weekly astrology forecast September 18th - 24th 2023 - something about something that doesn't actually happen, something draining or dissolving that results in greater empowerment or transformation, tweaks and geeks and a mixed bag week

This week is quite the mixed bag as we start walking the steps toward next month's Eclipse season. These aspects don't look so hot, but one thing to keep in mind is Venus is applying all week to a sextile to Mars - this will never quite perfect, so maybe something will not actually happen in the way we are planning/wanting, but it will feel good to plan/play and DESIRE. The sextile/opportunity between our masculine and feminine energies, and rulers of the North and South Nodes of Fate, will help. 

Let's unpack the week!

MONDAY - Sun inconjunct North Node, Vesta trine Ceres

TUESDAY - Sun opposes Neptune, Mars inconjuncts Jupiter

THURSDAY - Sun trine Pluto

FRIDAY - First Quarter Moon (29 Sag)

SATURDAY - Venus trine Chiron, Sun enters Libra

SUNDAY - Mars opposes Chiron, Sun inconjunct Saturn 

I am writing this with Monday almost over, but let's toss in Monday anyway!

MONDAY - the Sun, at 25 Virgo, inconjuncts the North Node in Aries as Vesta, at 1 degree Cancer, trines Ceres in Scorpio (the Moon is also in Scorpio, so meets Ceres and trines Vesta followed by Saturn).

Virgo is mutable earth. Virgo is about competence, maybe especially at the things that require patience and precision. Aries is cardinal fire. It's not about competence. It's all about STARTING/getting our ass off the starting block/courage. We can see the disconnect immediately. The Sun in Virgo is about our health, our work, our daily life/obligations and the North Node in Aries is about our path forward. Maybe with these two out of whack there could be tension between us wanting to do something well and having to do it fast. Wanting to fix something and just needing to have the courage to move on to something new. Both sides need to be honored, but with the Sun at odds with the North Node our path forward may be difficult. Virgo needs to work, help, serve, fix, make things better, but we don't want to forget about our own needs (Aries me-me-me) while we do so. 

The way through any solar tangles will be the ease of today's trines. Situations regarding mother/home/family/food can be nourishing/nurturing. With the Moon in Scorpio forming a Grand Water Trine with Vesta, Ceres, Saturn, our emotions can be intense/focused. Taking care of ourselves/our family happens smoothly. 

TUESDAY is when the Sun finally reaches his opposition to Neptune at 26 Pisces as Mars in Libra inconjuncts Jupiter in Taurus at 15 degrees. We talked about the Neptune opposition in the New Moon post HERE

Sun/Neptune dissolves our solar energy/ego. This can be tiring/draining, but also relaxing if the Virgo Sun has been stressed about getting something just so. There could be an ending. This is a culmination of the Sun/Neptune conjunction back in the middle of March, so maybe something from that time is concluding. Illusions end. Keep in mind solar Virgo wants to be perfect, wants to be right, so maybe we are shown where we aren't now. Sun/Neptune is 'let go and let God'. We are going to have to just roll with this one. Hold on loosely. 

(I know someone with that New Moon last week EXACT on his ascendant and he spent the New Moon being deposed in a courtroom against someone who was lying about him. And this is another way a Neptune opposition can show up. We could be facing down lies as well as illusions. Neptune is retrograde, so this kind of situation will have its feet in the past. 

This aspect/transit is also playing out as Biden - playing the Sun anyway, but now with his Virgo mid-heaven conjunct the transiting Sun, this is publicly amplified a bit - making a sacrifice of his power/showing weakness/falling on his sword to get the Americans back from Iran. Also questions about his capabilities can arise.)

This is also the day, Mars, at 15 degrees Libra, inconjuncts Jupiter. This one is screaming INJUSTICE, and indicates it is not a time for pushing. This will make it easy to take something too far or take on more than we can do and toss things out of balance. The Moon in Scorpio is opposing Jupiter and Uranus and squaring Venus, so challenged, too. The Moon WILL eventually start applying to a smooth trine to Neptune - more "let go and let God", take it easy, get enough rest.

On THURSDAY, the Sun trines Pluto. 

This is the EMPOWERMENT and transformation we get from the Sun/Neptune dissolve, loss or sacrifice. Pluto is in sober Capricorn, so this is good for career, good for seriously practical ambitions. Just keep in mind to GET TO THIS SPACE WE HAVE TO GET THROUGH THE SUN/NEPTUNE OPPOSITION - we have to LET GO OF THE ILLUSION, deal with the lies, suffer the loss, get through the low energy, SACRIFICE THE UNREAL TO GET TO THE REAL. Toss the regrets and get back to business. If nothing seems to be happening for you with this aspect - get rid of something/clear things out. Make space for something BETTER. 

On FRIDAY, we get this month's first quarter Moon - our first lunar challenge after last week's New Moon in Virgo. This comes with the Moon at the very end of Sagittarius and the Sun at the very end of Virgo. This might show up as a reminder that too much perfection/analysis is not a good thing. The Sag Moon moves in to square the Sun asking us to stretch a bit outside our comfort zone Yes, we've got this thing. HAVE FAITH. It won't be perfect because there is no such thing. And maybe that's been the entire lesson of the Moon and Sun's oppositions to Neptune over the last few days! 

The WEEKEND is a mixed bag with some painful relationship moments, but also opportunities for healing around love and money. 

The Sun moves into air, so take your vitamins. 

Also keep in mind I write these transit posts as aspects are most exact, but many can be felt more strongly as they are applying, or even unwinding if that is when they are interacting with our charts, so use this as more a guide to the general energies of the week rather than a day-by-day guide - even though I write it this way! Unless I am talking about Luna, then the day to day will be more precise.

I will pop back in tomorrow night with the weekend.

xo all

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