A look at the astrology of September, 2021 | be ready to move forward with projects in the beginning of the month, surprises with love and money, more going backward to go forward and who's up for a mercury retrograde through our relationships?!



I think a quick-ish look at the upcoming month might be a good idea.


The New Moon at the beginning of the month looks good - BIG "go time" and the Full Moon later on looks promising, too. Lots of trines to help things fall into place/move us forward, but not many sextiles (opportunities), actually I'm not sure I see any sextiles that don't involve the Moon until October (!), so we know the "opportunities" - which are always there somewhere, don't worry - will come through the more challenging squares. So, yes, they will be disguised as dragons and stop signs, but might morph into unicorns and Barbie dream houses if we play our hands right. Black Moon Lilith is going to move over the North Node and trine the Libra planets and a retrograde Saturn/Pluto - pulling some uncomfortable fated relationship dynamics, old contracts/old commitments/rules even more firmly into the mix. Mercury will get all the way to 25 degrees Libra and decide he needs another stab at this 'relationship' stuff (not sure why I am including stab and relationship in the same sentence, maybe hubs better not read this) giving us a do-over that lasts until October 18th!


Let's unpack the month. 


We kick off September fairly quickly with Mars (in Virgo) opposing Neptune (retrograde) on September 2nd. Mercury made this opposition back on August 24th, so this could connect back to information/news/conversations from that time. Oppositions bring culminations/results/endings. Mars in Virgo is precise/focused action. Neptune here kind of fogs things up. This can be a good thing if Neptune loosens our grip, that 'dog with a  bone' thing or if Neptune expands/un-limits (think of not only boundary-removal, but also of something along the lines of a higher calling here) whatever Mars (as us) is doing. Often though, Neptune kind of dilutes Mars actions/passions. Things can move in unintended directions/get bigger than we intended. Or maybe we get tired. Maybe we procrastinate (a common problem for perfectionistic Mars in Virgo). Maybe we self-sabotage. Maybe our plans get rained out. Neptune's rose-colored glasses and tendency to hide things behind closed door/behind our backs can make it easy to gloss over important details/daily obligations, so this is something to think about. On the other hand, any contact with Neptune opens a portal to a higher realm, our ancestral story-line, past-lives, our dreams - keep this in mind, too.

On September 3rd and 4th, Mercury is going to trine first the North Node (our collective best way forward) and then a sober, retrograde Saturn. Mercury is in Libra here, so this is good news for our relationships/partnerships/contracts/agreements. Heads up for fresh information to come in. Conversations that direct our wagon 'that-a-way'. Then he trines serious Saturn to 'seal the deal'. Keep in mind Saturn is retrograde, so this won't be a totally new deal. 

On September 5th, Venus (in Libra) is going to square Pluto (retrograde) while trining Jupiter (retrograde). Venus is strong in her home sign, but no match for Pluto. The good news - the trine to Jupiter is really going to help lighten this square up! 


The Venus/Pluto is tricky/obsessive, speaks of manipulation/power struggles/control/relationship TRIANGLES. Maybe something happens and the beloved/relationship/contract feels essential for our very survival. 

If you were born with a Venus/Pluto aspect there is an intense passion to your basic nature. This can eventually become a space of real power, but often starts out something like a kind of bottomless pit. Sometimes a Venus/Pluto person (in childhood) attaches very strongly to a specific family member. Sometimes there is a rejection that follows (maybe another sibling is born and mom/dad's attention turn elsewhere or maybe the attachment is with a sibling who grows away or a grandparent who dies). The rejection - and this doesn't have to be an actual rejection, but this is how it will be felt if we have this aspect within our basic nature -  triggers a kind of power struggle within relationships. This isn't because childhood experiences 'cause' the trigger. We are born with our triggers. Our childhood experiences are what activate them. Anyway, if you have a natal Venus/Pluto aspect or planets near 24 degrees in the cardinal signs, this transit now could trigger intense desires and a tendency to identify love with SURVIVAL. 

Keep in mind that trine to Jupiter (retrograde in intellectual/detached Aquarius) is going to lighten this up and Mars will be trining Pluto at the same time taking some of the heat off Pluto if we are taking some kind of practical action.

**** September 6th, we get our annual New Moon in Virgo (the harvest Moon) at 14 degrees and EXACTLY trine (arguably the best aspect in astrology) a retrograde Uranus, with all kinds of other trines, too!

Moon/Uranus - let's think about this. Uranus has been in Taurus full time since March 2019 and will be here until 2026 - more about this HERE. Uranus isn't a personal planet (like the Moon), but as the modern ruler of the sign of Aquarius reflects a collective urge toward an ideal. In Taurus, Uranus is about new definitions of security and new values which are less bound to the material world. 


People born with Uranus in Taurus (and all of us to some degree since we are living through this transit) will likely feel 'forced' to relinquish their material stability. Uranus is the natural enemy of the Moon because in order for the uncomfortable (change) to become the comfortable we have to distance ourselves from our emotions/instincts which is the Moon's bread and butter. 

With the trine - an aspect of EASE - we have the Moon, and this is a very persnickety kind of New Moon, but also a very practical New Moon - willingly lining up with CHANGE (Uranus and again Uranus is retrograde, so something here isn't totally new either). Mercury rules the New Moon and is making those supportive trines to the North Node and Saturn, and Mars will be trining Pluto, so we've got stability and clarity and new roads all coming together! Earth trines make things real/solid. Things that last. They work over time. And the air trines bring in the ideas/communication. We've also got Venus trine Jupiter - is this the best aspect in astrology? It just might be!


WE REALLY WANT TO BE TAKING ACTION and moving toward what we want now. Expect a  BIG post.

September 10th - Venus enters Scorpio. Scorpio Suns and Ascendants get more attractive (more beautiful and more able to attract what they want). Your Scorpio house (where is Scorpio hanging out in your natal chart?) gets more attractive, too.


Venus dives from Libra, the home-girl sign she rules, into the deep, murky waters of Scorpio.Venus is considered in her 'detriment' in Scorpio. It's dark. It's ruled by Pluto. It's not her favorite place to hang out. We will notice how we use other people's energy and how they use ours. Vampires do not really only come out in the night.Venus in Scorpio doesn't look like the more traditional beauty of Venus in Libra. Her beauty is dark and forbidding now. She doesn't flirt. She seduces. She doesn't want peace at any cost so much as she wants to feel what's really underneath all the phony smiles and superficial niceties. Scorpio rules death and destruction and now this comes through our relationships. Here Venus pushes herself to the edge of life with compulsions, intimacy, jealousy, obsession and a struggle for real power. She goes into the dark corners that hold all our secrets and she coaxes them out into the open. There can be brutal and deep honesty here.  Relationships get intense. More intense.

Venus rules love, money and women. Getting what we want with any of them becomes an act of seduction. We need to entice. We need to risk our flaws and shadows being visible. Venus in Scorpio knows our need for acceptance will make us invisible, so she risks rejection to be seen.

She doesn't want to be friends - she wants to be soul-mates. We will feel more "all or nothing" with our passions now. Things can crash and burn here. And for better or worse she isn't afraid to manipulate things to get what she wants (and yes, this, and her obsession with secrets and power will be her downfall). People will be drawn to what is hidden; to what we don't show them. Keep this in mind if you sell things for a living. Buyers will want to discover things for themselves.


Keep in mind since Scorpio is a fixed sign we know, looking ahead, Venus in Scorpio is going to square the Taurus (Uranus) and Aquarius (Saturn, Jupiter) planets as we move through the next few weeks.


On September 14th, the Sun, in Virgo, is going to oppose Neptune (retrograde).  Remember we closed out August with Mercury opposing Neptune and began September with Mars opposing Neptune, so this might be connecting up with those transits. Oppositions bring results, culminations, endings. Chapters close out. This might bring a disappointment. A Virgoan answer/fix might be dissolving/falling apart. Neptunian answers are ALWAYS 'let go and let God' - easy to say, not always so easy to do. This isn't about sacrifice though and in fact a sacrifice made now will be more about self-sabotage than anything we are doing for anyone else. Keep in mind, the whole 'no boundaries' thing. This transit is the real vs the ideal. The reality vs the dream. So, Neptune could be dissolving our focus/life force energy/ego or elevating our Virgo work/service/health to a whole new level. Again Neptunian contacts opens a portal to a higher realm, our ancestral story-line, past-lives, our dreams.


Mars exits Virgo - having done all the fixing, clean up and detailed work he could possibly do and enters sociable and diplomatic Libra, the sign of the other person, for the first time in two years.

Mars rules Aries, the sign of "me" and is uber uncomfortable and in his fall in the sign of Libra, the sign of "we". Our actions/passions can get mired in indecision. Mars wants to just go, go, go and in Libra is required to 'see/interact with' the other side of things. There is more flirting than commitment (job hunters prepare for a possible extended interview or 'getting to know you' process). More passive-aggressiveness.

Fiery Mars in our collective 7th house of other people means our actions trigger fast reactions. That whole "I'm rubber. You're glue" thing isn't working. Or maybe it's working backward. We need to be honest about our anger, passions, actions without crapping all over other people or being a phoney Mr. Nice Guy. It is a balancing act and Mars' combat boots are not made for tight ropes.

The good news for the next few weeks and there is plenty - situations will arise that create opportunities for more fairness. More balanced actions. More social activities. More compromise. More win-wins. More allies - please Lord, yes. Doing it together. Plus our Libra house theme gets a needed kick-in-the-ass.

Two days later on September 16th, the Sun is going to trine (brakes off) a retrograde Pluto - just what Mars did back at the New Moon in the beginning of the month. So we get the Neptunian dissolve/result followed by a smooth/easy flow with our goals/power/our career/authority. Again, the outer planet is retrograde, so this won't be a brand new thing. And it most likely won't be overly dramatic - these are Earth signs, solid stuff built over time. Focused efforts that get results/rewards. Virgo is the sign of the harvest and Pluto is the planet of death - are we carrying around a bag of rotten tomatoes and calling it a pepperoni pizza? What needs to go?


On September 17th, Venus squares a retrograde Saturn. Saturn squares bring road blocks, stop signs, reality checks, the pressure of responsibilities/commitments, "no's". Toss Venus into the mix and this might involve our money, relationships, third party situations, our self esteem. Feelings of being inadequate/unloved/just plain old can surface. 


People born with Venus/Saturn aspects have some kind of experience of 'love is limited' in early life. Sometimes love is dependent on being right/doing the right thing. Maybe love feels earned. Or we feel what we don't have. Again, this aspect isn't created in childhood - we came in with it in our blueprint, the way an acorn already has everything it needs to become a tree - but it is triggered. This is why siblings with different blueprints can experience totally different things from the same parents/family. Sometimes Venus/Saturn people find their way to unavailable partners to avoid real commitment. Eventually this natal aspect grows into a tenderness for human frailties, a fondness for aging, a deep sense of responsibility within relationships. Big growth potential with this one.

**** September 20th - Mercury trines a retrograde Jupiter (in Aquarius) while Mars trines the North Node (in Gemini), Ceres sextiles Chiron, Vesta enters Scorpio and we have a Full Moon in Pisces (28 degrees). 


Conjunct ruler Neptune this Full Moon has an end of the line/sink or swim feel to it. Pisces either elevates or drags us down. We'll be feeling all the feels with this one. I haven't unpacked the chart, but here is ANOTHER Moon with multiple smooth trines which might play out something like old opportunities coming back around. Good news. Taking action and those actions moving us forward easily. Nothing here needs to be forced. Things can just fall right into place. Both Mercury and Mars are in Libra, so the focus here will be on our relationships/contracts/partners.

September 22nd - Mercury in Libra squares a retrograde Pluto. This one is testy/frustrating. Power struggles. Arguments. Manipulations. Obsessive thinking/digging. Third party situations. This can be tension between our relationships and our career. Are we sure we really want to go there? This is the same day the Sun enters Libra, so that will bring more balance and desire to shine through/with other people.


September 23rd - Venus opposes Uranus. Surprise! Here is the unexpected with love/money. Keep in mind oppositions bring results, culminations, endings. This could be a sudden attraction/expense/merging/purging. A sudden shift in our values/income/spouse's income. Uranus is retrograde so the surprise won't be a total surprise, we could have seen this one coming, but we probably won't. Sometimes Venus/Uranus aspects are acted out through another person/a partner. 

September 25th - Mars trines Saturn. Here is our actions/passions working well with our responsibilities, authority, groups, partners. Partners/goals are on the same page. Things slide into place.

September 26th - Sun (in Libra) trines the North Node. Our relationships/contracts are moving forward. A relationships aligns us with our future. Our connections expand. Be out and about. Talk to people. Ask questions. Stay open. The right idea can pop right into our head. The right person wind up right in front of us. 


September 27th - Mercury stations retrograde at 27 degrees Libra - you didn't think we were going to get out of Libra/relationship season without a Mercury retrograde dragging the whole thing out did you? And this retrograde is just kind of priming the pump for the BIG Venus retrograde at the end of the year when Venus travels THREE times over those 'time runs out' degrees from 2020. Are our relationships up to that?! I guess we are going to find out!

September 29th - Venus trines Neptune and Sun trines Saturn - more trines - which, keep in mind, remove brakes, which can mean obstacles - a good thing, but can also be that slippery slope your mama warned you about. Venus/Neptune can get in over her head pretty quickly. Watch your wallet. Watch your projections - is this really as good as it looks? The Sun/Saturn brings stability/maturity - well maybe it is! These trines plus the Mars/Saturn, Libra/North Node look like we probably want to be moving toward whatever is falling into place now. Keep in mind both Neptune and Saturn are retrograde, so again these are not totally new situations/opportunities that allow us to line up with the future. 

We close out September with Venus (at 22 degrees Scorpio) squaring a retrograde Jupiter (at 22 degrees Aquarius) on September 30th. Note the 22 degrees because we are going to be talking about the number 22 quite a bit in upcoming posts! Something here about 'too much'/exaggerated expectations - probably where all these slippery trines have been leading us! BUT these are still our most benevolent planets so how bad can it be. Just watch for too much of a good thing, too much intimacy, too much power/control. Too much debt. Something might have to be tapped down a bit. In a couple days Venus in Scorpio is going to sextile Pluto (Scorpio's ruler and finally a sextile), so the opportunity approaches, maybe the square here at the end of the month is an alert to not overdo just yet.

xo all

artwork by the talented Gaudi Buendia

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