Halloween havoc - putting October to bed, good-night October, don't let the door hit ya' ....

halloween by kathrinska
The skies are madcap today with TWO planets moving through tense aspects with Uranus and then changing signs - Mercury moves into big-picture, adventure-seeking Sagittarius (if you think the political climate is full of lies and tall tales already, this could escalate now),

Venus opposes Uranus while squaring the North and South Nodes (exact yesterday) and then backing into her home sign of Libra.

Mercury makes his/her own tense aspect with Uranus before he escapes Scorpio for Sagittarius and keep in mind he is walking degrees he is going to walk again and will be back in Scorpio on December 1st.

The Moon (in Leo) has her monthly third quarter stress-session with a square to the Scorpio Sun at 8 degrees. It's a spider web of transits and aspects.

And it's Halloween. That must mean something.

Hang in there. November has some challenges, but still looks better than October!

With Venus retrograde and squaring the Nodes of fate, many people are making important decisions now, especially regarding financial and relationship/love matters. Sometimes our soul has plans for us in this lifetime that our ego finds challenging. This is a crossroads period. What road are we going to travel now (and who is going with us)? The opposition from Uranus says outside influences will have their say. And keep in mind Uranus is charged with getting us back on track - by whatever means it takes. 

We are jolted awake now. 

2018 has not been a time for sissies.

With Mercury flying into Sag and aspecting Uranus, we might want to fly away - shake off the chains, disconnect from whatever feels too tight, too intense, too deep. With Venus stepping back into Libra we will be taking another look at our key connections/relationships - keep in mind she will be back in Scorpio again, so anything Libra wants to push under the rug in an effort to feed civility and find common ground is going to come up again anyway. This doesn't mean we don't nurture the civility and common ground now though. Our relationships are back in the hot seat - our old/usual ways of relating are not going to work anymore.

The Moon's monthly 3rd Quarter Square (Scorpio/Leo) speaks of tension, the necessity of an adjustment - a need to look within and a need to connect our heart with whatever we find there. This will likely be especially challenging for people with important fixed placements (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). There is a story here of loss, feeling powerless, life altering change AND still that Leo North Node beckons again, with his last powerful blast - what does your heart want? what will make you most proud?

Major new beginnings are coming.

We are going to have to remove our ass from the fence (or Uranus will kick us off) to meet them halfway.

xo all

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