Today's Astro plus Pallas into Virgo | a break from routine, feeling at home in unusual situations, sobering up, dealing with authority and limits, the devil is in the details, exacting standards, keeping our eye off the prize, releasing the need for applause

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At 8:03AM EDT today, the Moon enters Cancer turning our emotional focus for the next couple days toward home, family, renovation, relocation, mom, patriotism and apple pie. We want to nurture and be nurtured. Our attention turns to what we are growing.

We (and other people, of course) can be more sensitive now.

"My house here is painted the yellow colour of fresh butter on the outside, with glaringly green shutters; it stands in full sunlight in a square that has a green garden with plain trees, oleanders and acacias. It is completely whitewashed inside, with a floor made of red bricks. And over it there is the intensely blue sky. In this house I can love and breathe, meditate and paint."
 - Vincent van Gogh

Home projects, getting the kids off to school, nurturing activities and just curling up on the sofa and getting away from it all will be enticing.

First up, three hours later, an opportunistic sextile to "out-of-the-box" Uranus (retrograde in Taurus), so a good time to handle any family/home situations in unusual or modern ways. We could feel at home in unusual situations or with unique people. This could be a good aspect for kids going back to school today - a break (Uranus) from home (Moon).

The mood gets heavier after lunch (12:22 PM EDT) when the Moon opposes sober, authoritative Saturn. The kids get restless, the teacher (and need to sit up straight) sets the rules.

I know someone who is going to traffic court tonight and that sounds about right, too. This could also be a home vs work or family vs work in the world issue. The Moon is at home in Cancer and Saturn is at home in Capricorn, so both are strong and at their best. Worthy adversaries, but Saturn is standing still and preparing to station direct right now, so UBER powerful. If we are feeling depressed this afternoon/tonight know this is a transit. It is transitory. Saturn is heavy.

We will feel what we are carrying now.

Today we also see asteroid Pallas (patterns, strategies and tactics) move into exacting Virgo. Our plans/strategies become more precise, more practical.

(we also have Mercury - communication/ideas/information - moving into this same space tomorrow, a space he/she RULES)

If we can avoid the critical, nitpicky Virgo crap - the perfection story based in our fear of whatever we are doing being judged not quite up to snuff - we can make real progress by focusing on the details and putting one foot in front of the other for the next few weeks.

With Pallas in Virgo - and Mercury about to join in - it will be easier to see what fits and what doesn't. What works and what needs fixing/tossing. What is possible and what isn't. We analyze. 

We feel the need to "get it right".

Remember Virgo is the chapter, in our hero's journey, that follows Leo. The space where those pesky "other people" start to factor into things. The space where we carry that thing we have created in Leo and bring it into the service of other people.

The space we release any need for applause. 

So, it is likely best to focus on our TACTICS rather than goals/results for now. We trust the best, most carefully worked out tactics to produce for us the best results - but we keep our eyes on the tactics - the one foot we are putting in front of the next - NOT on the finish line.

We will talk about this more tomorrow.

xo all

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