Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | September 13th - 19th, 2021 - reality checks, empowerment, limits, mars into libra for the first time in two years


I used to post first thing in the morning but started walking in the morning and began posting at night. Then I started swimming at night. Under. The. Water. Until this year I had been swimming on top of the water. Always. I don't think I had really been UNDER THE WATER since I was a kid. But, there's something about swimming UNDER THE WATER, deep, lungs ready to burst. I don't know why I am just remembering this/finding this out, but now that I FINALLY have - the weather isn't cooperating. The cooler water and air determined to pry summer from my water-shriveled fingers and me equally determined to hold on AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.  Fall has always been my favorite season, sweaters and boots and pumpkin pie, oh my, but this year with this UNDER THE WATER thing ... not so much. I will probably be posting more often soon, once I have my nights back ...


Anyhoo, let's check in with the planets.


Let's unpack the week!


MONDAY - First Quarter Moon (Sagittarius)

TUESDAY - Sun opposite Neptune, Venus inconjunct North Node, Mars enters Libra

THURSDAY - Sun inconjunct Jupiter, Sun trine Pluto

FRIDAY - Venus squares Saturn

SATURDAY - Mercury inconjuncts Neptune


We get a little boot to our backside right out of the gate this week (not sure why I sound like your grandma, maybe because I am sipping tea from a rocking chair, might need to update my environment here) with this month's First Quarter Square on MONDAY. The Moon at 21 degrees Sagittarius squares the Sun in Virgo. The faith/intuition-focused Sag Moon is reminding our detail obsessed/perfectionist Sun that we HAVE ENOUGH INFORMATION. Maybe we have fixed something enough/helped enough/done the best we can. Now we have to go on faith or with the wisdom we have accrued. This is going to be tricky because the Moon's next aspect is a square to cloudy/illusive Neptune and the Sun is applying to tomorrow's exact opposition to Neptune. Hmmm. What to do? Let's take a look at Tuesday.

TUESDAY has alot going on - some of which will be felt as things build and unwind, so keep in mind the exact days are not written in stone here. 


The Sun, at 21 degrees, perfects his opposition to a retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Oppositions bring conclusions/results. This might involve a reality check. There could be a sacrifice or something dissolves/fades away. The Sun is in Virgo so it is as possible that an error/problem gets resolved as an error/problem comes to our attention now (through the light of the Sun) - maybe something we have been avoiding from the past. Maybe our focus fades from something we have been fixated on.


Neptune oppositions can make us tired/lose steam/need an escape, so keep that in mind, too. 

This is also the day Venus (at 4 degrees Scorpio) will inconjunct the North Node in Gemini. Some kind of give and take is needed in order to move forward. Venus in Scorpio wants to merge/purge/go deep, but our way forward is more about a little of this and a little of that. Time to lighten up? Keep in mind, the inconjunct is a 'give and take' aspect, so we don't want to be denying the deep Scorpio truth for the flash in the pan Gemini "facts" either. More tricky energy. Life is not for sissies this week, month, year, lifetime.

Mars enters Libra and starts answering to Venus in Scorpio (Mars ancient crib - now I have moved from the rocking chair to a floor pillow and notice my mind has moved forward to MTV 2000 (?) of course I was actually watching Trading Spaces/Curb Appeal not so much interested in Jewel/Snoop Dog's houses) putting Mars and Venus into mutual reception, so although Venus doesn't so much like to be in Scorpio and Mars isn't happy about being in Libra - they (as us) can make this work. This is also good news because with Mercury in his shadow walking degrees he will walk two more times during his upcoming retrograde Mars is not pulled into all that.


So, Mars, having done all the fixing, clean up and detailed work he could possibly do in Virgo, now  enters sociable and diplomatic Libra, the sign of the other person, for the first time in two years.

Mars rules Aries, the sign of "me" and now here he is in the sign of "we" (BUT, for as long as Venus is in Scorpio - keep in mind the whole mutual reception thing helping both signs). Mars wants to just go, go, go and in Libra is required to 'see/interact with' the other side of things. There is more flirting than commitment. More passive-aggressiveness. Our actions/passions can get a little more indecisive (the whole - taking both sides into consideration thing coming into play).

Fiery Mars in our collective 7th house of other people means our actions can trigger fast reactions. That whole "I'm rubber. You're glue" thing isn't working. Or maybe it's working backward.

The more Mars in polite Libra becomes a smiling Mr. Nice Guy rather than the warrior he actually is, the bigger the eventual blow-up will be when his (ours or theirs) Arian head explodes. So, we need to be honest about our anger, passions, actions without crapping all over other people. It is a balancing act and Mars' combat boots are not made for tight ropes. Luckily, again, we have the whole mutual reception thing with Venus in Scorpio as we get this cycle started - allowing Mars to have access - through Venus, but still access - to his own energies and Venus - through Mars - to have access to hers. 


With Mars in Libra situations will arise that create opportunities for more fairness. More balanced actions. More social activities. More compromise. More win-wins. More allies. Doing it together. Plus our Libra house theme gets an energetic kick-start for the first time in two years.


THURSDAY - the Sun, at 23 degrees Virgo inconjuncts Jupiter (retrograde in Aquarius) in the morning (EDT) and then moves on to 24 degrees and trines Pluto in Capricorn in the evening. The adjustment precedes the smooth flow. 

The adjustment is Virgo/Aquarius which makes me think of intestinal problems and allergies, but might show up more like our need for freedom/to be ourselves/group situations adjusting to the details/the work/the day-to-day stuff, our health or someone else's. As with any challenging aspect with Jupiter we want to make sure we aren't overdoing or over-estimating something, The Sun's follow-up aspect being a smooth trine to powerful Pluto is good news. After we work through the Jupiterian 'rock and a hard place' we move into an opportunistic portal - an easy flow with authority (inner and outer), our goals, career, our Cappy house theme. Keep in mind this flow is through the Virgo Sun - our focus on the next step/doing a good job/helping/fixing. 

On FRIDAY, Venus (7 degrees Scorpio) squares a retrograde Saturn in Aquarius. People with planets/points near 7 degrees of the fixed signs will feel this strongest. Debts come due. Limits/boundaries are felt. Intimacy issues can be experienced. Maybe we get a "no"/hit a stop sign. Maybe we are feeling our age. Squares to Saturn can bring pressure/depression. This, too, shall pass.

The week ends with SATURDAY'S confusing Mercury/Neptune inconjunct. Mercury is in Libra, so this can be a relationship/partnership/balance situation that is unclear/hard to pin down/a little disappointing. Words are confusing. Misunderstandings are possible. 


The good news - the Moon will be in group/future focused Aquarius trining (brakes off) Mercury, so the way through the inconjunct is probably to be connecting with people/communicating in ways that transcend our personal concerns. The Moon will also meet up with our retrograde Jupiter to allow greater optimism. Go broad. Have faith.

Keep in mind Mercury is walking the shadow degrees of Libra he/she is going to walk two more times during his upcoming retrograde, so news/information/conversations/Mercurian situations will probably not be a one and done. 

xo all

artwork by the talented Evelina Dillon

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