weekly astrology forecast | September 11th to September 17th, 2023 - the feminine energies shift big time, Mercury stations direct and a New Moon in Virgo speaks of liberating fresh starts with the need to keep our feet on the ground

This is a BIG week with multiple Goddess energies changing signs, our most benevolent planets interacting with each other AGAIN, MERCURY STATIONING DIRECT and our annual New Moon in "just get 'er done" Virgo. 

Let's unpack it!

We start the week with the Moon in Leo, she will square Jupiter and Uranus late Monday into Tuesday, so I would expect some clashes of ego. Watch for over-doing, over-promising and expect some disruptions and changes. Stay flexible. Luckily for us we have the Sun in Virgo coming off his trine to Jupiter (last week) and applying to his trine to Uranus (this week), to smooth things over for us/provide a way through. Doing our Virgo is the best advice here (Leo's kingly fire energy "me, me, me" gets the challenging squares and Virgo gets the smooth trines - stay practical, helpful, healthful, grounded). 

MONDAY - Sun inconjuct Chiron

WEDNESDAY - Pallas enters Libra, Vesta enters Cancer

THURSDAY - New Moon in Virgo 

FRIDAY - Sun trines Uranus, Mercury stations direct (!), Ceres enters Scorpio

SUNDAY - Venus squares Jupiter

MONDAY - the Sun, at 18 degrees Virgo inconjuncts Chiron in Aries. Ouch. Maybe there is something that just can't be fixed no matter how hard we are trying to fix it. A mess that just can't be cleaned up. Virgo wants something to be just so and Chiron reminds us of our human-ness. We aren't God, even if we are made up of the matter of the Universe. There are some things even a practical Virgo can't fix/make right. Acknowledge what hurts. Do your best and move on.  

WEDNESDAY - Her job 'fixing' something in our Virgo house over, Pallas leaves analytical Virgo for diplomatic/peaceful (also indecisive) Libra. At the same time Vesta, finishes up her obsession with a 'little of this and that' in Gemini and enters home and family focused Cancer.

With Pallas in Libra our best strategy could be something like - BE NICE. Yes, I've said it, and to channel my grandmother, "you get more flies with honey than vinegar". Grace/cooperation WINS. We will be looking at our social patterns. Our Libra placements get smarter. Pallas will be here until November 19th. 

With Vesta in Cancer, our focus/the fire that must be kept lit will be connected (collectively) to home and family. We'll want/need to be safe/comfortable. Mother will matter as will mother matters. We will be most comfortable when we can devote ourselves to things/people/situations that are FAMILIAR. Creating a sacred space in your home would be a potent/good use of this transit since - home, family, security, family business, home business, real estate, mother - will be keeping us up at night anyway. We will be looking at the spaces we are nurturing others/needing nurturing and sometimes acting like a gigantic baby. I would expect some nostalgia with this one. Vesta is going to station retrograde here on November 7th at 7 degrees Cancer. She is going to get all the back to 21 degrees Gemini where she will station direct on February 8th. So, we know there will be some revised conversations, communications, commerce, for some sibling/tech/transportation situations - that we will go back over and bring into our home/family situation. This is a LONG one.

On THURSDAY, the Virgo Moon meets the Virgo Sun at 21 degrees Virgo. The New Moon will be in a nice smooth trine with Uranus - change is good!- and applying to a dissolving opposition to Neptune. We want to be clear that what we are starting here is grounded in REALITY. If we can keep our feet on the ground, the Sun in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus, both earth signs, will deliver, over time, something new and tangible. EXPECT A BIG POST!

On FRIDAY - the Sun, at 22 Virgo, trines Uranus at 22 Taurus, MERCURY STATIONS DIRECT (!) and Ceres leaves 'nice girl' Libra for 'anything-but-nice-girl-Libra' Scorpio.

Mercury stations direct at 8 degrees Virgo! CLARITY. We now start our final pass over these Virgo degrees - older and wiser. As he/she gets back up to speed - and, although we still have alot of retrograde activity, the inner planets will all be direct now - we will be more decisive, know how to fix what we have been back and forth over if it's fixable. Our daily life, habits, pets, health and work matters WILL BEGIN TO MOVE FORWARD/get on track. 

Ceres enters Scorpio where she starts answering to old nemesis Pluto. Until November 25th, we will be looking at 'who has the power' and the dark side of nurturing. In Scorpio, Ceres (as us) might be required to make a complicated compromise, face an ending through a cycle of life situation or deal with something firmly outside our control. 

The good news - both these transits - Mercury direct and Ceres into Scorpio - are colored by today's exact Sun/Uranus trine, which is a smooth/easy integration of change, freedom and individuality. We reach toward the future and the future reaches back toward us. HERE IS A LIGHT ON CHANGE. 

This won't be some cray-cray making move with the Sun in Virgo. A tweak here. A move there. We've got this thing. Small changes can have a BIG impact on our day-to-day situation, routine, health, work, care of a pet, insert your natal Virgo house theme here.

Maybe something new/innovative/forward leaning (with Uranus retrograde there is some connection to the past here, another chance at something we missed? another way forward?) comes to light.

There is a knock at the door and, if there is, it will be something better than Aunt Ida carrying the last of her garden tomatoes, I promise. 

CHANGE IS GOOD! One foot in front of the other. Focus on the DETAILS. Small changes can bring big results. With Uranus in Taurus, this is good for resource/income changes that are UPGRADES. Happening at the time of the New Moon speaks of INNOVATIVE FRESH STARTS.  Just keep in mind, the Sun still has that dissolving opposition to Neptune ahead of him/us - success comes with the price tag of practicality/realism/our feet on the ground. We'll look at this more in the New Moon post. 

On SUNDAY, Venus, from 15 degrees Leo, squares Jupiter at 15 degrees Taurus. This square takes us back (because remember Venus is still repeating aspects from her recent retrograde) to their square on June 11th at 5 degrees Leo. So, something from that time frame begins its' final lap'. Collectively we will be asking ourselves - do I value this? can I afford this? is this worth it? The reviews/re-looks are over. With the Sun's opposition to Neptune looming and Mercury direct, if something has had over-inflated expectations, this could be where we can see that and deal with it. 

I hope something here is helpful. Back with the New Moon post!


(with so many Goddesses changing signs, we will take a look at the Russia/Ukraine storyline again, too - there will be changes ahead)

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