Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of September 17th - expect the unexpected, breakthroughs and breakdowns and actual breaks, getting the message/answer, words can hurt, insecurities are triggered, disruptions to agreements, the payment comes due, moving into a season of cooperation and a point of balance

Autumn II by LaylaRouge

This is another big week. And yes, I say this alot but this is still another BIG week!

Let's look at:

TUESDAY - Mars squares Uranus
THURSDAY - Sun conjuncts Mercury
FRIDAY - Mercury enters Libra
SATURDAY - Sun enters Libra, Equinox, Mercury opposes Chiron
SUNDAY - Sun opposes Chiron, Mercury squares Saturn, Mercury trines Mars

Keep in mind the dates listed are when aspects are most exact, but events can occur as they are building or unwinding, so use the dates as a general guideline for anything other than the Moons.

On MONDAY, at 7:07AM EDT the Moon enters Capricorn focusing us on Capricorn themes - our career, work in the world, goals, structure, our fathers - for the next couple days. We are focused on our responsibilities and getting things done.

She trines Uranus at 10:57AM EDT - we are more comfortable with unusual/innovative people or situations. Maybe technology (or astrology!) or our groups feel supportive or allow something to move forward this morning. By 12:25PM EDT the Moon moves into her monthly meeting with sober Saturn bringing structure and organization but also a tendency to be more cautious and inflexible.

NOTE - we only have a few more days with Mercury in Virgo so whatever needs our decisive and practical thinking/planning - get on it. Once Mercury moves into Libra on Friday our thinking (and communications) may be more diplomatic and charming, but also more indecisive.

On TUESDAY, Mars squares Uranus for the third time in four months.

Life is either coming at us or something is coming through us. This is excellent energy for a breakthrough, but also a breakdown so be careful of accidents (I am especially looking at you Virgo risings, but this energy can make all of us klutzy!).

AGAIN this is taking us back to mid-May and early August when these two powerhouses previously squared each other. We had the square with both planets direct, then with Mars retrograde and Uranus direct and now with Uranus retrograde and Mars direct.

Maybe some change has been slowing approaching since May and now here it is. Maybe this is another surprise in a series of shocking surprises. Maybe some story reaches a culmination point now. Abrupt changes and breaks are possible. Because we haven't had Uranus in Taurus for 80 years we cannot rely on past experiences now - WE HAVEN'T BEEN HERE BEFORE, so we don't know what the outcome will be. We don't really know what we are doing! And neither does anyone else!

This would be the time we make some crazy ass move we might (?!) regret later, but more likely, hopefully, since this is the third of a three-peat pattern we can control our own impulsiveness with whatever we are dealing with. Unpredictable anger is totally predictable now.

And keep in mind it is the job of Uranus in Taurus to rattle our security!

At the same time we have had Mars squaring Venus. This is the boys and girls not playing so well together. This is the masculine and the feminine in crisis and under tension.

Life on planet Earth is not for sissies folks.

On WEDNESDAY, the Capricorn Moon makes nice with both Mercury and the Sun (brakes off) - in Earth signs - this is good energy for business communications/conversations, making commitments, finalizing plans, working on something real and tangible. At 1:10PM EDT the Moon goes Void off that trine to the Virgo Sun, so it's a good afternoon to get things done and shine a light on current projects - not a good time to start anything new. 

The Moon moves into Aquarius at 7:52PM EDT. Our attention likely turns to Aquarian themes for the next couple days - our groups/the collective, group activities, our causes, the goals that bring us into connection with other people, the future, technology, liberating change, being uniquely ourselves and moving beyond existing boundaries.

By Wednesday night the Moon is squaring Uranus (in Taurus) and then moves on to conjunct a potentially pissed-off reactive Mars, so not such good energy for interacting with other people. Best advice - stay off Facebook!

On THURSDAY, the Moon squares Venus, so the problems interacting with other people from last night could continue into the morning.

At 9:52PM EDT, Mercury catches up with Sun at 26 degrees Virgo. We have this aspect a few times a year as Mercury tells his/her story. We had this last on August 8th and before that on April 1st. This time we get the stage of the Mercury/Sun cycle that is similar to a Full Moon - something comes to light, to a culmination or to a conclusion.

A light shines on the information. A message comes in. There are facts, yes, real facts and clarity here.

On FRIDAY afternoon, 1:13PM EDT, the Moon goes Void off a square to Jupiter and will be void until SATURDAY morning. If the last couple days have been stressful - remember the Aquarius Moon has us reacting to all the fixed planet placements - maybe make it an early day!

At 11:40PM EDT, Mercury moves from logical Virgo into diplomatic, but indecisive (the problem with being able to see both sides of the story!) Libra.

So, to be successful our words are more polite now. We need to listen. If we want our communications to hit their target we need to make the other person feel listened to.

Conversations become kind of a dance here. We wouldn't tear off our dance partner's trousers and leave them standing there with hands covering their under shorts and last shreds of their dignity.

We wouldn't tell them they are a crappy dancer even when they step on our toes and smudge the tops of our favorite shoes.

A type of kindness and civility prevails on the dance floor. We smile. We talk about the things everyone can agree on. With the floor spinning beneath our feet we still manage to find common ground. That is the energy that moves communications, ideas and conversations forward now.

Mercury is going to fly through Libra (through October 9th) - so expect your natal Libra house theme and the collective Libran theme of our relationships/partnerships to be CRACKLING!

With Mercury in Libra and Libra squaring Capricorn we know Mercury is going to square both Saturn and Pluto over the next few weeks as well as oppose Chiron in Aries. First up will be the opposition to Chiron on SATURDAY (maybe painful news or conversation) and then a square to Saturn on SUNDAY that could bring some kind of written contract/commitment or some limit via a conversation or communication. For some, the upcoming squares could bring sibling/local community/transportation issues.

On SATURDAY, the Moon enters Pisces at 8:27AM EDT making all of us more sensitive and vulnerable over the next couple days, but also more compassionate. Boundaries are thin. Our focus could turn to Piscean themes for the next couple days - what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing.

The Moon sextiles Uranus (the opportunity comes through the new and unusual and by being ourselves) and Saturn (the opportunity comes through handling our responsibilities and doing the right thing) before mid-afternoon EDT.

At 9:55PM EDT, the Sun moves into Libra bringing us the Fall Equinox a day with an equal balance of daylight and dark.

The Sun begins to fall (weakens) as we move into longer nights and shorter days. It is the opposite down under. The Sun is considered in his detriment in Libra. Libra's focus is on "the other" and the Sun (Leo/ego) wants to focus on himself! In Libra the Sun needs the cooperation and attention of other people to fully develop. 

The Sun in Libra is excellent energy to focus on beauty - where is the beauty in our life?

The Sun immediately joins Mercury in an opposition to Chiron in Aries and the Moon is in emotional Pisces! Ouch! Communications are sensitive. Words can be painful. News/information that comes to light could hit us where it hurts. An insecurity is triggered. 

On SUNDAY at 12:46PM EDT Mercury (in Libra) squares Saturn (in Capricorn). It is hard to communicate with other people/partners. Maybe there are limits to what can be said or news/information that has come in limits what we can do. After this week's reveal of the facts (Mercury/Sun) maybe here is where we deal with what we can't have. This would not be the time to ask someone for a favor. Maybe we are dealing with authority - bottom line we are restricted. The answer is "no".

This energy could also bring us to a solid written contract/commitment or be a relationship (Libra) vs career (Capricorn) issue.

At 1:23PM EDT the Moon conjuncts dreamy Neptune in dreamy Pisces - we want to escape! Great for making art, meditation, healing. Our sensitivity is through the roof. Let's be gentle with each other. We also have the exact Sun opposition to Chiron now - ouch - more reason to be gentle to each other and to ourselves.

Then at 9:23PM EDT Mercury (in Libra) will trine Mars (in Aquarius). This is our words and our actions working together. We have to work within the confines of that Saturn square (the wall), but now the energy comes in to put a cooperative plan to work. Our mind will be active and our tongues sharp, so don't forget the need for Libran balance and diplomacy to move things forward now. With Mars in Aquarius our actions should be new and innovative. They need to be liberating - yes, even with that Saturn square - let's think this thing through! We can do it if we work together.

(and yes, I know I sound like Mrs. Davis your kindergarten teacher - but everything we really need to know we learned in kindergarten anyway, right?)

That about lays out the week. Keep in mind Venus (in Scorpio) is walking degrees she will walk two more times and she is opposing unpredictable/liberating Uranus - in play for most of the rest of the year AND we have never, in our lifetimes (unless we are in our 80's or older) had Uranus in Taurus opposing Venus (ruler of Taurus). AND at the same time she is squaring the North and South Nodes of Fate (karmic situations) and opposing Mars and Mars is moving toward his third direct hit with that South Node next week. There is alot happening here and we can't look to the past to predict the future because we haven't been here before. If we are counting on something Venusian - love, money, values - to work out the way it did before we can't be sure of that. Our trajectory has changed! The good news is things that didn't work before might be worth another try now.

OK, that's it for the weekly. Back with some dailies. Don't let the cray-cray make you too cray-cray. Stay in your magic.

xo all

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lynn bowes said...

Lots to digest here, Cat! And I'll have lots of time this week to digest it as I have doctor's orders to rest all week long. All. Week. Long.

It's a funny thing. I read your posts and immediately think of how this is going to affect other people and how their weeks will go. In fact, I clip parts and send those to my friends whose days I think it will affect, but it never occurs to me that the message might be for me.

I had a heart attack last Friday. We were driving from Lincoln to Central City, Colorado, about 500 miles, when at the halfway point, I felt like I'd been shot with an arrow. The rest of the day involved getting to an ER in Ogallala, Nebraska, being transported to North Platte, settling my heart rhythm, more testing, angiogram, and all that business. We now are home in Lincoln and I'm sore from being poked and having blood draws every 4 hours for 72 hours thank goodness that's over. So as I go back and read the weekend Olive, I can see where there may have been a message in there for me! Truly, it rarely occurs to me that it might be MY story and not the other guy's. Funny, huh?

Anyway, back to reading this week's post, ignoring other people's business, making my own house tidy, resting, finding a cardiologist for my new best friend.

More later :: lynn