the astrology of the Full Moon in Pisces | September 20th, 2021 - a culmination, something gets cleared up, optimistic information but check the fine print, let go and let God then make welcome what shows up



This month's Full Moon is an ending at almost the very end of the very last sign. An end at the end of the end. In imaginative/dreamy, but often confusing Pisces. Does this end an area of confusion? Neptune is already retrograde, the tide out, life should be less foggy, but with Neptune so strong in his home sign these last few years - the buck stops here, there is nowhere else to go - I am not certain the tide being out clears up what we are seeing anymore.


But maybe the Full Moon will (over the next two weeks as this Moon plays itself out). Does something make more sense than it once did? It should. It will.

With the Moon at 28 degrees by the time she opposes the Sun, let's look at what she has been up to in Pisces before she gets here.


The Moon entered Pisces on Sunday. 


She squared the Nodes of Fate (Gemini/Sagittarius), she trined Venus (brakes off) and sextiled Uranus (opportunity through change). She met her pal Neptune (Pisces ruler, so here's the illumination or the dream, Neptune is retrograde, so there will be a connection to the past with this, either old dreams/illusions or past-life/familial story-lines). She sextiled a retrograde Pluto (opportunity through transformation/merging/purging/death) and finally she reaches her opposition to the Sun, waiting for her in Virgo - now here is this month's Full Moon, our annual Full Moon in Pisces. And then whoosh, she goes void/radio silence off that opposition. Sounds about right for Pisces!

This is all part of the Full Moon story of the last couple days, but also the story of what is peaking now from the last two weeks and the last six months

The square to the Nodes is tricky through Pisces because Pisces isn't a cut and dried place. Things morph/drift. The square speaks of pivot points and choices - and tension/frustration until we make them - but there is no clear way through. There is fog/uncertainty, sometimes exhaustion, maybe even deception. In Pisces we can't know BECAUSE WE AREN'T SUPPOSED TO KNOW. Pisces is about intuition/connecting to something bigger than ourselves. What do we do when we don't know? Then the Moon (as us) trines Venus (in Scorpio) and sextiles Uranus (in Taurus). Merged resources/intimacy/love/self-esteem/healing prayers, dreams that merge/purge, opportunities for change, opportunities to move toward something new (and keep in mind Uranus is retrograde, so new might not be totally new). New values. Embracing something else. Then the Moon meets up with Neptune (retrograde) - peak emotions about situations older than we are. This can feel like nirvana or this can feel like our batteries have been drained. And keep in mind again that we are talking about the story of Sunday/Monday (this month's Pisces Moon), but also of the last two weeks and six months.


That's the backstory, now let's take a look at this moment of fullness - let's unpack the chart!


At 7:54PM EDT on Monday, September 20th, the Moon opposes the Virgo Sun (on his way out of Virgo, so he's tired, too, ready to be finished with all the fixing).

Full Moons bring things to light, to peak energy - to a culmination, to an ending. It is the space in our breath cycle when our lungs are full and we need to exhale. Or maybe if we have been holding our breath, now is the time we must noisily gasp for air.


Pisces rules the 12th house of what we do last, what is hidden and put away, the ways we self-sabotage because from our vantage point in our 1st house we can't see what's behind us/don't know what we don't know, illusions and delusions, escape, sacrifice, our addictions, our imagination, lack of boundaries, connection, compassion, charity, hospitals, prisons, the things we have forgotten, our distant pasts, our ancestors, water, sleep, illness, healing, spirituality, GRIEF, God.... it is a mystical space of MAGIC where anything can happen.  

The Moon in Pisces is widely conjunct Neptune, sextiles Sedna, squares the Galactic Center. The Sun is conjunct Mars (out of sign with Mars challenged and out of bounds). Mercury trines Jupiter EXACT. Venus inconjuncts Chiron, also EXACT. Asteroid Narcissus trines Saturn, yes, EXACT, too.


The conjunction to Neptune, wide, yes, but Neptune rules Pisces and so is the ruler of this lunation - speaks of imagination, dreams, also confusion, maybe a lack of boundaries. Pisces is mutable water. so maybe whatever ends now or culminates has drifted away from us. Been made too big to contain. Become too exhausting to continue. Or maybe the Full Moon brings us peak creativity, connection, psychic sensitivity. A portal to our past, our ancestors.

The sextile to Sedna - remember we spoke of Sedna with the virus/vaccine posts, one is HERE - speaks of what comes from the loss. Remember after Sedna finally released her grip (yes, her father had chopped off her fingers, but still.. she released her grip) she turned into all the creatures in the ocean - a Goddess. She is about a crisis that forces us onto a higher, more spiritual path. Maybe the good that comes from the crumbling patriarchy/the father who turns on us to save himself and his undoing becomes our doing - we are made into more than we were before. With Virgo/Pisces maybe this speaks of a health crisis/mental health crisis - ours or someone else's. Sedna also is about the things we 'know, but don't know', because remember she thought she had a better deal than she had. She didn't look closely enough at the details of what she was getting herself into (and the Virgo Sun and Full Pisces Moon - the end of confusion - won't support this). How does this factor into our Full Moon story? It repeats the Mercury/Jupiter followed by the Mercury/Pluto, so pays to think about. READ THE FINE PRINT.

The Moon squares the Galactic Center (our homing signal, black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy). Through tension/frustration/anxiety we are moving onto a new wavelength. 

The Sun, as he opposes the Moon, from his perch in precise/practiced Virgo is conjunct Mars in Libra. Mars is not himself in Libra, and although he has access to his own ancient sign of Scorpio through Venus in Scorpio, he is still not at his best. The Full Moon in Pisces needs to 'let go and let God' and Mars in Libra is more likely to be holding onto some unfairness/imbalance that he is all worked up about. The Sun adds heat (possible via criticism or perfectionism) to Mars issues, so we don't want to be making any passive-aggressive moves here. The good news is that Mars is trining the North Node, so if we keep our actions balanced/fair/cooperative our path ahead will be smoother. There will be more options. This isn't a Full Moon to be burning any bridges.


Venus in Scorpio, and doing the mutual reception thing with Mars, is inconjunct Chiron. A rock and a hard place. Our wounded masculine triggered. An old hurt around our ability to be ourselves/take care of ourselves is like background noise at this Full Moon. Playing a part without playing a part. The Full Moon's bright light might not be what illuminates this, but the relationship intensity/intimacy, financial situations, death, whatever this is, it's old, it's painful. 


Mercury, also in Libra, perfects his/her own trine to Jupiter. This is optimistic/expansive. THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT. The Sun in Virgo, no small player in this Full Moon, is answering to Mercury, so this matters. Look ahead. What comes next? Every ending is actually a beginning, too. This trine is good for relationships/partnerships/contracts. Good news can come in. A stroke of luck. Jupiter is retrograde, so there is something about this 'more optimistic' future with its feet in the past. If we look ahead we see that Mercury is going to square Pluto in the middle of the week, that can bring us back down to Earth, here's the fine print. This doesn't delete the Mercury/Jupiter, but just knowing it's coming should be enough to keep our feet on the ground.


The best use of this Full Moon's energy is 

1. let go and let God (and there won't be a choice here anyway) and 2. make welcome whatever arrives


Yes, you could have skipped right to this paragraph and saved yourself 10 minutes. :) 


Maybe get out and walk in it, too. It's potent.


xo all


We are going to take a look at the virus/vaccines/our collective mental health this week and see where all that might be going.

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