Mercury meets the Sun | practical decisions, a light on the facts, seeing the forest AND the trees, hearing what we need to hear, saying what needs to be said, that book we need to read falls into our lap, getting down to brass tacks, that thing from early August wraps up

Letters by Alhor-Ern

So today we have Mercury meeting up with the Virgo Sun at 28 degrees. This is our thinking meeting our being - we are what we think we are.

(this is also close enough to trigger the Aries point - 0 degrees of the cardinal signs - with an opposition, so important news/information is playing out on the world stage now, too - pay attention)

There are a couple ways this speaks to us. The first is that this conjunction is part of a cycle - any planet meeting the Sun starts a new/finishes an old cycle. So, we look to the last time these two met, which was August 8th, and we know something that began around that time is reaching a conclusion/culmination now. You might remember August 8th was the mid-point of Mercury's summer retrograde when we knew what the re-trograde was all about for us.

This is also about what these two planets bring (through us) when they join together and how that might look through the lens of our Virgo house.

This is excellent energy for logical communication. To come to a practical decision. For the facts to come to light that clear things up for us. To present our case. For information we can work with. For us to hear what we need to hear to move forward/on. For an answer. We can see both the trees and the forest now.

With the Sun and Mercury meeting in Virgo we can know whatever enlightenment we receive will be sensible.

Yesterday we had the Virgo Sun and the Capricorn Moon form a waxing trine (brakes off) - sensible actions/way we present ourselves integrated well with authority/our goals. So, the Sun trines the Moon then Mercury comes calling to wrap something up from early August. By tomorrow the Moon will move into Aquarius where we know she will cross that South Node (release), Mercury will leave his home sign and move into Libra, to be followed within a day by the Sun. And immediately we have these Chiron oppositions illuminating painful issues/situations and our insecurities. 

For today though we have Mercury meeting the Sun. We have the Moon meeting Mars (in Capricorn) so we won't want to be told what to do - this one speaks of an emotional nourishment through action/exertion. Maybe we need to stand up (Mars) for women (the Moon) or maybe we need to stand up to a woman!

Bottom lines for today - time to move our bodies, walk our talk, talk our game and keep our ears open.

xo all

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