Today's Astrology Forecast, September 27th | a BIG spotlight on our way forward, a rock and a hard place, a need to adjust, counselling conversations, solid commitments

Where the wolves are by Alexandra Sophie

The Moon entered Taurus while we slept likely focusing us on Taurus themes for the next couple days  - our money, our resources, what we own, our values and self-esteem.

The early Moon in Taurus (Full Moon in Aries on Monday) is this month's waning inconjunct (the rock and hard place of the waning Moon's cycle)- Libra Sun inconjunct Taurus Moon. We can use the Taurus Moon to steady ourselves in this moment. What do we have right now? What is right in front of us that we can touch? What do we want right now? What can we do about it? The Moon is squaring both Mars (sitting on the South Node - another threepeat!) and the North and South Nodes and is very active today.

Mars on the South Node of Aquarius - for the third time since he went into Aquarius in May (what has been going on in your life since May?!) - there is an earlier post from June 8th - HERE. Whatever has reached a boiling/turning point during this LONG Mars in Aquarius cycle is most likely feeling very in our face. This is us releasing the argument/the trauma/the distraction/ the need for chaos. The good news - Mars will be moving off - only one degree, but still moving off - this sensitive point by Saturday. Right around the same time Pluto is waking up - we are moving forward!

This is all about relationship dynamics and synchronistically begins to unwind with the Sun in Libra - the ruler of our 7th house of relationships - and just before Venus, ruler of Libra, begins her big relationship chapter next week.

Think about those Libra scales. Why is Libra the only sign whose symbol is an inanimate object - maybe because the way we see/experience other people is a projection from us and not real? Think about how scales work. One side needs to equal the other side for the scales to be in balance. In relationship we are on one side of the scales and the other person is on the other and we have to balance each other for the relationship to be in balance. And this is within any relationship - it doesn't have to be romantic.

Libra is the harmony and cooperation between those opposing forces when they are in balance. 

In order to do Libra right we have to do Aries right (Libra polarity sign) Aries is about - who am I?, what do I want? - so, we enter Libra (relationship) through Aries and our self-definition (who I am). So let's say we are interacting with a person who doesn't balance with us - we adjust. Maybe through Libra we offer diplomacy, compromise, etc.

Maybe in order to stay in balance - and you can imagine those Libran scales with you on one side and the other person on the other - because we haven't done our Aries work to know ourselves - we put some parts of ourselves away (I don't really need someone who yada, yada - you can fill in the blank). Imagine us pulling off our right arm to stay in balance! Or imagine those scales the other way around with us feeling unworthy of that other person's love/attention/time. So we have to add weight to our side of the scales - we over burden ourselves (let me do this and that and the other thing for you), we puff ourselves up artificially, sometimes we even put on actual weight.

And then we move into Scorpio (like Venus is now) from this unbalanced position (where things are only balanced because we have cut off our arm or added an extra arm!) - we go in deep, we merge our bodies and money and intimate emotions - and then we are totally screwed. Except we are never totally screwed (Scorpio does rule sex though and those issues are about to be magnified) because we get all these transits and make all these free will decisions that will shake our stuck sh*t up. Taurus is the polarity point for Scorpio - so we have to know in Taurus (2nd house) what we own, what we value, again who we are - BEFORE we get into Scorpio where we merge our stuff with other people. But we aren't perfect and we don't always know and sometimes even when we think we do, what we know/value changes, so here we are on planet Earth exploring this stuff ....

Anyhow, back to today - we also have Saturn conjunct Vesta (2 degrees Capricorn) and Mercury conjunct Ceres (9 degrees Libra) and the Sun sextile (opportunity) the North Node in Leo.

So, even though we are walking through this month's waning inconjunct we have what we need to handle it!

The Sun sextiling the North Node is like a beam of light being shone on our journey ahead. Watch for synchronicities indicating you are on the right path and universal hints that tweak whatever you are doing. Mars is in Aquarius and the North Node is in Leo - we have to be ourselves. We have to shine from our own center stage. We have to do what makes us feel proud.

Mercury (communication/ideas) hooking up with mama bear Ceres in diplomatic and balanced Libra speaks of someone being HEARD. We speak, they listen. They speak, we listen. This isn't really about deep conversations and we could be making connections at a superficial level - but that level is skipped at our own peril - think of those Libra scales!

Saturn (duty, responsibility limits, rules) conjunct Vesta (devotion, keeping the fire burning) in his home sign of Capricorn is about rules and responsibilities. If we commit to something now we are committed (hopefully not in a straitjacket kind of way). This could also be the old boys being the old boys ...

I don't think we could ask for more perfectly timed energetics for Christine Blasey Ford's testimony and Brett Kavanaugh's rebuttal. This story is a zeitgeist - this energy is playing out in our lives, too. I haven't looked at her chart, but remember his having some slippery Neptune transits - lies, illusion, alcohol, memory loss from alcohol fits, too, self-sabotage - any stuff from the past that has been lying around like a banana peel just waiting for his foot ....

Knowing these three major aspects plus allowing that Taurus Moon some comfort and downtime should give you something to work with today!

xo all

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