Venus 's Upcoming Retrograde in Scorpio/Libra | what do we really want/love now, what do we REALLY value, temptations in the desert/dessert and are we too focused on what isn't ours? part I

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As I write this Venus is moving through 1 degree Scorpio.

She is going to move forward until she gets to 10 degrees Scorpio (October 5th) and then she is going to station retrograde and begin moving backward through Scorpio (from our point of view here on Earth). On Halloween she will get back into the sign of Libra and continue moving backward until she gets all the back to 25 degrees Libra (November 16th) and then she will station direct and start moving forward - walking again, this time direct, all the degrees she has walked before.

So the degrees from 25 Libra (which Venus first walked back on September 3rd when she kicked this whole season off) through 10 degrees Scorpio are the "hot" spots for this retrograde. She won't be covering entirely new ground until the middle of December when she sextiles Saturn and moves past 10 degrees Scorpio. Whew. Got it?!

Anyone with planets and points between 25 degrees Libra and 10 degrees Scorpio as well as people with planets and points between 0-10 degrees of the fixed signs (because Venus will square Aquarius and Leo and oppose Taurus) and between 25-29 degrees of the cardinal signs (because Venus will square Cancer and Capricorn and oppose Aries) will probably feel this retrograde strongest, but we will ALL be impacted - particularly within the themes of the houses in our chart that Venus visits and revisits AND through the themes of the houses she rules in our natal chart AND within the more general themes Venus rules - love, partnership, balance, money, our values, our resources, women and beauty.

If our age is divisible by 8 (she makes a complete journey every 8 years) this retrograde might affect us more. And for all of us what was happening in our life, with our relationships and with our money and self-esteem 8 years ago?

Until Halloween she will be moving through SCORPIO. So, let's tackle Scorpio first.

Scorpios (and our Scorpio planets/houses) will be most directly impacted.

Venus in Scorpio is about the way we merge with other people. In Libra we meet another person, maybe we like the way they look, maybe we like the way they make us look, we cooperate, we come into a balance, maybe we fall in love. In Scorpio, things get deeper and messier. Maybe we merge our physical bodies and have sex. Maybe we merge our money via a joint bank account. We get to know the stuff about the other person/situation that isn't quite so "pretty". We get to look under the hood. Sometimes we go too deep, too fast and lose sight of land or even ourselves! Things get complicated, sometimes even toxic.

Venus retrogrades are typically times when events transpire to show us what we value

Relationships are tested

The way we handle our money (and other resources including the planet Earth) is tested  

The retrograde period itself (October 5th - November 16th) isn't really a time to make major changes - it's not such a good time to start a business or love relationship that we want to last, for example - it's a time things happen to get us to clarity so we can take action, if we choose to, when Venus is direct (November 16th).

Venus asks us, "what/who do you love now? what/who do you want now?".

With Venus in Scorpio - the ruler of our 8th house of other people's money/other people's values and possessions - we will surely be figuring out where we have been too focused on what isn't ours. This will also be about the way we handle power - either by abusing it or avoiding it. The ways we obsess and manipulate to get what we want. The ways we merge ourselves and our resources and how all of this is working out for us.

She rules both Taurus and Libra (yes, the Goddess energy is like most women, capable of managing multiple energy streams at the same time) - with Taurus energy she rules the earthly realm - plants, flowers, nature's food - that which nourishes us body and soul - with Libra she presides over social interaction, relationship, art - everything that makes the world more beautiful.

She balances Mars (although women are not really from Venus and men are not really from Mars, it is rather energetically accurate for the feminine and the masculine - it is not a man/woman thing though we all have both energies within us).

We dishonor Venus with vanity or idleness - this doesn't mean she wants us to be busy though. Busyness is often an excuse for dishonoring the very things we need to do to take care of ourselves (busyness dishonors our businesses, too) because Venus takes care of herself!

We dishonor Venus when we gossip or mistreat relationships. When we don't take care of our physical selves and surroundings. When we just live with the mess. When we pollute our bodies with crappy food. When we allow our values to become corrupted. When we ignore our passions - we are the caregivers of what we are passionate about in the physical world.

While she is in Scorpio she is going to oppose Taurus - Taurus will face something from the outside - a "me vs you", maybe an ending, a culmination, maybe a confrontation - maybe with a woman, maybe with a Scorpio or another water sign. Taurus gets the opposition.

While Venus is in Scorpio she is going to square Aquarius and Leo. Aquarius and Leo get the tension/crisis. They get the square that requires the pivot.

Scorpio gets the full impact (and anyone with those 0-10 degree placements). What do we really want? What do we really value? How do we share what we have with other people? How do we take what other people have? How to we merge with other people? Are we too focused on what isn't ours? There can be situations that bring us to a brutal honesty with ourselves here.

Common advice during a Venus retrograde is to not buy any luxury items (they will probably not bring us what we are wanting them to), not to make any drastic physical changes - so no dramatic haircuts, not the best time to start home renovations because you might not like what you get and have to redo it later, not the best time to start a new love relationship because when Venus walks back over the same area the relationship could fall apart.

It is a good time for things from the past related to Venus to reappear (yes, all retrogrades are "re" periods) in our lives - something that comes back to you now will most likely be more karmic clean up than opportunity though. Old loves. Old passions. Sometimes we might re-discover a love we had lost ...

I think with Venus retrograde in Scorpio (for 40 days and 40 nights which sounds familiar although we are more likely to be tempted by dessert than in a desert) we might have to face some kind of TEMPTATION. We could seduce or be seduced - and this doesn't have to be about a person, but it might be (it could also be about an idea or an object)!

We will talk more about this in Part II with Venus's morning star/evening star cycle and Venus in Libra and then in Part III we will take a look by sign.

xo all

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