weekly astrology forecast | August 30 - September 5, 2021 - U.S. chart red alert, diluted actions, lack of motivation, power struggles and slippery slopes, ideas and conversations that stabilize



This is a red alert week here in the United States. We have transiting Mars opposing a retrograde Neptune (he is repeating what Mercury has already done a few days ago and we can see what happened there!) - and Mars in Virgo is EXACTLY conjunct the United States natal Neptune, in the United States 9th house ruling foreign situations and squaring the U.S. natal Mars with the U.S. natal Mercury (Virgo's ruler) EXACTLY opposing transiting retrograde Pluto (death/transformation). And we have an expansive/retrograde transiting Jupiter conjunct the U.S. Moon (the people). The Afghanistan situation, the virus, the media and Hurricane Ida (making landfall on Hurricane Katrina's anniversary) are all impacted by these transits. 


And for all of us as Mars applies to Neptune we have a challenging Third Quarter Moon on tap for MONDAY conjunct Ceres (weather, grief, loss) and Black Moon Lilith (!) with Mercury trining Sedna (Goddess of the Sea/oceans and we've talked about Sedna in connection to the virus and vaccines) at the challenging 29th degree as both the Sun (Virgo) and Moon (Gemini) answer to Mercury! 


Let's back up to Sunday, August 29th - the Sun in Virgo is squaring the Nodes of Fate. We had Mercury (ruler of that Node Node) here in the middle of August, so whatever we have going on now can connect back to that time period. A square to the Nodes brings tension/frustration - something must change before we can go any further. Squares to the Nodes are 'skipped steps'. We missed something. With the Sun in Virgo, something is illuminated that requires our focus/fix/practicality/something healthier. What is the problem and what can we do about it? This 'what we can do about it' will be the next step that needs to be taken. Think - practical. Keep in mind the North Node - our best way forward - is in multi-tasking Gemini, so there may be more than one way forward/more than one conversation that needs to happen, more than one solution here.


Gemini is about asking questions (and not being so sure we have all the answers), so communicate/talk/write. Keep things light/flexible. Keep in mind also that South Node (where we've been/where we are, what needs to go) in Sagittarius - there could be a 'belief' holding us back. Maybe something has grown too big to be manageable. Maybe we have a yearning for something foreign when what we need is right in our own backyard. Maybe we want to go to 'school' when what we need is a 'class'. Think smaller. More local. Multiple small things instead of one big thing. 


After this week, we will have the New Moon and be moving through multiple trines - things will be looking up, but let's unpack this week and see what we have. There are multiple inconjuncts I am not listing (including one on Monday Sun/Saturn indicating blocks/delays, trouble for authority/leadership), so know we will have to be flexible this week. Some of what follows is taken from the monthly HERE. I will update the week to add in the Moons as we move along. Monday's Moon is included.

On MONDAY - we reach this month's Third Quarter Moon as the Moon in Gemini (7 degrees) and conjunct Ceres squares the Virgo Sun. Mercury, ruler of both Virgo and Gemini, has moved into Libra only hours earlier. 


The Third Quarter Moon is a frustration/challenge in response to last week's Full Moon result or ending. The Sun is focused in Virgo - wanting to help, heal, fix things, make something better. The Moon in Gemini is determined to lighten things up, ask more questions and offer more choices. She's all over the place - taking us here, there and everywhere - bringing us new ideas/conversations, so if we've become overly attuned to a flaw/problem, here's our chance to come up for some air/be more flexible. Of course, this is a square, so our actions/decisions can feel forced (our back against the wall) and won't be comfortable. With the Moon meeting Ceres - she pulls in our nurturing/mothering, cycle of life situations, Earth/weather issues, probably a need for compromise.


Mercury is in Libra now - so we know the way through this square will be our best use of Libran energies. Diplomacy, cooperation, balance. Successful words are more tactful now - more focused on what the other person needs/wants. That splitting hairs and checking for typos Mercury did back in Virgo cedes way to saying it nicely. 

Our thinking could become more indecisive. Not because Libra is wishy-washy so much as just able to see both sides of any situation. Libra's polarity sign Aries can make fast decisions because the energy can focus most easily on one point of view - their own. Libra is the natural ruler of our 7th house of other people. Life gets more complicated after the 7th house. Do you have any planets in your 7th house or in Libra - these are the archetypes we usually set up our lives to have played out by other people.

Libra wants everybody to be friends. Diplomacy, both in our personal lives and the larger collective, if actually attempted, can improve tense situations now. The gentle art of persuasion via a lighter touch can work, too.

Words that make people feel loved and appreciated and beautiful will be the right words.

Our natal Libra house gets a visit from multi-tasking, inquisitive Mercury. So things in the area of our life naturally ruled by Libra get busy. Mercury will be in Libra until November 5th.


THURSDAY - Mars opposes Neptune (retrograde)

FRIDAY - Mercury trines the North Node

SATURDAY - Mercury trines Saturn (retrograde)

SUNDAY - Venus squares Pluto (retrograde)

THURSDAY - Mars @ 22 Virgo opposes Neptune, retrograde in Pisces. Mercury made this opposition back on August 24th, so this could connect back to information/news/conversations from that time. Oppositions bring culminations/results/endings. Mars in Virgo is precise/focused action. Neptune here fogs things up. This might be a good thing if Neptune loosens our stranglehold on something unfixable, that 'dog with a  bone' thing or if Neptune expands/un-limits (think of not only boundary-removal, but also of something along the lines of a higher calling here) whatever Mars (as us) is doing. 


Often though, Neptune dilutes Mars actions/passions. Things get less precise, move in unintended directions, get bigger than we intended. 


Maybe we are tired. Maybe we procrastinate (a common problem for perfectionistic Mars in Virgo). Maybe we self-sabotage. Maybe our plans get rained out. It can be hard to get to work/get things done (I am having a terrible time knuckling down and writing this on Sunday afternoon as these energies apply). Neptune's rose-colored glasses and tendency to hide things behind closed door/behind our backs can make it easy to gloss over important details/daily obligations, so this is something to think about. On the other hand, any contact with Neptune opens a portal to a higher realm, our ancestral story-line, past-lives, our dreams - keep this in mind, too. 


Let's give ourselves and other people a break now, we are all living through unprecedented times, swimming in uncharted waters. Anger can come out of nowhere and get projected onto the wrong people/situations, so avoid unnecessary disagreements.


FRIDAY/SATURDAY - Mercury is going to trine first the North Node (our collective best way forward) and then a sober, retrograde Saturn. Mercury is in Libra here, so this is good news for our relationships/partnerships/contracts/agreements. Heads up for fresh information to come in. Conversations that direct our wagon 'that-a-way'. It's a time of decisions. Then Mercury trines serious Saturn to 'seal the deal'. Keep in mind Saturn is retrograde, so this won't be a totally new deal. 


SUNDAY - Venus (in Libra) is going to square Pluto (retrograde) while trining Jupiter (retrograde). Venus is strong in her home sign, but no match for Pluto. The good news - the trine to Jupiter could help lighten this square up, the not-so-good news, the trine to Jupiter can make the whole thing even BIGGER.


The Venus/Pluto is tricky/obsessive, speaks of manipulation/power struggles/control/relationship TRIANGLES. Obsessive attractions. Maybe the partner/relationship/whatever we are wanting feels essential for our very survival. Our relationships feel more INTENSE.


With Pluto retrograde old, maybe toxic dependencies/needs/relationships can resurface and then the trine to Jupiter just makes that slippery slope even slipperier. One leads to two leads to ten, so be careful.


Hopefully the trine to Jupiter (retrograde in intellectual/detached Aquarius) will lighten the intensity and Mars in Virgo will be trining Pluto at the same time taking some of the heat off Pluto if we are taking some kind of practical action. 


Once we get to the end of the week and moving into an incredibly fluid Grand Air Trine and New Moon, in incredibly helpful/healthful Virgo, things should start to smooth out. 

xo all


Heads up - Mercury will begin walking his/her upcoming retrograde degrees on September 7th, so if you need to get something done and you don't want to be revising it and doing it multiple times (then again maybe three times is the charm) you might want to set yourself a deadline before this date. 


artwork by the talented Ascending-Storm

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