Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of September 10th - hurricane season, where is your power, where is your expertise, staying grounded, expecting the unexpected, relationship/financial challenges, stepping into your power

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Some major aspects this week are:

SUNDAY - New Moon in Virgo, Venus moves into Scorpio
MONDAY - Mars returns to Aquarius and squares Uranus
TUESDAY - Sun trines Pluto and sextiles Jupiter
WEDNESDAY - Venus opposes Uranus and sextiles Saturn, Jupiter sextiles Pluto
THURSDAY - Mercury opposes Neptune
SATURDAY - Mercury trines Pluto and sextiles Jupiter

Look at those aspects! Whew!

Keep in mind all the aspects listed above (other than the New Moon) are transits. So the dates listed are the days when the aspects are most exact, but we can feel them days before and after, building and unwinding, and that can be when situations play out or peak.

We have Mars leaving Capricorn where he is exalted and moving into Aquarius where he is totally unpredictable! He was first at zero degrees Aquarius back in mid-May, then early August retrograde and now makes his final pass on Monday.

What story has he been walking back and forth over in our life?

This is also the loaded degree Mars transited on the very pivotal election day of 2016

(HERE is a post about that)

and Pluto (after meeting with Saturn in January 2020) crosses this degree in January 2024 as he finally leaves Capricorn having transformed via his sledge hammer all the structures ruled by Capricorn - our government, safety nets, banks, yada, yada, yikes.

Both January 2020 and January 2024 are tied into the U.S. inaugurations, so politics plays a big role in our collective Aquarian future.

I noticed the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has some really challenging Neptune/Pluto aspects - don't know his birth time though - that could pull the rug right out from under him - which although it seems impossible he won't get in with the Republicans really pushing for him and the Democrats so powerless - fits with the upcoming astrology, so I guess we'll see what happens. If he does get in maybe he won't do what the people pushing for him want him to do once he gets in there or maybe he doesn't get to stay - but is that even possible? Trump, of course, has challenges in September and even bigger challenges in December that we talked about before and I know I still need to finish up his series!

Keep in mind we have never had an impeached President - if something like that were to happen - actually tossed out of office (Nixon resigned and Johnson and Clinton were impeached by the House and acquitted by the Senate). And Pence's chart - although I don't have a birth time - doesn't look very presidential ....

OK, back to our week ahead -

SUNDAY - we talked about the New Moon HERE.

Please do your New Moon intentions - we are literally pulling the dream (Neptune) into our reality through that Virgo New Moon portal. We won't have all the answers and we could still feel foggy and distracted and are going to have to knuckle under and stay with it. Just do the logical next step with whatever you are wanting to begin.Virgo doesn't require some big, bold move.

Venus leaves her home sign of Libra and moves into intense and complicated Scorpio - she continues to walk degrees she will walk two more times due to her upcoming retrograde. So whatever we have going on with Venusian themes - love, money, relationships, resources, our values and self-esteem - will be playing out over the next couple months.

Scorpio Suns and Ascendants (Scorpio on the cusp of the first house of your natal chart) become more attractive - making them both easier on the eye and it gets easier for them to attract what they want.

Venus is considered in her 'detriment' in Scorpio. It's dark. It's ruled by Pluto. It's not her favorite place to hang out. We will notice how we use other people's energy and how they use ours. Vampires do not really only come out in the night.

Venus in Scorpio doesn't look like the more traditional beauty of Venus in Libra. Her beauty is dark and forbidding now. She doesn't flirt. She seduces. She doesn't want peace at any cost so much as she wants to feel what's really underneath all the phony smiles and superficial niceties.

Scorpio rules death and destruction and now this comes through our relationships.

Here Venus pushes herself to the edge of life with compulsions, intimacy, jealousy, obsession and a struggle for real power. She goes into the dark corners that hold all our secrets and she coaxes them out into the open. There can be brutal and deep honesty here.  

Relationships get intense. 

If you are working through the unraveling of a relationship or financial quagmire - this energy will be your best friend. 

Scorpio Suns and Ascendants get more attractive (more beautiful and more able to attract what they want). Your Scorpio house (where is Scorpio hanging out in your natal chart?) gets more magnetic, too.
Although the theme of whatever house is ruled by Scorpio in our natal chart is naturally complicated!

Honesty is recommended for the next few weeks because we will all be feeling our way through everyone's bullshit.

While Venus is in Scorpio (she doesn't get into Sagittarius until January 7th!) we are charged with figuring out what we really want and why we want it. Much of this work will be done unconsciously. With Scorpio (modern ruler Pluto, ancient ruler Mars) this is alot about power and control.  

Does the other person/situation make us stronger or more vulnerable?

We could be merging our resources (ruled by Venus) with other people's resources (ruled by Scorpio/Pluto) - this could take the form of relationship commitments, sex, reproduction, mortgages, financing, cooperative ventures. Things along these lines that we might not normally consider we could be attracted to now.

These attractions could easily lapse into obsessions.

We could fill hours looking at expensive houses on the internet or other people on okcupid. If something begins to feel like, "we must get this NOW" we will know we have slipped over the edge. It will be time to ask ourselves what we are really looking for. With Venus (and let's not forget Jupiter) visiting our Scorpio house the answers will be available to us if we seek them ... and maybe even if we don't!

Venus in Scorpio could uncover some not-so-pretty truths. Things we might not want to see or know about. But like a car wreck on the side of a highway we won't be able to look away.  

We could be amazed by the depth of our feelings now.

It's also a good time to uncover other types of hidden resources including money. I would say 'start digging' but with Jupiter in residence your shovel is probably already in the dirt.

On MONDAY the Virgo Moon starts off the day very productively with a nice trine to an active and ambitious Mars in Capricorn - so get things done EARLY. If you haven't done your New Moon intentions get them done before the Moon goes void at 11:12AM EST.

After a short void, the Moon moves into Libra at 11:20AM EST focusing us on Libran themes for the next couple days - partnership, balance, social activities, beauty, art.

At 3:34PM EDT the Moon will square Saturn - this is challenging. Limits are tense and frustrating. It will be harder to get along with other people. Not a good time for negotiations.

We will just have to deal with whatever is coming at us.

Venus inconjuncts Chiron (wounded healer). Here's a rock and a hard place (no real solution) between our love, money, relationships, self-esteem, values, resources and something that hurts - a sore spot/fear is triggered. With Chiron in independent, warrior Aries this could be about something we can't control or maybe it seems we need to fight and we are past/not up to fighting. We can't let ourselves be strong armed into just giving up. Chiron in Aries is about being brave even when we need to go it alone. Maybe today's battle is unwinnable, but not even bothering to put up a fight means we lose not only the battle, but the entire war.

Maybe there is a higher way than taking up arms - maybe we can embrace what is hurting us - that's what Chiron is all about really. Although with Mars move into radical Aquarius it is really going to hurt to give up anything - especially anything that smacks of independence. Or maybe there is another solution. Personally I am not so into loving what hurts right now. Maybe there is a way to rise above the entire situation. Remember Venus is walking degrees she will walk three times and she is sextiling stable, serious Saturn and trining powerful Pluto - Venus (as us) is playing the long game now, too. Be smart. Don't go too deep, too fast, but don't be taken advantage of either.

How badly do we want this thing?

EXAMPLE for Taurus/Taurus Rising - Venus is in your 7th house of equal partnerships/relationships. She is inconjunct (rock and hard place) Chiron in your 12th house - what is happening behind the scenes, behind your back, your own self-sabotaging tendencies, your past, what you don't want to look at. She is moving into an opposition with Uranus (in your 1st house of yourself) and into sextile - the opportunity - with stable Saturn while trining (brakes off) powerful/transforming Pluto. A partner can bring swift changes or what you want can be visible through another person. No matter what this is - the opportunity comes through Saturn - YOU stepping into your authority, your responsibility - focusing on long term goals, seeing past what is happening right now to what is REALLY happening. Do your Saturn! Is this good for you long-term or isn't it? Don't sabotage yourself because of a fear of the fight. Venus - your ruling planet - is in manipulative Scorpio now. You can fight, too.

At 8:56 PM EDT Mars says hast-la-vista baby to Capricorn, not to be back for a couple years, and moves back into Aquarius.

The story we have been walking since mid-May comes full circle.

If we left something to rust along side the road in April/May it could be time to pick it back up. Mars in Aquarius is out of bounds until the end of the month - this is good because we can do things we have never done before, but not so good for things where we need stuff to go as planned because it won't.

Mars isn't containable in Aquarius like he was in Capricorn and he immediately starts squaring Uranus (still at 2 degrees Taurus) so expect disruptions and unexpected situations/events.

If you made some kind of crazy move mid-May ... that story could wrap up or move forward in some way now. With Mars moving from Earth to Air -  we could ALL feel like we are coming out of that cave in Thailand!

The Moon is waxing (growing). Set some wheels in motion, folks. 

EXAMPLE for Aquarius/Aquarius Rising  - Mars returns to your 1st house of yourself until the middle of November. Something you set aside last spring is ready to be brought back onto the table. Mars will bring back your motivation and it will be full-steam ahead. Go for it. 

On TUESDAY, the Sun (in Virgo) sextiles Jupiter (in Scorpio) and trines Pluto (in Capricorn). Jupiter and Pluto have been on friendly terms for months and now the Virgo Sun shines a light on the details, information, etc we need to make the most of an OPPORTUNITY. 

This energy is dynamic and confident. We could reap the rewards of our hard work now, too. This is good energy to fix what needs fixing, to use our power wisely and opportunistically and to BUILD SOMETHING. See WEDNESDAY for more about this one.

EXAMPLE for Virgo/Virgo Rising -  the Sun in your 1st house of yourself lights up that ongoing opportunity between Jupiter (in your 3rd house of communication, information, writing, siblings, transportation or your local neighborhood) and Pluto (in your 5th house of creative projects, your self-expression, what you give birth to, children, romance and recreation). Written projects, the ability to say just the right thing at just the right time, on-target communications are all possibilities. Speak with confidence Virgo! Just remember that foggy Neptune is opposing your Sun so double check everything.

At 7:57PM EDT the Moon squares Pluto - this is good for working hard all by ourselves. Interactions with other people can be tricky - avoid obsessions, manipulations, power plays.

The Moon goes Void until 2:15PM EDT on WEDNESDAY. Don't start anything new on Wednesday before this time.

While we sleep, Jupiter moves into his 3rd exact sextile with Pluto. This is an expansion of power. This is us taking the thing we do well and making it BIGGER. This is when we see the forest AND the trees. This is deep and lasting transformation.

And now we have the Virgo Sun lighting up the whole thing. 

This is an important three-peat aspect.

We had this first on January 15th at 19 degrees Scorpio/Capricorn, then today at 21 degrees with Jupiter retrograde and then the final sextile will be on September 12th at 18 degrees with Pluto retrograde.

These sextiles will most strongly impact those with planets/points around those degrees.

This is about DEEP change. Fortune favors the bold with this one. Jupiter is expanding Pluto's power. Someone is making a big, bold move. There is opportunity here, but we will have to confidently act on it. This could be about our beliefs about what is possible. 

Venus opposes Uranus and sextiles Saturn - we talked about this for TUESDAY with the Chiron aspect. Opposition usually come through other people.

With Uranus, people will bring us what we are not expecting! 

With Venus upcoming retrograde we will be dealing with Venus/Uranus for a while. This could be a sudden love affair or sudden financial purchase. Venus is very seductive in Scorpio and Uranus is something/someone we wouldn't normally go for or someone/something that is different from what we usually have/want. 

Keep in mind Venus is preparing to go retrograde and do her 40 days and 40 nights when we could be enticed (sound familiar?) into some kind of relationship/financial impulsive actions we might regret later.

The Moon will oppose Uranus today, too - so we can really expect the unexpected (ugh, I hate that expression).

Venus is in Scorpio - seducing, manipulating, obsessing. Uranus is in Venus-ruled Taurus so answering to her, but Uranus is disruptive. Relationships are challenged here. So are finances.

Uranus could bring a break-through or a breakdown. The opportunity (sextile) with this comes through Saturn - stepping into our authority, dancing with the one who brought us, living up to our responsibilities, having a long-term plan, setting limits - which will be hard with that freedom-loving Uranus opposition. Think - structured changes and self control. AND give the other energies their due - do something different, expect a different side of ourselves, and other people, to emerge now - be welcoming.

On THURSDAY the Moon is in Scorpio focusing us on Scorpian issues for the next couple days - banking, taxes, other people's money, our debts, loans, partner's income, intimacy, sex, reproduction. We will be feeling whatever we are feeling more intensely now. It's a time to avoid obsessing over things. Avoid compulsions and manipulations.

At 4:02PM EDT the Scorpio Moon sextiles Mercury - good for research and  going deep with information/conversations. At 4:51PM EDT she trines Neptune - good for our imagination, spirituality, meditation, prayer, healing.

The big energy for the end of the work week comes at 9:32PM EDT - we will feel this a couple days before and after - when Mercury (home in Virgo) opposes a retrograde Neptune (home in Pisces).

Yes, more of the Virgo/Pisces polarity.

(and speaking of Polarity - warning shameless plug ahead - have you seen my Polarity Lockets - blog readers get 15% off this month with coupon code OLIVEBITESBLOG)

With the opposition involving Mercury - communication/ideas/information - we could be taking in too much information and not all of it will be factual!

This is not the best time to make a big decision or more forward with something based on information that comes in right now.

Things will not be quite what they appear to be now.

Remember this is an opposition. We are either "just the facts jack" Mercury in Virgo meeting dreamy, illusionary and possibly deceptive Neptune via another person or outside situation. 

Or we are dreamy Neptune and our fantasy meets those uncooperative, messy things called facts.

Either way the sands are shifting.

We will need to think twice about what we are saying/communicating. Misunderstandings are likely now.

The truthfulness of whatever we are dealing with will be complicated.

We could be lied to or we could be the one spinning a tangled web.

Treat what you hear/read/experience now with a sense of curiosity - ask yourself - "well, isn't that interesting?" - nothing will be quite what it seems.

People, including us, will think they know more than they do. Things can look better, or worse, than they actually are. It would be best to read this post, and everything else you are consuming via language now (especially the news), with more skepticism than you normally would.

This could also be about us avoiding the facts. 

EXAMPLE for Scorpio/Scorpio Rising - Mercury is in your 11th house of the collective - your friendships, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring you into relationship with other people, your advancement, technology and opposing Neptune in your 5th house of -
creative projects, your self-expression, what you give birth to, children, romance and recreation. Be careful you are not just seeing/hearing/reading what you want to see within these themes. This energy is activating that powerful Jupiter/Pluto sextile so what do you actually KNOW - where is your expertise Scorpio? Focus on that. Talk about that. Your words - that 3rd house Capricorn - are powerful now. You can convince an Inuit to buy an ice maker, but don't. Use your words wisely and you can reap the benefit.

We will talk about Friday and the weekend in a following post! Mercury is flying so it will be another busy week.

xo all

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