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The sensitive Cancer Moon (people with planets/points around 9 degrees of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn - will feel this most strongly) reaches its third quarter square of the month with the Libra Sun.

This is tension/stress. The 3rd quarter Moon is a time of crisis. Summer squares autumn.

This is about the themes of our Cancer/Libra houses or the collective Cancer/Libra themes of relationship insecurities, relationship imbalances, what is fair, what is just. Think about those Libran scales and look through the lens of Cancer (peeking out of her shell - is she safe here?).

The resolution will come through honoring ourselves - our safety, our security, our self-nourishment - AND coming into balance with the other person's position - compromise, cooperation, diplomacy.

Have we been neglecting our own needs/wants to stay in relationship with someone/something? On the other hand have we been unrealistically looking to someone/something else to mother our grown-up selves? Cancer is both the mother and the baby.

Saturn is opposing the Moon now, so we could feel like giving up. Let's not turn a corner into a dark alley just to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

We also have the exact square between Mercury and Pluto today - this one has been in play for a couple days and will take a couple days to unwind itself.

Mercury (communications, information, thinking) from 18 degrees Libra is squaring Pluto (power, life/death, big money/finances) at 18 degrees Capricorn.

Whatever we are thinking about/talking about - will be INTENSE, powerful, deep - maybe bitter.

With Pluto (ruler of that murky Scorpio 8th house) there are secrets and back door deals.

We don't know what we don't know. We can't see what we can't see. It is safe to assume we are not getting the full picture.

Mercury in Libra wants to just push this whole mess under the bed, slap on some lipstick and pretend everything is a OK. That isn't going to work now. Pluto rules Scorpio - the sign that follows Libra. The guy is dragged out from under the bed, the pretty lipstick gets smudged, the angry husband shows up with a shotgun - everything is clearly not a OK.

Some examples of how this energy is playing out with people I know - 1. someone is being audited this week. Mercury (which rules Virgo as well as Gemini - the details, the paperwork, the dotting of the i's and crossing of the t's) squaring Pluto (the tax man, power, other people's money). 2. Someone else is dealing with bankers - this is a similar dynamic and again there is a certain innate unfairness and imbalance (Libra) built into the situation because one side has the power.

3. Someone else is dealing with the reading (Mercury) of a will (Pluto) in a complicated family situation with power struggles. 4. I am dealing with Olive's (Mercury rules Virgo and Virgo rules pets) life/death (Pluto) health issues and surgery again.

All kinds of buried crap is hitting all kinds of fans this week (last week and next also).

This is the stuff coming out from under the bed - I hope for you it's just a few dust bunnies and there aren't any real monsters under there. Are there real monsters? Here's where we need to put on our big girl pants and assure our seven year old self we can handle this.

So what do we do?

Don't pour pink paint and pretend everything is OK. That paint is going to chip and we will be right back here again with an even bigger mess - and there won't be enough paint to cover this anyway.

Whatever it is we are afraid to look at - LOOK DEEPER. The expression - "the truth hurts, but the truth will also set you free" comes to mind here. 

Don't allow someone to manipulate you into something you don't agree with/something that takes away your security. Maybe we need to channel our Black Moon Lilith who is hooked up with Mars today - the powerful are not the only ones with power now.

Don't manipulate someone else and call it persuasion. Keep it real.

We need to be smart and tactful. We need to see/feel the other person's point of view (maybe that is the space where we need to look deeper?).

We may need to stand up for ourselves and we definitely need to take care of ourselves.

Situations will likely have an undercurrent about power and control (maybe life and death or could feel like life and death - which BTW is hard on our physical bodies which can't tell the difference, so take care of yours) and there won't be easy solutions/compromises.

Words are powerful now. We could burn the whole place down with our language today, so be careful.

This is excellent energy for research, delving deeply into some information, journaling, therapy, working out a puzzle, getting to the bottom of a legal matter.

xo all

An example now with the Kavanaugh story playing out in the U.S. collective is understanding HIS-story. Yes, I know we have thousands of years of understanding HIS-story. But LOOK DEEPER.

I was reminded yesterday by someone's Facebook post about the 80's classic Sixteen Candles that "rape in the 1980's wasn't something done by acquaintances at house parties" - remember the scene where the very drunk girl was handed from one boy to another (weren't they the hero boys in the film or am I remembering this incorrectly?) like a sex doll. In the movie, this was all a joke and good, clean fun. We are reminded this was the culture at the time. It's not an excuse. But it does allow us some way into HIS-story if we need one. And we do. Need one.

Because we carry all these archetypes within us.

And we have reached a point in time where it is just too painful to continue on in an un-integrated state. It is no longer possible to just stuff our own fear. It is no longer possible to just ram things through. The polarity within us just stops us dead in our tracks. We must face it directly and resolve the "split" within us in order to be able to move forward at all now. This is why we are feeling more "prevented" and "opposed" than ever. We can push the blame onto the other person or the situation for a time, but it won't stay "pushed" for long now before it pushes back!

Note - this doesn't mean I think Kavanugh should or will be appointed to the Supreme Court. No, I don't (hell, no) and the astrology looks like this storyline is definitely not wrapping up in week. Venus is going retrograde this week, to dig something up in Scorpio (!), and she won't be hitting new degrees until 2019.

And yes, I am being totally triggered by all of this, too.

Looking at 80's culture (and how it has evolved) is just a tool I can use to help integrate the part of me that - wants what it wants, that feels entitled to it, that played by the "rules" at the time (that aren't the rules now) and didn't get my "pay-off", that is foaming at the mouth angry.

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Wishing you the best for Olive and yourself - holding you both in my thoughts. Sending love and hugs.