Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Venus meets the Sun - a karmic crossroads, the light falls on a new chapter, fate is playing its hand

B by la-child

On FRIDAY, Venus (retrograde in Scorpio) meets the Sun at 3 degrees kicking off a new Venus chapter - this one steeped in Scorpian themes - financial, sexual, life/death, our resources, other people's resources, the ways and things we merge with other people. Here is the Sun shining a light on the money/relationship/values/self-esteem issue we have been re-viewing/re-vamping since Venus stationed retrograde in early October. Venus last met up with the Sun on January 9th at 18 degrees Capricorn, so there could be a connection to that date, our Capricorn house theme or the collective Capricorn themes of - security, stability, sobriety, our structure, goals, authority, career.

So, we are deep in the dark of Scorpio and someone has turned on the light! 

At the same time the Sun is having its monthly moment of awkwardness inconjuncting (that rock and a hard place) the Gemini Moon. There is no easy solution to an inconjunct. With the Moon in "let's make everything more complicated" Gemini there could be new information which leads to more questions/choices.

We are likely tasked, at this time, with making some kind of decision. With Venus retrograde and poised to pass the retrograde baton to Mercury (Gemini's ruler) in November, I would expect there to be some later course corrections, reviews and reversals. The stuff that is set into stone isn't really set into stone. That doesn't mean we don't make the effort though.

The inconjunct pretty much assures we are not totally comfortable, but there WILL be some kind of fresh beginning brewing in the depths of Scorpio.

We are at a Karmic crossroads - through around Halloween when Pluto starts descending into his underworld for the first time since 1770 (the time of the Boston Massacre) and then in the days after Halloween (also the time Venus backs into Libra) until around November 8th when Jupiter moves home to Sagittarius (the sign that rules legal issues, immigration, what is foreign, our higher thinking, adventure, boldness, religion, etc) - so the next two weeks are HUGE.

The stories in the news will matter. Pay attention.

The stories in our own lives will matter. The people we are dealing with now, whatever we have going on - is very important.

Fate is playing its hand, so some things will be out of our control, but we have a hand to play, too.

On SATURDAY the Scorpio Sun will sextile serious Saturn. The Moon is in airy, thinking and creative Gemini. This is excellent energy to apply creative thinking to our goals, deal with authority and our responsibilities, attend to career matters, write something, sell something, yada yada. There is a square to mystical/dreamy (and unfocused Neptune) in the late afternoon EDT, that could make for some confusion. Get the practical stuff attended to earlier in the day.

The Moon goes Void at 12:37AM EDT off a trine to Mars - good for taking action, not so good for falling asleep!

On SUNDAY we wake to a Cancer Moon focusing us on home, family, real estate, mother, security issues for the next couple days. The Moon is working well with both Venus and Uranus today so a good day for pretty much everything that makes a nice weekend - love, connection, friends, change, breakthroughs. Enjoy it.

xo all

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