Today's astrology Forecast | Wednesday, September 15th, 2021 - the sober cappy moon puts us through our paces, a mixed bag



The Moon is in serious Capricorn now - we are nourished by stability/work/having a goal/having control/a few bucks in the bank/cans in the cupboard.


She squares wounded healer Chiron (in Aries) then trines Uranus - all before 8:30AM EDT. 


The square hurts. An old wound around our identity/ability to take care of ourselves is triggered. Maybe our authority is questioned or we have trouble with authority. Maybe this tension/frustration is between the 'way we've always done it' and something new. Whatever this is, the Cappy Moon will require we keep a stiff upper lip. 


There's no crying in baseball. 


The trine to Uranus is the way through the square - there is a smoother path here somewhere, but we are going to have to look over there. Uranus requires change/a future focus. We have to bend the rules/embrace something new/try something else.


At 5:04PM EDT the Moon squares Mercury (in Libra). Here's tension/frustration. The energy is ripe for a disagreement or relationship squabble. Imbalances will show up. Situations with other people can be testy.


Finally the Cappy Moon sextiles a retrograde Neptune at 9:01PM EDT - put it to bed, put on some music, chill out, relax, meditate, have a glass of wine, watch a movie -


what was all the fuss about anyway?

xo all

artwork by the talented Donatella Marraoni

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