Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 29th, 2021 - April 4, 2021 - healing old wounds, opportunities with love and money, our way forward gets shored up, our thinking/the story changes



MONDAY - Sun conjunct Chiron, Mercury conjunct Neptune

TUESDAY - Venus sextile Saturn

WEDNESDAY - Venus sextile North Node, Sun sextile Saturn

THURSDAY - Sun sextile North Node

FRIDAY - Mercury sextile Pluto

SATURDAY - Mercury into Aries

Look at all those sextiles (opportunities) folks! Let's unpack the week!


On MONDAY, the Sun meets Chiron at 8 degrees Aries, while Mercury meets Neptune at 21 degrees Pisces


We talked about Monday HERE - note, Monday is the day this is most exact, this has been building for a while and will spend some time unwinding. You probably want to read it.

TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY - Venus, at 11 degrees Aries, sextiles (opportunity) Saturn, at 11 degrees Aquarius then moves on to sextile the North Node at 12 degrees Gemini, then following Venus's lead the Sun sextiles Saturn and then moves on to sextile the North Node.

The Venus/Saturn is OPPORTUNITY - here is where our NEW wants/love/resources become more stable/serious/in tune with the collective/in tune with the future. Yes, there are responsibilities and limits here, too, but with the sextile's smooth flow - this shouldn't be overly cumbersome and look what we are already dealing with! Aries/Aquarius sextiles are fire/air, so enabled through passionate words/language/ideas. Being independent, but acting collectively/maybe within a group. Yesterday's Mercury/Neptune is still in play, so something might be hidden or not quite as ideal as it could seem now, so keep that in mind - and our ideas/thinking/plans are subject to some changes at the end of the week as Mercury joins the Aries party, but there is something REAL here, too - something that will last/we can count on it.

As Venus is moving off her sextile to Saturn the Sun is moving into his sextile, as Venus moves off her North Node sextile, the Sun moves into his own sextile with the North Node. Here is our solar energy/our independent spirit in harmony with the group/our future as our path forward grows more solid.


Venus is not so strong in Aries and being this close to the Sun is burning her out, but the Sun is EXALTED in Aries and benefits from Venus. This period of time is a gift to us. Decide. Move forward. Commit. Firm something up. The Gemini North Node is flexible, can offer multiple ways forward - remember the Full Moon energy (in play now) HERE - starting from ourselves/our source and this giving us the ability to make any direction the right direction!


This is Venus (relationships, money, our resources, values, self-esteem, women) and the Sun (our ego, our fuel, ourselves, our father/authority) connecting with Saturn, strong in his home sign - so adding structure, longevity, stability, authority (and, yes, limits and responsibilities - we can't do/have everything) and then connecting with the North Node (our path forward). With Mercury in foggy Pisces we don't have to KNOW what we want. With Mercury in foggy intuitive Pisces we can feel what we want (it's what we've always wanted, what we all want) and Venus/Sun can give us the motivation, initiative, courage to make a move in a new direction. If something comes along - say YES.

On FRIDAY - Mercury at 26 degrees Pisces now, moves into her/his sextile with Pluto (in Cappy). 

The stage is set for honest communications, so here's where the conversation deepens/intensifies. Information is power. Our compassionate words are powerful. We can be more persuasive. Money talks. If something is fading to black, here are the final smoky wisps out the door. Pisces/Cappy is the idealistic dreamer and the practical, seasoned pro working together. Building the dream. Making a sacrifice for the goal. 


If the Mercury/Neptune has pulled us off course, here is where we might get a gentle reality check.


On SATURDAY - Mercury finally gets out of the Pisces soup (a sign of his detriment) and begins a new cycle in fiery Aries.

The conversation/our thinking changes/sharpens. 


New plans. New ideas. Mercury in Aries is so fast, she/he can solve problems before we even know we have a problem! This is going to be a fast transit (only through April 19th), but that's all we will need for our thinking/the conversation/ideas to SHIFT.


Our language and thinking becomes more focused, clear-headed and passionate. Mercury in Aries puts our instinct into words. Our mind gets faster. Our tongue gets sharper. Words get pushy. It is easier to speak up for ourselves and ask for what we want/need.


We can also more easily pick an argument as language becomes more competitive. Mercury in Aries says, "I know what I think and THIS is what I think."

The silence that was so golden in Pisces - gets broken in Aries.


The best use of this transit would be saying what we really think - and yes, this can get us into trouble, so we won't be an ass about it - keep in mind Aries' impulses can be either self-aggrandizing and immature or sparking a needed fire, solving a problem (fire brings fresh insights), initiating a new course of study and creating a bold, 'hot-off-the-press' plan. The choice is ours.


Think - fresh start with Mercury themes - words, thinking, writing, learning, teaching, ideas, sibling issues, transportation, your local community. Also bringing fresh words and fresh thinking into your Aries house theme already smoking hot with the Sun and Venus. AND probably best of all with Mercury in Aries answering to Mars and Mars in Gemini answering to Mercury - both Mars and Mercury are empowered/stabilized.


In another week, big-daddy Saturn himself will trine the North Node and we'll be looking at the New Moon in Aries - the kickoff for a new lunar year with lots of positive energy - it's going to be BIG. 

xo all


painting by the talented Joanna Wedrychowska 

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