Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | October 20th-21st - good vibes, harmony, peace, wetsuits and access to all that nice Pisces mojo

Some One by arayo

That Mars square Mercury with Mercury trining Neptune is still in play and we need to WATCH OUR LANGUAGE. We don't want to speak out in anger or impulsivity or with forceful demands and make "the best speech we will ever regret". Just sayin'.

Mostly though the energy this weekend is all about Piscean harmony.

The Moon moved into dreamy Pisces late yesterday afternoon and today she makes nice with Saturn (sextile), then Venus (trine), then Vesta (sextile) and finally she conjuncts Pisces ruling planet Neptune for their monthly love-fest.

This is a great weekend (the good-vibes continue on Sunday when the Moon trines co-ruler Jupiter) to relax and unwind. The energy is especially ripe for imaginative work, meditation, music, healing, day-dreaming - offering compassion and forgiveness and connecting with other people, animals and ourselves. If we can be in or near water at some point all the better.

(I am closing my pool - finally - and that will do. Yes, it's cold here and has been for weeks. No, the pool is not heated. And yes, it's kind of green and freezing and I will be trying not to fall in when doing the final vacuuming - because it wouldn't be the first time. The pool has a dramatic slope since we buried an above-ground pool in the ground and I usually vacuum it from inside the pool because the suction tends to get stuck and toss me off-balance if I am standing on the edge. Maybe I should wear a scuba suit? Where did I put that wetsuit anyway??)

If we can't find something to feel good about this weekend, our sensitivity chip has probably been burned out from all this Uranian electricity (the kind that feels like anything can happen at any time) and we need to connect to something stable - hug a tree, pet a dog, eat some hearty soup, walk the earth in bare feet - now, where did you put your scuba suit? And are those things warm anyway?

Bottom line. Relax. Don't feed the bottom feeders. Let yourself rise like that cream on top of your morning cup of joe.

The Moon will go void on Sunday night at 7:47PM EDT and then move into Aries at just about midnight.

Next week features a powerful, change-maker Full Moon in Taurus (you might be thinking - Taurus, change? remember that's where erratic and unpredictable and disruptive and and retrograde Uranus is hanging out!) so we are going to have to stay flexible folks.

More on that in the next post. Let's not look too far ahead - enjoy the weekend ....

xo all

I hope I don't trash-talk Pisces energy too often. Neptune sits on my ascendant and that slippery Piscean slope toward the great abyss (escape!) is all too near and dear to me, although I am fortunate enough to have sober Saturn sitting on my Aquarius Sun to keep me anchored in reality (most of the time). #kidding, #notkidding "Escaping" reality this weekend is exactly what the energy calls for - just make it a safe and healthy escape.

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