Today's Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Tuesday, March 30th, 2021 - looking under the hood, coming unstuck, taking responsibility for something new, a path to more stable money and relationships



The Moon is in Scorpio now. We are nourished by power/collective resources/merging/purging/diving deep. Our emotions become more intense, situations can feel more "life and death". She opposes Uranus, inconjuncts the Sun and squares Saturn. Pressure.

The inconjunct to the Sun is this month's Waning Inconjunct, Luna's first aspect with the Sun since last weekend's Full Moon in Libra. 


Now we are looking under the hood/the covers. Walking with trembling knees down the shaky basement stairs like those B movies heroines (yes, I know we were screaming at the screen for her to "not go down there!", but where would the movie be without her daring/foolishness).


Aries/Scorpio are Mars ruled and co-ruled, and Mars is in Gemini answering to Mercury, so maybe something here now about words and conversations and information and the FINE PRINT. The intention of the Aries/Scorpio inconjunct could be to bend/break (through Scorpio's 8th house intensity of merging/purging) whatever was put in motion through Aries action/passion/initiative. Something surely gets complicated. Inconjuncts are rocks and hard places and require adjustments/flexibility. Maybe we won't get a win-win, but it doesn't have to be a lose-lose either. 

At the same time Venus reaches 11 degrees Aries and sextiles Saturn in Aquarius. 


Here is support/solid ground for our relationships, money, resources, values, self-esteem. This is Saturn, so work can be required of us. We are taking responsibility for what we want here. We probably have to COMMIT TO SOMETHING. There are built-in limits/rules that we will have to adhere to. Patience is required because the Saturnian goodies come over time. Good for May/December relationships/situations. We know Venus is going to sextile the North Node tomorrow, so our path ahead is being made more solid. 

If we are depressed, and many, many people are now, Venus followed by the Sun this week, aspecting Saturn in positive ways can help. The help comes through Aries - so TAKING ACTION (depression is all about BEING STUCK), moving our bodies (get some exercise), loving something new, doing something brave, moving in a NEW DIRECTION - remember life can use whatever we do to get us to where we need to go. The North Node is in flexible Gemini, nothing has to be one big/solid thing - there is more than one way through things and the way will change as we go. We don't have to have all the answers to move forward.


Saturn slows Venus in Aries down/grows her up. The intense Scorpio Moon is quite challenged today by change/the unexpected, the new and untested, limits/groups/tech/the future. We will probably be feeling the PRESSURE of this. 

The Moon requires an emotional commitment/deeper look at something (yes, it's dark in the basement, but we are going to have to go down there). Venus/Saturn in Aries/Aqua says TIME TO GET SERIOUS about what you want/are starting/the NEW. 


What action can you take to get unstuck? The Suez Canal container ship is freed up now - something in us is shaking loose this week, too. 


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xo all

artwork by the talented Fong Jun Xiang

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