Astrology Forecast for Creative | today and the weekend ahead - illusions and delusions, use your imagination, take some independent action, exploration, words are powerful

wish we explored by Dark Gomo

We talked some about THURSDAY HERE.

We end the week with alot of Mercury activity - so we will probably be busy with lots of ideas/information/communications.

We have Mercury (home in Virgo) opposing Neptune (home in Pisces).

This would NOT be the time to sign a written contract or make a verbal commitment. We won't have all the facts. Information will shift. Don't make any assumptions. Our rational thinking dissolves or maybe our carefully choreographed something-or-other drifts off course. Best to wait with any major decisions. Mercury is moving fast now and will be out of Neptune's slippery grasp in a couple days.

We also have Mars (in Aquarius) sextiling (opportunity) Chiron (in Aries). There is something here about taking action even when it hurts or taking care of something that hurts with action. 

If we have a physical problem this would be a good time to seek out a new therapy, etc. This would be a good time to try a new tactic/action and to have that action be helpful/healing.

So our brain may be on drugs right now, but our actions - and life can likely use any action we take here - can create a healing opportunity. With Chiron in independent Aries (and answering to Aries ruler Mars in Aquarius) - there probably isn't someone coming along to save us. We are going to have to pull our own ass out of that well. And we are probably going to get out in some kind of unusual manner that is unique to us. Be brave. Do you. Take action from a place that honors yourself. Don't squash anyone else in the process.


We also have Venus (in Scorpio) sextiling (opportunity) Saturn (in Capricorn). Remember the water signs sextile the earth signs which is why we need to have an emotional reaction to create something real and solid and lasting! This is great energy to stabilize (Saturn) a relationship (Venus). This is great energy to stabilize (Saturn) a financial situation (Venus). Money/energy invested now will pay off later. Time put into something we care about now will pay off later.

On FRIDAY, the Moon is Void all day - we haven't had an all-day Void Moon in awhile.

This would not be a good day to start anything new. Not much will come of things that come up, so if you need a mental health day, which could be a good thing with that Mercury/Neptune influence, now might be the time to take it - you shouldn't miss much that amounts to anything later.

The Scorpio Moon has gone void off a sextile to the Sun in Virgo - this would be a great day for some kind of detox, cleansing. We can use that waning Mercury/Neptune for powerful (remember both planets are in their home signs so functioning well) creative work, healing, prayer, meditation.

At 8:54PM EDT, the Moon moves into Sagittarius focusing us on Sag themes for the next couple days - exploration, the big picture, our beliefs, travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside our comfort zone - maybe taking Friday off and traveling this weekend would be a good idea! We might find we are too busy to do this though.

At 10:23PM EDT, the Sag Moon will sextile (opportunity) Mars (in Aquarius). Remember the fire signs sextile the air signs - which is why we need to take action on our thinking/ideas to get the opportunity! Things will be lively. Great for a social gathering.

On SATURDAY/SUNDAY we have Mercury (remember he is strong and moving fast through his home sign of Virgo) trining (brakes off) powerful Pluto. We, and other people, will be passionate about our ideas and able to communicate in powerful ways.

Our words (Mercury) are powerful (Pluto) and deep.

Let's use them wisely. This would be excellent energy to make a speech or write something/learn something transformational. Ideas are influential.

Mercury has just moved past Neptune. He has cut through the bullshit/illusion.

Now he/she trines (brakes off) Pluto and then moves into an opportunistic sextile with Jupiter (in Scorpio). We can connect the dots and see the big picture. Great for promotion, media, investigation, digging deep. Our gifts of communication, our ideas, our speech, maybe our reach - expands. Just avoid reckless words and making preachy sermons. I would imagine preachers will be connecting with alot of people on Sunday morning.

At 10:15PM EDT on Sunday, the Moon reaches her First Quarter Square with the Sag Moon squaring the Virgo Sun. Whatever started at last week's New Moon reaches its first tension/crisis. This is the big picture vs the details. Make some tweaks.

The Moon goes Void until 7:07AM EDT on Monday morning when she moves into Capricorn focusing us on Capricorn themes - our career, work in the world, goals, structure, our fathers - for the next couple days.

So we will begin next week with a sober Capricorn Moon heading toward Tuesday's 3rd square between Mars and Uranus!

xo all

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