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Red Chief by anyaanti

The Moon moved into Sagittarius while we slept. Normally the Moon's first change of sign after the New Moon would help ease the New Moon energies - and it will somewhat - but with the Sun moving into a square with Pluto today (part of the New Moon story which is now exact) we might not feel the "let up" just yet. Some people will though.

With the Moon in Sagittarius for the next couple days, we will likely find our focus move onto Sagittarius themes (or the theme of our natal Sagittarius house) - the big picture, travel, stretching our boundaries, the media, legal issues, weddings, religion, foreign people, adventure, places and the things outside our immediate comfort zones. Avoid getting all preachy about something. Avoid taking anything so far it is dangerous - with the Sun moving into square with Pluto this is not the time for any limb dangling.

The Sun (in Libra) squares Pluto (in Capricorn). This is more of the power struggle energy we have been dealing with. Here is the "peak" of it (note - the energy peaks today, your situation may have already peaked). After today it will unwind a bit.

Someone is determined to come out on top. Someone is playing a serious game of "chicken". The Libra Sun tries to keep everything all cordial and balanced, but there is no balance here and the civility is only on the surface. If you feel someone is trying to control you - they are. If you are the one with the power and trying to persuade someone else (we call it persuasion when we do it and manipulation when it is done by other people) - take a moment here. This is the ultimate stressful aspect - whatever is happening can feel like life and death and it could actually be life and death, but is most likely our ego being squeezed. 

People will want to feel powerful. People will be using intimidation to their advantage. We could attract (Sun) a Darth Vader (Pluto). This energy also feels like trying to control our father/the powerful masculine. We could be feeling overpowered by life right now. Keep in mind this is a transit. It is transitory. 

This is excellent energy for recognizing our own shadow, because we are going to see it in those around us, especially within our close relationships.

The good news, and this feels somewhat similar to the Pallas (Virgo) aspect that was exact yesterday, is we have an opportunistic sextile from Mercury (in Scorpio) and Saturn (also in Capricorn). 

So although there are planets in Libra and Capricorn squaring each other (tension/frustration) and they are major players we also have major players sextiling (opportunity) each other from relatively the same spaces.

So we have Mercury - our communication/thinking/ideas - being supported by sober and stable Saturn. Keep conversations serious. Use your grown-up voice. Actually, just be the grown-up in the room. That's how you get your power back now. Not with any manipulative tactics. Words are powerful. Speak wisely. Your power lies in what you know/communicate. Don't say too much. You know those guys who don't say much and we all think they're so smart - be like those guys.

Don't rush to agree with anyone using any bullying tactics now. Don't be intimidated and just say what you think someone in power wants to hear.

Be honest. And civil. Be the grown-up in the room. Put on your big-boy/girl pants. Be practical. Be strategic. Be serious. Talk about what you know.

Stick to the facts. Be that guy who doesn't say too much and everything thinks he's a genius. Speak decisively. Make every word count. 

Think "grace under pressure" now. 

OK - time to get on with my day. This week's astro is playing out very powerfully in my life. Will write about it this weekend to give you some examples. Try to enjoy this generous Sag Moon a bit if you can - by Sunday afternoon she will be in practical Capricorn and we will be getting down to business.

xo all

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