Astrology Forecast for Today | October 6th - focusing on the details, getting things done, paperwork, getting organized, pet therapy, drifting off course, knots untying, solutions that look better than they actually are or maybe our problem just dissolves, fragile emotional states, lack of boundaries, maybe time for a primal scream

nothing by Nira Gonzalez

We looked at some bigger picture stuff yesterday, today let's focus in on the details - sometimes it is best to take things day by day, even moment by moment. 

The dark Moon moved into Virgo at 7:15PM EDT on Friday night. Our focus will likely turn to Virgo matters for the next couple days - our daily activities, our work, our pets, getting paperwork done and things organized.

We wake on SATURDAY with the Virgo Moon trining (brakes off) stable Saturn. This is good energy to be productive, focus on our goals - get things done. Good energy for business. We can be practical and orderly. The Moon moves into a trine with Vesta (in Capricorn and sitting 3 degrees from Saturn) - we can emotionally focus now on whatever we are devoted to - it has our attention.

After lunch the Moon will sextile (opportunity) a retrograde Venus in Scorpio - our relationship can feel supportive, we are working together, we can get along with other people.

The mood changes in the PM (if you are sensitive to Neptune or lunar changes you will likely feel this sooner, it could even color your entire day) when the Moon moves into her monthly opposition with Neptune at 7:05PM EDT.

Things fog up a bit. It is harder to know what is true. Our ideas could be unrealistic. Information leaks out. We lose our focus. We drift off course. Our emotions are too stretched to be trusted right now.

Having this energy on a Saturday night is probably better than a Monday morning though.

We'll roll with it.

Saturday night would be a good time to go to a movie, make art, meditate, do something healing. Our thinking will be imaginative.

I will be using this energy meditating (Neptune) with my dog (Virgo) - trying to figure out what she wants me to do for her. I have no idea what this will look like. I am sure hubs (Virgo rising) will try to have me committed (Neptune) shortly thereafter, so if I am not back here tomorrow you will know where I am. Send chocolate and a chisel.

Shortly after that Neptune opposition, the Moon moves into a nice trine with Pluto, so a skillful use of our emotional energy could lead to a success now .... prayers for that one.

xo all

I guess Kavanaugh is getting seated. Venus (feminine), moving backward and in her detriment with Mars (masculine) starting to soar again certainly helped him. The dark of the Moon, ripe for backroom dealings did, too. Saturn in Capricorn can't be underestimated. I guess the power of the collective zeitgeist (his personal story's ability to embody the current energies) overrode somewhat the loss and self-sabotage shown in his personal chart. Let's see what collective muck gets dug up in October and what happens in November when Venus gets back into her home sign. We are playing a long game. And we are in the final stretch and the first quarter at the same time ....

If we are feeling triggered we could ask ourselves when was the last time we were ANGRY. Not sad. Not disappointed. Not annoyed or pissed off. Not restrained. But screaming out loud, smashing things to bits ANGRY.

The Moon goes void SUNDAY morning at 10:03AM EDT off a sextile to expansive Jupiter, then stays void until 9:10PM EDT. Take it easy on Sunday. Relax. Set that circus down ...

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