Full Moon in Libra | Sunday, March 28, 2021 - our need for other people, relationship eye-openers, a crossroads, resolving very old battles, wise decisions and a need for long-term planning



On March 28th, 2021 at 2:48PM EDT, the Libra Moon moves into her exact opposition to the Aries Sun giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in Libra. 

Full Moons are always a time of PEAK energy. There is a culmination, a completion. Something comes TO LIGHT. In general during a Libra Moon we might notice the ways our life/relationships have moved out of balance. Who/what we are attracted to now. Who/what we are withdrawing from or is withdrawing from us.

Back in 2019 we had TWO Full Moons in Libra - one at the Spring Equinox and then another one four weeks later. Two Full Moons in the same sign in the same year is unusual. Coming in the relationship focused sign of Libra with the "we vs me" polarity of the Libra/Aries axis - something here was really wanting our attention. From our older/wiser/"what the flying frig is going on here" vantage point two years later - we can see it was uber important that we got really, really clear on who (and what) we wanted to be with on this next leg of our journey. 


Because on the one hand, we were going to be stuck in the house with them ... for weeks/months in 2020 and 2021. And on the other hand, we were moving toward the kind of challenges that would be best met hand-in-freshly-washed-hand with the right person/people. By that second Full Moon we knew who had our back. We knew who we were on the same page with. 


We can't say we weren't warned. 

Move ahead to the Full Moon in Libra of 2020 - now Venus (ruler of Libra) was in Gemini, prepping for last year's long and tricky Venus retrograde. The Moon was just past her conjunction to Juno and opposing Eris. Relationships were getting complicated. The partnership/the contract - whatever we had going on in a committed way with another person - was moving away from the warm and fuzzies and toward a collision with some outside strife. This was also the day Mars was squaring Uranus, so I am sure plenty of straws were breaking plenty of camels' backs/tipping points were reached/there might have been sudden BREAKS.

THIS YEAR, as the Libra Moon moves into her fullness opposing the Aries Sun, we have Venus, conjunct that Sun along with hurting/healing Chiron. 

So, the ruler of the Full Moon (Venus, ruler of Libra) is opposing the Moon! And Venus's annual meeting with the Sun is happening DURING her Full Moon and conjunct Chiron (who is also having his annual meeting the Sun during this Full Moon)!

Libra rules our partnerships and our collective seventh house of other people/commitments/alliances - so there is likely a need now to watch for projections. We are responsible and in charge of our own feelings/our own needs. Something that could "come to light" now is how we project expectations on other people based on our own desires and then they fail to live up to our imagined plans for them and we get hurt/disappointed/angry. These are really feelings we are having with ourselves, but the other person gets to be our mirror here. We are the mirror for other people, too.

Libra also rules fairness and justice. The reason Libras can sometimes seem so indecisive is because they can see both sides of an issue - so maybe that is what is illuminated now - another point of view. Too much certainty assures we are shown the very things that will make us question ourselves/and others. Although, Full Moons are about endings, happening in the cardinal sign of Libra (cardinal signs usher in the new seasons) - there is a beginning here, too.

OK, let's dial into this particular Full Moon. 

Let's unpack the chart! 


The Moon is at 8 degrees Libra opposing the Sun, Venus (Libra's ruler) and Chiron ALL at 8 degrees Aries. The Moon is inconjunct Uranus at 8 degrees Taurus and semi-sextile Vesta at 8 degrees Virgo, also both EXACT - and what's up with all these eight's? 


Eight is a number of power/transformation. 

Hexagram 8 in the iChing is called - "seeking union", which feels perfect for a Libra Full Moon, so let's start with that. 

In the iChing "seeking union" begins with divination/inner questioning - we start at our source. It is important to know where we are coming from because when we know the source/who we are - we can flow out in any direction and meet up with the right choices and connections. We are born with this kind of innate navigation system, but over time our GPS gets hacked/glitches up/needs updating.

Thinking about these 8's in terms of starting with our source (notice the number 8 has no obvious starting point once it is fully formed, but in order to make one we have to start somewhere) is repeated by Libra's ruler Venus (the Moon is answering to her) being in independent Aries (the first sign of self) during this lunation  AND we can see how we've all been tossed back at ourselves (inner work) during the pandemic.

We start with ourselves. Our own natural affinities. This "seeking union"/connection thing is instinctive, but not intended to be just smooth sailing without any stress. On the other hand too much stress can be an indicator we have formed the wrong relationships/unions - probably formed out of fear/struggling - or maybe they were right for us at one time, but then we stayed connected to people and situations that had run their course. Eventually we cannot support a relationship if it means ignoring our own nature/our own source. 

If we cut off our source we will either die on the vine (8 being the number of death, too, via Scorpio and the 8th house) or maybe latch onto something living, like a vampire might do, and cling to that.

Ultimately we are going to have to know not only where we are coming from, but we will have to decide where we are going (Mars on the North Node). With all these 8's and with Venus in Aries (the first sign) - we will start with the idea of knowing who we are/where we stand as being something central to this Full Moon's energetic.


The ways we are connected to ourselves/our source, the extent to which we are able to receive love/love ourselves will be illuminated now and all the spaces this is lacking might be more sorely felt

The Full Moon trines Saturn and the Mars/North Node conjunction forming a Grand Air Trine. Grand trines are great gifts. The energy forms a powerful closed loop. This is your natal Libra, Aquarius and Gemini houses. We've talked about the Mars/North Node this week - making future focused choices/having conversations/getting information (sometimes uncomfortable, this could have been an argument/accident) and taking action - that sets our course. Now, Saturn in Aquarius pulls in some added structure, authority, responsibility, groups. Here is a smooth flow with our relationships, conversations, plans, ideas, the future. Saturn indicates this is about sticking to a long-term plan. Rome wasn't built in a day and whatever is started now won't be either. The trine to Saturn can indicate positive interactions with authority/older people. Things become more stable. That Mars/North Node choice/decision/move forward will have some built in limits/restrictions, but at the same time they are strengthening our RELATIONSHIP(S)


(and this building thing is likely to be happening on some rather rocky ground that has been tilled via a release, loss, forgiveness, compassion, sacrifice, a visible need to be more gentle with ourselves or someone else).


The Full Moon is semi-sextile Vesta (that old PROBLEM we need to fix or forget), inconjunct Uranus - in Taurus, so answering to Venus, too - and the Moon (in Scorpio by then) is going to oppose Uranus on Tuesday. The inconjunct is Taurus/Libra - both Venus ruled, both inclined toward making the world more beautiful/more profitable. Libra needs to partner, but also wants that partner at an equal distance doing equal kinds of things. Libra, being an air sign, doesn't want to be closed in. This equal distance thing would make Taurus crazy, being fixed earth. Taurus doesn't do 'partner' in the traditional sense/will do things independent of someone else, but can be inseparably attached to one or more people as in connected at the hip. Moon/Uranus aspects tend to create anxiety because they trigger our ancient/innate terror of life's unpredictability (evicted from the womb as we all were). This one is Venusian - our relationships, our money/resources, our values, self-esteem. A way through this inconjunct could be Uranus's sextile with Pallas (in Pisces) which forms a Yod pointed at the Full Moon. Pallas/Uranus - smart decisions/patterns interpreted or applied to unexpected events. This has already happened, so hopefully you have made some smart moves/plans! In Pisces, this is also about showing compassion, expressing grief, making a sacrifice, forgiving, dreaming, releasing, softening.

Ultimately this Moon will be somewhat uncomfortable because from Libra she is opposing the Moon's ruler, Venus (in Aries). 


Aries is not Venus's favorite place AND she is conjunct the Sun and Chiron. So, our Moon (as us) can feel out-manned here. The Libra Moon wants unity/fairness. Venus in Aries is willing to fight for what she wants. There has likely been some situation that involved some kind of challenge, struggle, argument, competition. With Chiron here - we are healing very old woundings around ANGER, what we had to do to survive, there could be a need to stand up for ourselves and take care of ourselves in a way that doesn't run the other party over or leave us with tire marks on our shirt. The Sun with Venus and Chiron at a Libra Full Moon is a HUGE relationship/partnership/open enemies story-line (starting and ending). Mars at the North Node - a turning point or movement forward. A conflict - that Mercury/Mars that is waning now - drives the last and first chapters. Our needs. Their needs. Keep in mind, our ESSENTIAL NEED to remain connected to our source - the 8's! Mercury is moving toward his/her meeting with Neptune on Monday - these are very old chapters we are re-enacting with modern twists. There could be confusion, even lies, but also connection and idealism. By the end of the first week of April, things should be much clearer. 

Bottom line - the Full Moon spotlights a CONFLICT. There are relationship (and financial) EPIPHANIES now. We have reached a fork in the road and must choose a new path. We have access to compassionate WISDOM. The path we choose (or are pushed/pulled toward) will have built in limits/responsibilities, but will be healing/balancing for OUR RELATIONSHIPS. LOVE can be re-awakened (including self-love). This Full Moon is excellent energy for RESOLVING VERY OLD BATTLE wounds.

And keep in mind all those 8's and the iChing's hexagram 8, "seeking union"  and how knowing who we are allows our energy to flow out from us in ANY direction and meet the right choices and connections! 


Don't forget to get out and walk in the Full Moon if you can. Her energy is very potent now whether we can see her or not.

xo all

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