Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 1st - women not taking any sh*t, compromise needed, words are uber powerful, if you don't want to burn something down better hold your tongue, if you do want to burn something down this would be the time to speak up, secrets spill, possible bad news, get to bed early

toxic city 03 by Art-de-Viant

We start the week with Pluto direct (18 degrees Capricorn) after his five month retrograde (since April 22nd).

He will move forward until April 23, 2019 when, at 23 degrees Capricorn he will again station retrograde

(my besieged 21 degree Capricorn Mercury needed to lie down today upon realizing this (!) since I am getting FIVE passes of Pluto, except with Pluto the lying down could be in a big old wooden box, so I probably shouldn't even joke about this).

Pluto is retrograde for almost half the year - imagine what Scorpio (rising, like me) people could do if their ruling planet wasn't retrograde almost half the year. I imagine how nice it must be to be a Leo rising with your ruling planet (the Sun) never stationing retrograde, but then think about those Gemini and Virgo risings who must feel like they pretty much have to do everything twice! Ugh!

In October, Pluto is going to cross the ecliptic from North to South for the first time since 1770 - Pluto literally returning to the underworld AND at a time when Jupiter (in Scorpio) is answering to him AND when Venus is retrograding through Scorpio and answering to him. Also interesting that Pluto stations direct - in mythology Pluto is the rapist of Persephone (Ceres' daughter) - the same week Venus (ruler of women) stations retrograde - while the United States is embroiled in the Kavanaugh nomination mess.

But first Mercury is going to have a conversation with Pluto this week - likely one we aren't going to like, so let's take a look at the week ahead.

Here are the major aspects I see:

MONDAY  - Mars conjuncts Black Moon Lilith (in Aquarius)
TUESDAY - Mercury (in Libra) squares Pluto (in Capricorn)
FRIDAY - Venus stations retrograde (in Scorpio)
SATURDAY - Mercury opposes Eris
SUNDAY - the Sun conjuncts Ceres (in Libra)

So, this looks like another stressful, intense week for many of us. Remember we are all in this together - we'll get through this.

On MONDAY, the Moon enters Cancer at 2PM EDT ending a more than 24 hour void. In Cancer, we could find our focus turning to home, family, home business, mom, country, yada, yada for the next couple days. We will want to hunker down, maybe even hide out. Everyone will be more sensitive. Keep this in mind.

At 4:29PM EDT, the Cancer Moon sextiles unpredictable Uranus (in Taurus). We want to do something different. A change of pace is required. Opportunity comes from doing something else. At 7:18PM EDT the Moon opposes Saturn. There are limits, responsibilities, emotions get repressed, people become more inflexible.

Todays' big news, Mars (in Aquarius) once again - yes, another repeat - conjuncts Black Moon Lilith (the angry outsider). We last had these two meet on August 10th. This is the uncontrolled masculine and the outsider feminine together. This is the volatility of the male/female power imbalance. Sparks will fly. We might struggle against some kind of domination as we are, once again, reminded of all the ways we don't quite fit in. We are older and wiser than we were on August 10th, but a cotton sheet will still feel like a lead blanket. We might need to run screaming into the woods with this one ....

On TUESDAY, we have the last quarter Moon at 5:45AM EDT, when the Cancer Moon squares the Libra Sun. This is a crisis point in the Moon's monthly cycle. The square to Libra speaks of the need for balance, justice and compromise. This isn't about us giving in or pouring pink paint over a problem, but to work with Libra we do need to acknowledge there are two sides to every story.

At 8:18AM EDT then Moon will trine (brakes off) a seductive Venus (in Scorpio). This is women getting along with other women. This is being social and what we want and what we need coming together. This is that balance we were seeking early this morning, so I guess we get it. It might be subtle though. By 2:48PM EDT the Moon has moved on to a compassionate, imaginative trine with dreamy Neptune. We have a Grand Water Trine going on now making everyone more sensitive, but also more sensitive to each other. Our boundaries are thin. Addictions attract. Escape hatches open.

The big news Tuesday, and this is exact on Tuesday, but in play all week is Mercury's square to a newly direct Pluto. This speaks of powerful conversations/communications. WORDS ARE POWERFUL. We, and other people, can be very persuasive, but equally manipulative (what is the difference exactly? I guess whether we are the one doing the talking or someone else is!). Secrecy. Obsessive thoughts. Paranoia. Jealousy. Possibly bad news comes in. This could be relationship vs career stuff. Our words can be misconstrued. Things could feel like life and death and they might actually be about life and death. Information could be used to gain power over other people now. We might discover something someone in power has done wrong - this could be a big news theme in the collective, too. Secrets get spilled. Some people's motivations will be deeper and darker than we expect - check your motivations before opening your mouth folks! People will be audacious. Yes, audacious.

Stay frosty.

Watch your language, but if you actually want to burn the house (your job, your marriage, etc) down with your mouth this would be the time.

Again this week's themes of "who has the power?", "who is in control?" are in play.

This is good energy for research, investigations, writing a mystery novel (get working on that one, will ya') and getting to the bottom of things. 

Then at 10:10PM EDT the Moon moves into her monthly opposition with Pluto - what else can happen?! Best to avoid emotional entanglements. Just stay home and go to bed. But then, of course, because what else,  just a few minutes later the Moon will square Mercury making our minds restless, maybe preoccupied with the past - it could be hard to fall asleep.

OK, so we get to sleep by 8:30PM EDT on Tuesday.

We wake on WEDNESDAY to a Void Moon until she moves into Leo at 5:12PM EDT. Wednesday would not be a good day to start anything new or push anything important out into the world (unless it is your tax return) because nothing will come of it. And if you don't believe this, keep in mind, Obama started his second term - yes, the one Trump has been busy dismantling - on a Void Moon. Void moons are good energy to work on things already in progress - we can often get alot done.

The Moon's move into Leo will turn our focus to Leo themes - children, self-expression, creativity, fun, recreation, romance - for the next couple days.

At 7:29PM EDT the Leo Moon will square Uranus (in Taurus). We will be feeling more impulsive and independent, and so will other people - not such good energy for interacting with others. Expect the unexpected.

OK, so on Wednesday night we go to sleep by 6:30PM EDT.

On THURSDAY the Leo Moon will oppose Mars (in Aquarius, for what seems like forever) at 5:31AM EDT. This could make for a challenging morning.

BUT by 12:19PM EDT the Leo Moon is sextiling (opportunity) the Libra Sun. This last sextile between the Moon and Sun before the New Moon is excellent energy for creativity and collaboration. This is a good time for business and meeting people. Good for romance, activities with children, putting something out there you can be proud of.  

Actually if you are pushing something out into the world this week - from now until Venus stations retrograde on Friday at 3:05PM - it is pretty much all systems GO (keeping in mind I can't see your natal).

OK, back later in the week with the rest of that Venus retrograde series and to finish out this week. See Part I about Venus retrograde HERE.

Whatever this Venus retrograde will be about for you - you know it, it is already in play.

xo all

Think wine, hot baths and "this too shall pass" this week

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