Mercury inconjunct Mars plus Mercury home to Virgo | a tense conversation, somebody gets loud, uncomfortable information, heated discussions, time to speak clearly and confidently without fighting or stirring an already boiling pot, time to get our shit together

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Mercury inconjuncts Mars on his/her way out of Leo today.

This makes for tense - possibly LOUD - conversations, uncomfortable information - rocks and hard places between our words and our actions.

This might take us back to a situation/issue from around August 20th when a retrograde Mars walked this same degree.

Let's look at an EXAMPLE for Aries/Aries Rising (Leo 5th house/Capricorn 10th house) - and because this is also where the collective energy falls since an Aries first house means the houses all get their natural rulerships, so Aries rising applies to everyone to some extent.

See if anything in the following is useful to you:

"This is a tense conversation or uncomfortable information regarding career/authority/limits likely connected to something that came into play around August 20th. Maybe you can't say what you want to say now without making the situation worse. Listen carefully. Speak precisely. Details won't be skirted. Don't jump to any fast conclusions because happening just before Mercury changes signs - this could be a whole lot of fuss about nothing much in the end.

Inconjuncts indicate "rocks and hard places" so there won't be an easy or tidy solution even with Mercury's subsequent move into Virgo -the 6th house of daily activities, co-workers, routine, pets, work and health. The good news - Saturn moves direct in Capricorn (10th house) just a few hours later stabilizing not only that house but also your finances/resources and daily work/health. Hang in there."

This is happening at the powerful and karmic 29th degree, so whatever this is - and it is happening between our natal Leo and Capricorn houses - it will be important at the time, but probably pass quickly as Mercury changes signs within hours and then Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) stations direct.

We might need the courage to say what we think, but at the same time keep in mind we don't just want to be adding fuel to a fire with our words. Walking our talk will be challenging now.

There won't be a perfect solution, but we will do our best with this.

The Cancer Moon will be in a healing/creative Grand Water Trine with Neptune and Jupiter early in the day and then will oppose Pluto in the late afternoon EDT, so we probably want to avoid getting caught up in power struggles, manipulations and other people's drama and intrigue as the day plays out.

At 10:39PM EDT, Mercury (communication, ideas, thinking, siblings) moves into organized and clear-headed Virgo until September 21st. Mercury rules Virgo and is uber-happy to be in his/her own sign after such a long time in bombastic Leo.

For the next few weeks our thinking will be more analytical. 

Conversations will be to the point.

We will want the facts.

Other people will want the facts from us.

The numbers will have to balance out.

Practical thinking matters. Mistakes will be noticed, so double check language, spelling, grammar, etc (I need to triple check because I always double check and still find errors in these posts!).

We will need to put on our magnifying glasses because if we don't see that missed punctuation mark, mathematical error, problem we have glossed over or unsubstantiated fact we are spouting - there is a very good chance someone else will. 

The shadow of Virgo is self-criticism (and criticism of everyone and everything) and self doubt - setting too high a standard. Perfectionism. Nothing is ever good enough and so things don't get finished so we don't have to be judged and come up short. Since Virgo energy - and we all have Virgo somewhere in our charts - is one of the ways we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, we are pretty much guaranteed to miss something and make mistakes now and then.

We really can figure out and work with the things that need improvement without beating ourselves up when we come up short.

If we have been searching for a solution - this is great energy to nail one down!

This is a good time to start/reactivate a mindfulness practice. Slow down. Think about what we are doing in the moment - ie "I am doing the dishes, this water is warm and soapy, these dishes are cool, the sun is shining through the window, etc."

There is so much wisdom encoded inside each one of us that gets bypassed when our lives get too noisy.

Mercury in Virgo says, " it's time to get our sh*t together ".

xo all

Mars/Mercury inconjunct played out for me yesterday like this:

I had been out in the morning and rushed back home to make lunch.

As I am driving home I am thinking I should just call hubs and tell him to get a chicken salad wrap at the deli next to his shop, but then I think about all the tomatoes - 12 jars canned just the day before - and stale crusty french loaf getting harder every minute on the kitchen counter, so instead I step on the gas.

He rushes home for a quick - and most likely quite unsatisfying - lunch. He also had a busy morning with some bad news - yes, the rock and hard place kind - about his shop location

(landlord/authority providing the uncomfortable news that he is suddenly, possibly looking to sell the building we rent and may have a buyer who I have no doubt we will find out contacted him originally around August 20th).

We are both kind of testy. Well, one of us is tired (that would be me) and one of us is testy (that would be him).

On his way out he notices an animal has been in the trash on the side of the house - trash we both forgot about from an event at our house on August 19th - and he comes back in the house yelling and  looking for a garbage bag - which he somehow needs my help finding although they are in the same place they have been for at least a decade.

So we are both out there - and I should add it is about 100 degrees and humid - him totally pissed off and me speaking clearly and confidently without pot stirring and walking my talk (astrology saves the day again folks) ie drenched in sweat and cleaning up the mess - which yes, we have no choice about and yes, includes rotting food - some of which I should have composted - ugh! - and dirty diapers - a clear indication from a wise and loving universe that it is time to get our sh*t together folks.

And start reading this blog

Yes, all of us. I include you, dear reader and innocent bystander, because there is really only one of here after all. The sh*t must be cleaned up. And it might be sh*t we have forgotten all about .... or have tried to.

xo again

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