Mercury Square the Nodes from Scorpio |what is beneath the words, stuck in a loop, hearing what we might not want to hear, walking our talk, the unavoidable facts, uncomfortable conversations that are worth having, seeing the patterns - MAKING A PLAN by lunariya

Yesterday's astrology was so gnarly that although I wrote about it in the weekly HERE (Mars square Venus, Mercury opposing Uranus) I didn't want to put my thoughts (which are things) onto paper again.

Whatever this was for us - maybe unexpected or abrupt information, frustration - I'm not going to rehash all the possibilities. We know these are challenging times and this week is particularly harsh.

Our Scorpio house is stressed.

After her opposition with Uranus yesterday, Mercury slips into square with the North and South Nodes of the Moon today (2 degrees - Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo).

This indicates an important piece of information comes to us now - maybe something we don't want to know, but just as likely something that points us in a particular direction. There is a conversation/discussion to be had and with that Venus/Mars square still so tight - it could be confrontational and might be connected to something from the past.

Venus (as us) is swimming backward through the dark waters of Scorpio now, so we are re-viewing, re-vising and re-turning to old situations. This doesn't mean we aren't moving forward. We are. It does mean though that totally new things are kind of "moving against the tide". So, when the tides turn (when Venus stations direct or when she starts covering new degrees) our fortunes with those things can, too. So, we could put alot of time/money/energy into something now that won't pan out in the long run. On the other hand the time/money/energy we are using to - review, revise and return - we know are being put to a good use. Maybe what didn't work before, can work out this time. Old opportunities come back around. Remember, Venus is in Scorpio - the sign of other people's resources and the ways we merge ourselves with other people - there is old gold to be mined now.

For today - and you may have received this information yesterday - pay attention to what triggers you. The fight about the garbage isn't really a fight about the garbage. The uncomfortable conversation with your boss is important. That late notice is important. That thing your kid just said to you that made you hold your breath is important. That song that gets stuck in your head is important. 

We are being put on notice. That Aquarius situation, that is very old and very deep - the past life (childhood) trauma, alienation, what happened to us before when we spoke out/when we were uniquely ourselves, when we detached - is ripe for release and here is the information (that yes, could even come through the mouth of an a**hole boss or client) that pushes us toward that Leo North Node - our heart, our children, our creativity, our happiness, that stage that sits empty because it is intended solely for us and we are off hiding in the audience.

Pay attention to the facts that come out now.

There is a nice trine between Pluto (ruler of Scorpio and a hugely important player right now) and Pallas in "dot your i's and cross your t's" Virgo right now. Pallas is excellent energy for strategies, think warrior mode here (where we get to win) and in Virgo is highly effective.

So, make a plan. Step by step. One foot in front of the other. This isn't about making dramatic changes right now (although that Leo North Node does love drama!), but it is about taking practical steps. What has to be done to make the numbers add up? Do more of that. What is working? Do more of that. What isn't working gets cut. Get concise. Look for patterns. Think like a general (or an accountant!). Figure this sh*t out. These energies are activated within us now and want to work with/through us.

We have access to their collective firepower and remember both Venus and Mercury are answering to Pluto!

That trine to Pluto makes the practical VERY powerful right now.

xo all

(whatever news is playing out in the collective now - I admit I have stepped away from it for a couple days - will be important, too)

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