the same time we know our movement forward is best done in a Virgo manner. This means practical, precise steps focused on what is right in front of us. Mars in Virgo can be excellent for productivity and it can also run entirely off course with perfectionism.

The good things about Mars in Virgo is our ability to organize, to be productive, to focus on the details and what needs doing right now; the next step. Since Virgo is a service sign, the actions we take that help us will most naturally help other people. Mars in Virgo can really clean up the mess and improve the situation. The wheat is separated from the chaff - yes maybe rather ruthlessly, this is Mars we are talking about. But in the end we are left with the wheat (I think - I am not really sure I need to ask a grain farmer or google) or whatever it is we need to grow the wheat. Either way the superfluous stuff is gone.

On the other hand if we let fiery Mars get out of control in pious Virgo territory we could have a bigger mess on our hands even though everything looks all clean and sparkly. Mars can get very pissed off here if everything doesn't meet his exacting standards of perfection. So let's not go there. We could find ourselves taking action toward some quite impossible something or other. If everything has to fall precisely into place for something to work out - well, Mars in Virgo is the man for the job - on the other hand he doesn't see the big picture - just the details right in front of him - and can toil rather tirelessly with not much to show

(of course this 'not much to show' thing isn't taking into account the muscles we are building and experience for next time, let's not discount it, sometimes without the things that don't work out we would never get to the things that do).

If we find ourselves, or someone else, demanding an impossible to meet goal or impossibly high standards of perfection we will know we have veered off course here. Mars has run amok.

So, we have Mercury (words, ideas, communications) moving forward. And Mars in focused and practical (also service oriented) Virgo - we are no longer going to be just thinking about what we want/should do, we will no longer just be talking/communicating about it - we will be taking action.

You will notice I am not saying full steam ahead. This is because we have one more piece of today's puzzle - we have the Sun (our ego, our life force) opposing dreamy, imaginative Neptune.

So, although the urge to plow ahead will be strong this week - things might not be quite as they seem right now. We are building toward tomorrow's elusive, watery and mystical Full Moon in Pisces (note - clear some time today and tomorrow, the bigger the chunk the better, for meditation and quiet time - the channels will be WIDE open).

Don't sign on the dotted line just yet.

We might be telling ourselves something that isn't really true. Someone else might be telling us something inflated, too. This doesn't mean they are lying necessarily, although they might be - but with the Sun opposite Neptune we are susceptible to deception and confusion; to wearing rose colored glasses.

If we find someone glossing over the truth or if something seems too good to be true (or too bad to be true), this is a RED ALERT to use that Mars in Virgo to filter out the deception and dig for facts. We don't want to move forward with a fantasy during Virgo season!

If we still don't know what to do, do like Mercury and just stand still for a while longer.

Actually, even if you are sure you know what to do (and if you are I need your help pronto!) first let's look inside - we are fast approaching that miraclulous Full Moon and it is full enough right now to be VERY illuminating. Pisces rules the 12th house of what is behind the scenes, put away, done behind our back, self-defeating.

Let's see what the Full Moon brings to light. Neptune rules the seas and cannot be controlled - what is meant to flow in or out will be unstoppable.

Meditation today and tomorrow, even if you never meditate and maybe especially if you never meditate, will be VERY effective to get clear. The Sun is shining a big, old spotlight on our inner life. We don't want to miss the chance to see it more clearly!

Full Moon post coming tomorrow morning. Sorry I missed writing the weekly. Sully turned four and I never had enough time or focus to get it done. Today's energy pretty much sums up the week though and I will write dailies.

If you are still waiting for news or info to come in, especially from events put into play before late July, your wait is almost over.

xo all
hang in there

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