Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, March 3, 2021 - heartfelt changes, opening up, the pace quickens, pushed into the future, love and money can be found in unexpected places



The Moon is in Scorpio now - we are nurtured through going deep and feeling that we can handle what we find there, merging/purging, backdoor dealings, negotiations, merged finances/resources. She is a busy girl in Scorpio - trining Venus at 3:38AM EST, opposing Uranus at 4:21AM EST, squaring Saturn at 5:04AM EST, trining the Sun at 1:52AM EST, squaring Mercury at 7:01PM EST and finally squaring Jupiter at 8:21PM EST - you get the feeling a Scorpio's life must be pretty complicated these days, eh?

This is also the day Mars leaves grounded Taurus for communicative/busy Gemini - so it feels like a good day to get out of a rut. Mars will be in Gemini until April 23rd. This is an energetic time we could find ourselves focused on multiple things at once, choices, communication, writing, learning, teaching, sales, sibling interactions, pairs of things/situations, our local community, transportation/tech issues, our Gemini natal house themes. With Mars here we should feel more initiative/passion in these areas, but also probably more anger/angst. If we can avoid the 'argument' landmine built into this transit and realize alot of what is said and done might not stick around too long, we can get alot of immediate stuff accomplished with Mars here.

The Moon's trine to the Pisces Sun is our Monthly Waning Trine - Scorpio/Pisces. This are kind of flowing forward. The stuff we find in the deep Scorpio waters becomes easier to deal with when shared through Pisces connectivity. This is quietly potent. Trines remove any resistance, so we slip right into the deep waters. People can grow closer/slip apart. Finances merge or old resources/belongings slip away unneeded. Something within us can open. We can give in/give up, relax.

The rest of the lunar aspects are a mixed bag, mostly Aqua squares, so tension/frustration, pivot points within Aqua themes (or even with Uranian/Aquarian people) - either our natal Aquarius house theme or our groups/friendships, technology, the future. Things may not go as expected. 

The good news - besides the waning trine - we also have Venus sextiling Uranus exact now. This will help with the changes (Aqua challenges) as what we want/desire is also shifting. 


We talked about this in the weekly HERE.  


Love and money can be found in unexpected places now. 

xo all

painting by the amazing Isabel Emrich

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