Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of October 15th - important conversations and mind-changing information, disruption, the rising feminine won't go away, we are re-evaulating what matters, power imbalances, arguments, forgiveness, compassion, if we get through this week without burning any bridges we didn't want to burn we are doing pretty freakin' good plus a peek ahead to later in the month and the change we have been waiting for

*** by ankazhuravleva

MONDAY -Mercury conjuncts Venus (retrograde), Mercury squares Black Moon Lilith
TUESDAY - Sun opposes Eris
WEDNESDAY - Pluto squares Ceres
FRIDAY - Mercury squares Mars and trines Neptune

Lots of Mercury action this week - so expect to be BUSY with lots of conversations, information and ideas. Mercury is good for thinking things through, figuring stuff out and getting organized/getting paperwork done. The squares indicate potentials for tension,  communication problems, misunderstandings, arguments, computer/transportation/sibling/pet issues and also the potential for some NEW information to come in and totally change our thinking about a situation! Remember squares give us something to push against and move us all forward.

This is another challenging and exciting week - stay grounded, keep a cool head.

We spend much of the work week with the Moon in Aquarius so don't let yourself be drawn into other people's drama (we will have enough of our own to work with!). Back up a bit. Also back up your computer. Right now.

On MONDAY the Moon in Capricorn is going to sextile Venus (retrograding through Scorpio) - this creates an opportunity to meld Capricorn (business, goals, authority, responsibilities, structure, paternal issues) and Scorpio (finances, intimacy, reproduction, death, rebirth, sex, other people's money, loans, taxes, inheritances) themes and get things done.

On the same day Mercury will catch up with Venus at 8 degrees Scorpio.

This is when some information could come in or an important conversation could occur regarding our Venus retrograde (love, money, our values, self-esteem) situation.

With Mercury and Venus both also squaring Black Moon Lilith (the no-holds-barred feminine energy) communications/information could be intense and possibly controversial/disruptive. We could be going deeper with something - taking a second look. Venus and Black Moon Lilith squared each other back in mid-September so maybe something from around that time is reactivated. A relationship or financial situation from the past could come back around again. Remember Venus retrograde is getting us in touch with what we really value. We are re-evaluating things. Words can be profound now. We might be going back over old contracts and agreements.

Keep in mind we are heading to a kind of cross-roads with whatever it is we are going through around October 25th-31st when Venus will oppose Uranus bringing sudden changes and unexpected situations. Both planets will be in a Grand Cross with both the North Node (in Leo) and the South Node (in Aquarius) so whatever is going on will have the mark of FATE stamped clearly upon it.

On TUESDAY the Sun (in Libra) is opposing Eris (in Aries). This feels alot like yesterday's Black Moon Lilith energy and whenever we have a week with multiple aspects that kind of feel like the same thing we know it is IMPORTANT. This is more disruptive energy coming to light around power dynamics, the outsider vs insider energy, repressed feminine potential. This will likely play out within partnerships and the themes of our Libra/Aries natal houses.

The Moon goes void at 5:49PM EDT until she moves into Aquarius at midnight turning our focus to our groups, causes, the internet, technology, freedom, original projects, astrology (!) and the ways we work in tandem with other people toward joint goals - for the next couple days. People could be more distracted and detached. Let's give each other a little space.

On WEDNESDAY we have Pluto (in Capricorn) squaring Ceres (in Libra). This feels similar to the October 8th New Moon we talked about HERE. Power imbalances within relationships and with the ways we nurture others, the nurturing we require of others and releasing what has fallen out of season are ripe for transformation. The square speaks of tension/stress and possible extreme weather.

The Moon goes void at midnight until 3:36AM EDT when she moves into dreamy Pisces making us more sensitive and compassionate for the next couple days. The Pisces Moon is the time each month to focus on our imagination, healing, meditating, music, being in or near water. Keep in mind boundaries will be thin. Things could reach natural culmination points. Be aware of your addictive tendencies, any potentials for self-sabotage (and escape hatches) because that stuff tends to get activated during a Pisces Moon. This continues throughout THURSDAY.

On FRIDAY the Moon is void most of the day (8:27AM to 4:20PM EDT) so this is not a good day to start anything new or send anything out into the world we would like 'something to come of'.

Mercury (in Scorpio) is going to square Mars and trine Neptune.

The fixed square will mean no one is going to want to bend and arguments/disagreements are more likely. Mars/Mercury is a restless mind, a fast talker and words have the potential to hit us - and other people - right over the head. We want to be the first to think of something, we want to "win" the conversation - communications are pushy. Words can start wars here so think before you speak. Walk away from any loud mouth idiots. Don't fight with your sibling or neighbor. Did I say back up your computer? Drive safely.

The good news is that trine (brakes off) to Neptune shows us the way through the Mercury/Mars minefield. Trines are easy to miss though - so much easier to see the problem than the solution, right? - so we will have to reach for it.

Neptune says - release your grip, use your intuition, use your imagination, reach for peace, offer forgiveness and compassion. Meditate on it. Pray. Let go and let God.

Back with some dailies and the weekend stuff I didn't finish.

xo all

Think about where we are and how the astrology is playing out through us.

Mars is moving full steam ahead now - flying toward an unknown future in Aquarius. Venus is moving slowly backward, pulling our energy back into ourselves. We are beginning to feel more intuitive, more interested in whatever we are digging our way through, more passionately connected to whatever we have going on now.

This is all playing out through a situation involving something of GREAT VALUE TO US.

Venus retrograding through Scorpio is very, very personal. This is why the collective stories in the news now are greatly triggering all of us.

When Mercury meets Venus on Monday - both in Scorpio - this is IMPORTANT.

Pay attention now.

Information/clarity is delivered. 

Venus is still squaring both Mars and Black Moon Lilith, so the information can be challenging as well as exciting. Mars is trying to move forward and Venus is like, hold up there bub, we have something back here to deal with.

Now, next week on Tuesday - and remember you can experience/feel energies as they build and unwind and not always most dramatically when they are exact - but on Tuesday, the Sun is going to ingress into Scorpio, too - joining Mercury and Venus and Jupiter. And when the Sun gets there he will oppose Uranus (shining a light on sudden, unexpected change, liberation, the unexpected) - just like Venus did on September 8th and Mercury did on October 10th. This is three of our four personal planets in the shadow sign of power and life and death (Scorpio) opposing change-maker Uranus (in Taurus) within just a few weeks!  

This is why we have been feeling such extreme uncertainty and unsettling change. We are not in Kansas anymore.

The stuff that has been stuffed is coming up to be healed. And the energies are once again bringing us back to mid-May and the relationship energies that came up then and how we dealt with them back then.

And on the 25th we have the Sun connecting to Venus retrograde at 5 degrees Scorpio - in an exact t-square to the points where the North and South Nodes were at the eclipse last July - so mark October 25th on your calendar! We also have a Full Moon in Taurus that day conjunct Uranus retrograde - so opposing the Sun and Venus retrograde! Whah!

THIS is the change we have been waiting for! Are we ready for this? xo again

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DancingMooney said...

I am ready!! I loved your post recently, titled planting old seeds... because I always seem to find myself going back to the same things, yet with new clarity, and a new sense of focus.

Thank you always for your posts and wisdom Cat, I really value reading these.