the amazing astrology of meghan markle and Ann boleyn | and the crossroads divide us - part I


Astrology is the ancient language of archetypes (the myths that connect us by re-tracing the shared pathways of our collective unconscious, there are parts of us/our DNA that remembers, and so reacts, to these stories) and meticulously studied patterns. It is good enough as a predictive tool, but certainly not an exact science because so many things can just mean so many things!


What can be gleaned from an astrological natal chart though (birth - first breath of a person/venture/event) is TOTALLY AMAZING.


We come into the world, not as a blank slate, but with the patterns within us that have been in human beings before us.


If you are lucky enough to live in a family with accurate birth records, astrological analysis can give a voice to the complexities of your family as an organic whole, your family's place within collective society and the role each individual within your family plays in carrying on the ancestral line. 


You might think your family boring, but I can guarantee you, the truth of them, each of them, is as riveting as the very best episode of Game of Thrones (yes, the one where Cersei settles all the family's outstanding business - ouch). 


When I got into astrology, it was obvious the best way to learn was to study alot of charts - imagine the archetypes/look for patterns. The records in my own family,, was pretty sketchy, so I once spent (back in the early 90's around the time of Princess Diana's death) a crazy/obsessive amount of time studying the charts of the royal family from present day back to the time of King Henry VIII.


After hearing about Meghan and Harry's interview with Oprah last week (I haven't watched it yet), I thought we'd take a look at their current transits to see what is going on, but I actually never got past their uber interesting natals, so we are going to unpack those and see how they BOTH fit, like little missing puzzle pieces, into the ancient and modern royal family charts. And, yes, we'll move onto the transits at some point, too, and see if we can glean where all this is going!


From my days absorbed with Princess Diana, I became very familiar with the chart of the infamous - and in my opinion quite maligned - Ann Boleyn (a controversial wife of King Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I - she played an important part in English history and the creation of the Church of England - we'll cover more of this story in part II and how it connects to what is going on in the world right now). 


When I opened Meghan's chart I immediately recognized Ann's.


Do the current energies make Ann's story ripe to be re-imagined through Meghan? Is Meghan Markle the reincarnation of Ann Boleyn?


Let's unpack the charts!

There are a couple ways to compare/examine multiple people's charts. We can look at their "synastry" the way their personal points and planets interact with each other (their effect on each other) and we can create a composite chart from the midpoints of their individual charts (which would reflect the energy of the relationship).


We'll start with synastry. Ann Boleyn's 23 degree Taurus 10th house Sun is conjunct Meghan's 22 degree natal Chiron (old wounding, in Meghan's case 11th house of the other and the public/the audience). Ann's life = Meghan's wound. Ann's Sun opposes Meghan's 22 degree past-life/ancestral (powerful, but sometime self-sabotaging) Neptune in the 5th house which rules both royalty and children. 


This 5th house Neptune of Meghan's is exactly conjunct Ann Boleyn's 4th house Moon (mother, mothering). 


Conversely, we can spin this around - Ann's Chiron is ALSO conjunct Meghan's Sun!


Ann's wound = Meghan's life-force/purpose. Ann's 4th house Pluto is exactly conjunct Meghan's Uranus. Ann's life/death transformation, which ended with her decapitation by the way (is also conjunct Harry's 10th house South Node allowing Meghan's rebellious Uranus to free him from the burdens of that social status/patriarchal story-line - this is also conjunct Meghan's Black Moon Lilith as she is tossed from the garden one more time, Black Moon Lilith also connects to Black Lives Matter and the part their children's race/color plays as this timeline shifts). This Uranus of Meghan's - the one conjunct Ann's Pluto EXACTLY and Harry's South Node/Ceres conjunction is in Megan's 5th house of children (also royalty).


Meghan has an exact Pallas/Diana/Psyche conjunction in her first house. 


Ann has a  Pallas/Diana/Psyche conjunction in her 10th house - with asteroid Diana (fertility/childbirth, Goddess of the hunt/hunted) exactly on Ann Boleyn's North Node - Ann's story to be replayed, with a new twist (nothing ever repeats itself in the same way) through the line of Diana? Meghan herself being born within days of Diana's marriage to Charles. 


We can imagine the Goddesses gathered at Diana's wedding rubbing their hands together, "OK girls, now we've got a PROJECT".


And, yes, for those who might be wondering, Harry (whose real name is Henry) has quite a few connections to his ancestor Henry (also called Harry by his chums) and also to his other ancestor Edward VIII who abdicated the throne for the love of an American woman. We will look at all of that in a later post.

 As for Harry and Meghan's synastry, again we see her Uranus on his South Node (she's breaking him away from this old story/his tradition). Her Chiron (remember this is also Ann Boleyn's Sun) conjunct Harry's exalted 4th house Moon (showing the great care and love from his mother and also the great care and love he has for his mother) - Meghan's Chiron - her wounding - helping him to heal from his mother-wound. But does this also take him back to a 500 year old ancestral 'mother wounding'?

 Meghan's Saturn is also exactly conjunct his Mercury, so she is kind of growing him up/sobering him up/giving his service-oriented Virgo Mercury a purpose, although it could become a bit much on him at times most likely. Saturn synastry aspects, especially maybe the powerful conjunction, point to karmic contracts. Like "we are going to get together and do this" this time around. Or their energetic cording requiring this be worked at during these particular transits. 


Harry has a natal Diana/Eris conjunction and Meghan has that first house Diana (exact with Psyche and Pallas) and Eris on her midheaven. Meghan's public discord/feeling unwelcome connecting for Harry to his mother's feeling of being unwelcome. Their story playing out through her pregnancy/birth of Archie with asteroid Child conjunct Harry's 22 degree Virgo Sun (again the need for a Sun/Son/Child to get this thing right, but this time moving in a totally different direction!) and on the Galactic Center in Meghan's chart (which is Harry's natal Neptune placement).


(Harry's Sun is also conjunct asteroid Zeus - the solar rays eclipsing his Zeus - the king of the Gods - this eclipsing speaks of the fated destiny of Harry's role as spare to William's heir in this lifetime)


Meghan and Harry have a definite Marsy vibe. Needing someone or something to fight lest they fight with each other! But, this also gives them a great deal of passion. 


Also her Mars in Cancer (12th house so almost certainly a past life connection here) exact on his DC (his partner) shows us not only their past life 'mother story' but intimates he sees her as fighting as a mother/for her children. Almost certainly with Harry's chart he grew up thinking/feeling that he needed to/or should have somehow saved his own mother.


Back in January 2020 as Saturn was approaching Pluto, as time was running out, we had a Cancer Full Moon, we talked about her HERE


This was that BIG Full Moon in Cancer with the Moon standing all alone across the sky from that powerful pile-up of planets in Capricorn - Mama Bear fighting City Hall. This was when Meghan and Harry were announcing their departure from royal life. This was with the Cappy pile-up on Queen Elizabeth's ascendant (so Moon on her descendant), Ann Boleyn's natal Neptune (5th house children), King Henry VIII's natal Uranus (5th house children), Catherine Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton's Sun/South Node (5th house children - an old story of hers wraps up suddenly here as Harry leaves with Meghan, interesting for those who know the Henry VIII history - we'll look at this in another post). The Full Moon sextiling (opportunity) Harry's natal Moon and Meghan's Ascendant. WOW.


We talked about Hekate recently - she is a triplicity Goddess - considered the wise crone (of the Persephone/maiden, Demeter/mother trio). Turned into a "witch" during patriarchal re-tellings, she is actually the Goddess of the Crossroads. 


When major shifts happen in relationships, work, status or health, when we are in transition, no longer who we used to be in some significant way (like the world right now and it's not surprising the royal family, a powerful expression of patriarchy/tradition is a zeitgeist for this) - these are the times when we can be at a major crossroads with Hekate/Hecate. 


She sees where we have come from, and which direction (timeline) each of the two choices will take us. I also see Hekate in our natal chart as a place where we just might go astray, and the area of our life where we are bound to develop great wisdom as a way-shower for others. The asteroid Hekate orbits in the same region as the Hygiea asteroid family, but is considered to be an unrelated interloper. My take on this is that she helps us, particularly when we are spending time with the wrong people, to find our true soul family.


Meghan was born with Hekate EXACT on her IC at 11 degrees Libra. Her roots/who she is. She is an old soul/will be a wise old woman. Harry was born with Hekate EXACT on his descendant at 11 degrees Cancer (so precisely squaring Meghan's) - his partner destined to be a Hekate. At the time of the Mama Bear Full Moon - the North Node (our collective way forward) was at 9 degrees Cancer - exactly on Harry's mother Diana's natal Sun, conjunct Harry's Hekate, squaring Meghan's Hekate AND inconjunct Duchess Catherine's (AKA Kate Middleton) 11 degree Hekate in Sagittarius. Yes, Meghan's Hekate is 11 degrees Libra, Harry's 11 degrees Cancer and Kate's 11 degrees Sagittarius. The number 11 is a powerful number - the Magician card of the tarot, a number of intuition and spiritual insight - it is a master number related to KARMA.


Hekate. A crossroads. A timeline (stream of consciousness) shifts. Maybe something from the Meghan, Harry, Kate story can be used to glean more about the forgotten (by our conscious memory/history, our subconscious remembers) story of Hekate, too.


2020's Saturn/Pluto conjunction (the same in Cappy as the days of King Henry VIII) - limits/rules/authority is transformed - death (Pluto) of tradition (Saturn - the patriarchy) AND authority (Saturn) is cemented - because this is happening in Saturn's sign - authority is made more powerful (Pluto).


And now, 2021's Saturn/Uranus squares - the old/tradition vs the new/freedom. Chaos redistributing power. We'll continue this adventure in part II and since Hekate (pronounced Heck-a-tay) insists we not ignore Catherine/Kate's role here - we will pull her chart into this, and another Catherine /Katherine, too


(history buffs and Brits might see where this is going! yes, it goes there!). 


And, of course, we'll examine Harry/Henry, Queen Elizabeth & Diana and how this story - which seems not so terribly significant in the midst of everything that is going on in the world right now - is actually CENTRAL TO IT. A zeitgeist of Saturn/Pluto and Saturn/Uranus. Also, we will look at Meghan's connections to the Queen - which are quite good actually.

xo all

Also, before we leave Goddess Hekate/Hecate, I will add that asteroid Hekate is EXACTLY conjunct Princess Diana's natal Eris and EXACTLY conjunct Queen Elizabeth's natal Neptune (in Leo/7th house and ruling her 2nd) and EXACTLY opposing her natal Jupiter (in Aqua/1st house and ruling her 10th).

The last time I wrote one small paragraph about Meghan Markle I received multiple emails telling me she's a "narcissist". So, let's think about that for a moment. Her natal asteroid Narcissus is at 21 degrees (a powerful, but self-sabotaging degree) in her 9th house (foreign situations/media) in Pisces (past-life/what is behind us). Keep in mind we are seeing Ann Boleyn's powerfully ambitious chart through Meghan and I think anyone with a packed first house in Leo including her Sun and North Node, like Meghan has - naturally attention-getting/charming/designed for the spotlight - is maybe also going to tend toward being self-absorbed. But, that's the plan with this chart! She had to want to be royalty for any of this to work/get resolved. No judgments please.

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