Mercury Trine Neptune, Mercury Square Mars | avoiding hotheads and raging drivers, letting information reveal itself in its own good time, probably not the best time to announce any sherlockin', don't shoot the messenger, don't get shot, keeping a cool head, forgive, be compassionate, step back, let it go, let it be

Sherlocking by iNeedChemicalX

While we slept Mercury moved into a sweet trine with dreamy Neptune. I woke at five, then, what felt like ten minutes later, checked the time again and it was seven. The morning could feel something like that. Great for imaginative work, meditation, prayer, healing.

Your intuition can be counted on. Boundaries will be thin.

At 10:23AM EDT Mercury moves on to a testy square with Mars. Communications/information could be stressful. Mercury wants to dig in deep, to uncover the truth, and Mars, tired of plowing through airy Aquarius by now but also having spent a great deal of time (since last May) working through issues of freedom and liberation, is having non of that. 

Arguments are possible. The more intense and URGENT something feels the more likely we are to screw it all up. Take a step backward.

The way through today's tension is this morning's dreamy trine (brakes off). Conjure up your Neptune. Be patient. Be compassionate. Be forgiving. Put yourself in the other's person's shoes - you are there anyway. Let go of what you are clinging to so stubbornly - especially any ideas you are totally RIGHT. Release. Just be.

The information/answers we need will come to us in their own time (thoughts really are living things) - this isn't the time to dig and push for them. If we are struggling to find the right words we aren't using the trine. Trines are times when the brakes are off. The energies flow smoothly. If just the right words flow from your mouth now you know you are using that trine - if you are struggling to speak, take a breath and go inside. Life is an inside job today.

If we are the ones looking to divulge someone else's secret, this could backfire on us now. Look within. What are you really doing? In Scorpio, Mercury can discover all kinds of muck, but he/she is also thinking about the ways to put the information to use - to manipulate, to gain power. If anything like this applies to your situation, know this stuff will all come out in its own time.

You don't have to toss yourself/ your reputation on the pyre, too (in other words don't connect yourself with any crap you don't have to or later on when other people think about the 'crap' they will think of you, even though you were just the messenger).  

Yes, messengers get shot under these skies - just sayin'.

This also would not be the best time to submit a mortgage application for example - save the deep disclosures - which yes, includes financial information, for after this square has waned (a few days, if possible).

The Moon goes void from 8:27AM EDT to 4:20PM EDT, so this is not a good day to start anything new. Nothing will come of it anyway. Keep this in mind with any arguments/urge to divulge something that isn't ours to divulge or if anyone is pressuring us for information. Nothing useful will come of their/our manipulations anyway. So don't force anything. Let it be.

xo all

Here is more info from the WEEKLY about today's energy (note this was in play for most of this week and will take a few more days to unwind itself):

"The fixed square will mean no one is going to want to bend and arguments/disagreements are more likely. Mars/Mercury is a restless mind, a fast talker and words have the potential to hit us - and other people - right over the head.

We might want to be the first to think of something, we want to "win" the conversation - communications are pushy. Words can start wars now so think before you speak. Walk away from any loud mouth idiots. Don't fight with your sibling or neighbor. Did I say back up your computer? Back up your computer. Drive safely.

The good news is that trine (brakes off) to Neptune shows us the way through the Mercury/Mars minefield.

Neptune says - release your grip, use your intuition, use your imagination, reach for peace, offer forgiveness and compassion. Meditate on it. Pray. Talk to a spiritual counselor. Go inside. Let go and let God."

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