Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, March 29th, 2021 - something hurts, something heals, words dissolve/connect, a need for courage and transcendence, talking to ghosts



I will get the weekly up tonight, but didn't want to miss a daily for today since we have multiple important aspects perfecting!

The Moon continues her journey through Libra, the sign of partnership/balance. She trines (brakes off) Mars at 1:12PM EDT (14 degrees) and Jupiter at 2:01PM EDT (21 degrees) - good for conversations with partners, taking balanced action, multi-tasking, expanding, planning. At 8:07PM EDT she goes void off a square to Pluto before diving into Scorpio at 1:33AM EDT. That square to Pluto speaks of a power struggle.


The Sun meets Chiron at 8 degrees Aries, while Mercury meets Neptune at 21 degrees Pisces


The Sun's meeting with Chiron is a spotlight on a vulnerability/wound/weakness. Maybe something about how we weren't fast enough or brave enough or passionate enough. Maybe old ISSUES WITH ANGER, what we had to do to survive, with our ability to take care of ourselves. Maybe an issue with our physical body comes to light/needs attention now. Maybe we are required to do something we feel not prepared/not up to doing. Maybe we can see how our lack of motivation/action is impacting us.


Mercury/Neptune can add to our uncertainty/this feeling of exposure. And maybe it is someone's words/information that is painful, BUT Neptunian energy also has an anesthetic quality/the potential to soften the blow/pain. And this is all tempered by the proximity of benefic Venus. It's not comfortable, but it can be healing/rewarding, our wounds making us somehow more attractive to what we need. With Venus in Aries, what we need might be courage/independence, passion, action.

Chiron's wounds are old/familial. The sins of the father visited on the son. Chiron's pain rises from the archetypal battle between the light and the dark - someone must pay and quite often it is not the guilty, so Chiron's wounds are rooted in a sense of injustice/victimization. "Why me?" laments Chiron. Whether we believe in an orderly Universe, the will of God, karmic reincarnation/inheritances - on some level we might believe an orderly plan is being enacted. Chiron (an outsider in our galaxy with a disorderly orbit) says to us, "THIS will not feel just to you".


Mercury/Neptune repeats the theme of a very old story - ancestral/past-life - being told now. Except here the story is whispered/inferred. Mercury/Neptune removes mental resistance, connects us to the past/what is behind us. This can be a good thing or a slippery slope - this is up to us. It is wonderful energy for prayer/meditation/art/music. Talk to your ancestors/your guides/your higher self/God - the phone line is open. Information can be absorbed now.


We might say/hear words that are very profound now. We might feel very nostalgic. We might be grieving. Coming at the same time as the Sun/Chiron and with the Moon coming off her fullness in Libra and approaching that square to Pluto, this is excellent energy for intuitively connecting some very old and illusive dots.


The key to working with this is to be honest about the pain/our weakness/fear - it won't be hidden anyway. Speaking about it will help/connect us to others. Neptune heals by dissolving situations slowly/easing our pain as it changes the landscape a little bit at a time. This doesn't mean we get to avoid the pain though. What not to do now would be to escape into lalaland via lies or alcohol or misplaced idealism. Mercury will be leaving Pisces in just a couple days and things will be much clearer.


Aries WILL provide the courage we need and we have a hell of a week ahead of us with multiple opportunities to stabilize our life and line up with our best possible future. And today's Libra Moon has multiple smooth trines. We've got this thing!

xo all

painting by the talented Anna Lubchik

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