Weekend Astrology Forecast Creatives | molehills into mountains, the feminine energy vs the power structures, fresh air and fresh ideas, sleeping in while a sleeping giant wakes up plus some astro on the Kavanaugh nomination

Nina by Bird Sophie Black

At 1:20PM EDT on FRIDAY we have the Moon (in Taurus) trining Pluto (in Capricorn). We get this aspect once a month during the Moon's transit through Taurus. This is powerful emotional energies. Great for intense experiences that leave us feeling nourished. In earth signs this is stable energy as something solid moves forward or clicks almost silently into place.

At 6:36PM EDT the Moon moves into her opposition with Jupiter (in Scorpio) - this is probably not the time to make a large purchase because we could be feeling very self-indulgent and make a bad financial move. Our emotions are over the top, too. We are nurtured - and challenged(!) -  by things that are outside our comfort zone or go deeper than we want to go. Mountains will be made from molehills now, so keep that in mind. Good energy for business, but probably not so good for a Friday night date. There is a feminine energy vs the power structure struggle with Taurus/Capricorn here, too.

Also today Chiron (retrograde in Pisces) sextiles Juno (in Taurus) at 29 degrees. With Chiron back in Pisces we are returning to a past wounding/loss/addiction. The opportunity of the sextile, which is gentle, comes through partnership/commitments/contracts - maybe someone who understands us, a commitment that is encouraging, an acknowledgement of our pain makes a difference now.

With Chiron in Pisces the healing comes from letting go ....

The Moon goes Void off her opposition to Pluto and stays void until she moves into Gemini on SATURDAY morning at 9:36AM EDT. The Moon in Gemini will turn our attention to conversations and communications, to words and writing, to ideas and information- for the next couple days.

We will be busy and mentally active. Lots of errands. Lots of texts. Activities could involve our local neighborhood and our siblings. Computer and transportation issues could have our focus, too.

The Moon will trine Mars (and then form a Grand Air Trine with the Sun (!) on Saturday night - great for creative work, writing, communicating. Try to take advantage of this time period, we don't get this kind of energy very often! Open the windows and bring in some fresh air. Open your mind and bring in some fresh ideas. Good date night for conversation and being out and about.

On SUNDAY we have another long Void Moon (sleeping it off or maybe we are just all talked out?!) starting in the morning and lasting until Monday afternoon!

And Pluto stations direct (the sleeping giant awakens) - will write a post about that!

xo all

A couple people have asked me about what the astrology says about the outcome for the Kavanaugh hearings. The story captures the zeitgeist of our times. I believe these souls are playing out the collective energies for all of us (and the energies are unfolding in our own lives, too).

It's like we are watching a play about "what is happening while we are watching the play".

The astrology was uncannily perfect yesterday - even the Moon's waning inconjunct; the rock and hard place between the Libra Moon and the Taurus Sun - with Venus (ruling Libra) rubbing up against Venus (ruling Taurus) and the GOP having all their questions asked by a female prosecutor!

All the wounds from centuries of patriarchy (the masculine by male entitlement, the feminine by dis-empowerment) are coming up to be healed/released.

I don't have Blasey-Ford's birth information, but Kavanaugh's chart has Jupiter hitting his natal Neptune (1st house) and opposing his natal Pluto (7th house). Neptune here is self-sabotage, stuff from the past, addiction, illusion, self-deception - that banana peel just laying in wait for his foot. Jupiter ruling legal issues/courts. Pluto ruling power and manipulation. He would believe (Neptune in the 1st) he is going to win - but then maybe Neptune pulls the rug out from under him. And he is one of the 1960's babies born with that Uranus/Pluto conjunction so Uranus provides unexpected situations and plot twists when Pluto is activated - he looked like a shoe-in just a few weeks ago and even as I write this people seem convinced he is going to get in. That 7th house Pluto would give him powerful allies. He does have transitting Jupiter at the top of his chart - so a peak career time for him, but that Neptune looks like a major loss to me and it gets multiple hits.

Also his best transits are waning so it looks like he missed his moment. Maybe if he does gets in he doesn't get to stay somehow or doesn't perform/vote the way he is expected to. I don't know. It looks like the chart of someone having a public loss created by something in the past, an addiction or self-sabotage. He also has some natal transits that makes me think this seat opened up for him through some kind of deception. I guess we will see ....

Neptune is set to be a HUGE player in 2019. He will square Jupiter multiple times and sextile Saturn and all three planets will be powerful in their home signs!

xo all

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