New Moon in Virgo | September 14th, 2023 - expect delays with what is starting, unexpected developments, dissolving delusions, practical fresh starts as we embrace change and uncertainty and lean into those curveballs

On Thursday, September 14th, 2023 at 9:39PM EDT the Virgo Moon catches up with the Virgo Sun giving us this month's New Moon - our annual New Moon in Virgo.

Virgo encourages us to prioritize our health, to value quality over quantity, to be of service to others (not at our own expense though and especially not at the expense of our health), to care for our pets, to take care of the day to day things that make our life our life. It also rules co-workers, employees, our daily activities and our work plus the theme of your natal Virgo house.

The basic chart has alot of Earth, so keep this in mind now. Earth is the new black and we can feel this in the collective headlines and in our hearts and heads now.

The New Moon is a time when the skies are dark. It is the time of beginning. The seed goes into the ground. The sperm goes into the egg. The nail meets the wood. The thought meets the paper. You get the idea.

And we may actually have an idea now/soon (or new information may come in, seeing something we didn't see before) or we might change our mind now/soon because Mercury - the planet of ideas and the ruler of Virgo and so the ruler of this New Moon is about to change direction and the New Moon herself is in a smooth trine with the planet that rules hive-mind/genius and CHANGE (Uranus).

The best use of this New Moon energy is to do our Virgo for the next two weeks. Virgo is so well-timed for back-to-school, back-to-work, back-to-ROUTINE. 

Focus on the details. How can you use your skills? How can you make something BETTER? Use commonsense. Do one thing at a time. Do your best. Know that it won't be perfect. Nothing in nature is perfect. Know that perfect isn't the point. During Virgo season we are sometimes charged with the tender work of facing critique, so that we can learn to allow ourselves to make mistakes. A focus on our daily practices during the Virgo lunar cycle - FREES UP STUCK ENERGY. 

The trine to Uranus speaks of something unexpected. SURPRISE! We thought this was going one way and now here's something else. Trines are smooth flows of energy, so this isn't about chaos, but it is about CHANGE. 

Some people will be dealing with health challenges. Some tweaks in a new, improved direction can create big changes down the line. Every detail is going to matter now. I am not saying this to make all of us any more crazy than we already are. But we need to know this going in.

There is the potential here to birth something significant (the Moon's closing trine to Pluto in Cappy), but Virgo rules work, so we know there is going to be work. Effort. And the work is going to have to be good (not perfect, but good). There isn't going to be a whole lot of middle ground.

A couple things to keep in mind as we unpack this one - 

1. we get the New Moon with MERCURY STILL RETROGRADE, so whatever we are starting will shift and change/maybe even turn around completely on us AND could likely be subject to some type of delay. 

(maybe because of the Neptune opposition uncertainty/burn-out, etc)


2. the New Moon's first aspect after meeting the Sun is that trine to a retrograde Uranus - this could be said to be kind of echoing the 'Mercury turnaround' CURVEBALL. 

Now, Uranus is retrograde so whatever this 'unexpected' is, it is something we COULD HAVE SEEN COMING, but cannot anticipate. The trine is a smooth aspect so this unexpected direction will prove to be BENEFICIAL, although the nature of 'unexpected' can bring anxiety and disorder - there is something falling into place here as we lean in a new direction - which, again, because Uranus is retrograde, will have its feet in the past somehow. It will also be LIBERATING.

3. the Moon's next aspect is an opposition to Neptune. THIS IS TRICKY because Neptune in Pisces, is also retrograde, and can bring confusion. Pull us off our game. We are tired. We get sick. Neptune is a powerful outer planet and will not be ignored by the Moon. If we are in lalaland about something, here is where REALITY CAN COME IN via a challenge to any illusion/ideal we are carrying. If we have been over-estimating our physical abilities we may need to prioritize sleep. If we are addicted to something unhealthy, here is where it interferes with our daily obligations. If we are wrapped up in something needing to be just so, here is where it won't be. Often challenging Neptune transits can require a SACRIFICE. No, we won't have to chop the head off a chicken, I hope, but almost certainly there will be a loss/dissolve involved in this New Moon's beginning. 

Something unreal ends to make room for the real. And note, this 'unreal' thing can feel pretty damn real.

(note the Sun will oppose Neptune on September 19th which could be when we get the 'reality')

4. finally the Moon trines Pluto, also retrograde, and back to 28 degrees Capricorn. This is going to happen within hours of the New Moon, but the Sun - because remember they are together at the New Moon - won't trine Pluto until September 21st when he will trine Pluto from 27 degrees Virgo. If something empowering/honest is coming from this New Moon story-line for us, this is when it should be VISIBLE. 

And, it will probably be, because this New Moon is intimately connected to this Mercury retrograde cycle, when Mercury gets back to 21 degrees Virgo at the VERY END OF THE MONTH when we will really SEE OUR PROGRESS or when something physically gets started.

Keep in mind, too, that another thing that is happening now and clearly visible in the Moon's event chart is all the Goddess energies in early degrees of new signs, Eris EXACT with the North Node of Fate (the monkey wrench tossed into the works merging with our best, bravest, most self-sufficient future, more echoing of the other energies), Venus direct and now traveling with Juno - so something about our closest relationships/marriages and also the power we get from being connected to the powerful - and this is echoing the "21" degree of this New Moon (so closely connected to the powerful 22nd degree) often indicating the 'right arm of power' and saying something about the story's connection to the 'position we hold'. 

I hope something here is helpful. It is challenging to be general with these things, but hopefully you can apply my words to your own situation and find some use with them. The bottom line with Virgo is always the one foot in front of the other stuff. Go over the details. Be precise. Exact. Make it smaller. Prioritize. Organize. Say what you really want then effort toward that. Be productive. With Mercury retrograde this could be about something we have previously put on the back burner. Stuff we were kind of 'waiting it out' with and now we could be glad we waited. September offers us renewed focus and change and stabilizing support ahead.

Be gentle with yourself. Virgo season, the time of the harvest, where our ancestors needed things to be 'just so' in order for them to survive the winter ahead is OVER-EMPHASIZED in our DNA memories. We likely won't die if some tomatoes wither on the vine or a project we have been working on turns around on us. This doesn't mean this stuff doesn't matter. It does. 

But we can see from this chart it could be the 'curveballs' that turn out to be the blessings in disguise ....

New Moon Guidelines

Set your intentions and make your affirmations for Virgo themes (or your natal Virgo house theme!) for the best outcomes - health, quality over quantity, service to others, attention to details, work, co-workers, employees, day to day activities, cleaning, organizing, pets.

INTENTION TIPS: Let the earth guide you this month, plant your feet firmly on the ground, clear your head, write what your physical self, grounded by the earth, wants - not what you think you should write (do you see any air in this New Moon chart? only Mars and he is in his fall!). Write your intentions down by hand in script on a blank piece of paper, speak the words out loud, maybe burn the paper and give the ashes back to the earth - release your attention from these things knowing your intention is known.

Life has heard you. Know these things are already yours.  

What do you do next?

Hug a tree. That tree in your backyard is talking to that tree in my backyard and they are both talking to that iconic Lahaina banyon tree in Maui that needs us. 

xo all

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