Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, September 4th, 2021 - more flies with honey, choices confirmed, perfect we ain't, find some time to rest

Cecile Pardigon painting


 Did I ever pop back in with a Moon? This week totally got away from me, let's see where we are!

The Moon is in Leo now - sign of sun and fun and prefect for the weekend. She sextiled Mercury at 12:45AM EDT, opposes a retrograde Saturn at 2:54AM EDT (I guess not all fun in the sun!) and squares a retrograde Uranus at 3:23PM EDT. So, some tension/frustration around change/freedom/responsibilities.

Mercury (at 7 degrees Libra) has moved into his/her trine with Saturn. This is a "you get more flies with honey" kind of aspect. Pleasant/cooperative language, social niceties bring stability/structure. If you can't say it kindly, maybe just zip it. I backspaced over two Facebook comments I was going to write yesterday that were a little 'blunt' when I remembered Mercury is in Libra now (no more splitting hairs like we did in Virgo!). Keep in mind, he/she is just off yesterday's trine with the Gemini North Node, so maybe we have received an important message/idea/conversation and now the trine to Saturn gives this its legs/speaks of the work we have ahead of us. Decisions get shored up. We speak with authority/communications with authority go well.

At the same time the Virgo Sun moves into his inconjunct with Chiron (in Aries). The Sun in Virgo wants to help/focus/fix/get it right., but Chiron's wounds, ancient as they are, are not so fixable (more of the learn to live with them variety). Aries likes to make fast decisions and start new things. Virgo likes to weigh things out and drill down into the details of one thing at a time. Cardinal fire vs mutable earth. However this shows up - and keep in mind Chiron is Aries is our wounded masculine, fears around being about to take care of ourselves/stand up for ourselves - maybe some of Virgo's polarity sign of Pisces 'let go and let God' will be the best way through this. Know, whatever wound the Sun shines a light on today, we can only do what we can do/we can only do so much. 


Perfect we ain't. 

xo all


The Moon is dark now/balsamic - get enough rest. BIG New Moon on Monday with an EXACT trine to shocking Uranus while Black Moon Lilith meets the North Node. Oh my! Back this weekend to talk about that one!

painting by the talented Cecile Pardigon

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