weekly astrology forecast | march 6th -12th, 2023 - busy week, full moon in virgo, saturn into pisces, endings and beginnings

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. 

This week is BIG . Next week is BIG. The next week is BIG. Alot is in flux. 

By Wednesday, Saturn will be out of Aquarius, not to return for almost three decades. Some will feel this right away. Happening during Pisces season will really amp up his move into mutable water!

The sextiles this week will pull us into next week's more challenging squares, so double check things THIS week. Finish up what you can. This much Pisces can lead to miscommunications and misunderstandings. Check in with people who are disconnected. Know the effects of drugs/alcohol will be greatly amplified. Take your vitamins. Get enough sleep. 

MONDAY - Sun sextile Uranus


SATURDAY - Venus sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Uranus, Juno enters Taurus

SUNDAY - Jupiter conjunct Chiron

MONDAY - the Sun, at 15 degrees Pisces, sextile Uranus in Taurus

This is SMOOTH CHANGE that can create, over time, greater stability, security with our resources, self-esteem, money or values. Freedom. Liberation. Making the 'dream real' energy. The new is integrated easily through the Piscean energy of going with the flow, relaxing our grip, using our imagination, etc. The Pisces Sun makes our ego less solid/no boundaries and so is able to work with the fixed earth of Taurus. Note, Mercury will be here Saturday, so we could SEE the new now and be talking about it/making plans later in the week. Note - sextiles are not strong aspects, so some kind of action needs to be taken with this or it will just float right on by us. Water and earth can make beautiful clay pots or mudslides - it's up to us. 

TUESDAY - the Moon, at 16 degrees Virgo, opposes the Sun in Pisces, Saturn leaves Aquarius, after about 2 1/2 years and moves into Pisces for the next 2 1/2. 

This has its own post HERE. Collectively Virgo Full Moons can culminate health or work situations. Results can come in. The Full Moon's trine to Uranus in Taurus can bring in money or situations that increase our resources/values or self-esteem. The Full Moon's square to Mars speaks of tension/frustration with communications, details, information. It can make people argumentative. It can make it hard to focus/sleep. 

There is likely to be alot going on. Emotions can run high. 

Collectively Saturn in Pisces is the LONG GOOD-BYE. Letting go of what we can't control and focusing on being responsible with what we can is our best way through this transit. By the time Saturn reaches Aries - and Neptune - in February 2026, our reality is going to be totally transformed!

SATURDAY - Venus, at 23 Aries, sextile Mars in Gemini while Mercury, at 15 Pisces, sextiles Uranus in Taurus, Juno enters Taurus

Lots of creative opportunities at the end of the week as Venus makes an opportunistic sextile with Mars - what we want and what we have to do to get what we want working together. Aries/Gemini. Fire and air. Action and words/ideas/communications. AND at the same time we have Mercury making ANOTHER opportunistic sextile to Uranus. New ideas and information. Talking about change. Making future plans. Learning new things. 

Juno enters Taurus. Commitments. Our relationships can become more stable, focused on what is valuable/real. We can partner for money/see the way partnerships make us more or less financially stable or hurt/help our self-esteem. We might become possessive of a partner. Not a good transit for long distance relationships or anything less than what we see as rock solid. We know Juno in Taurus will meet up with the North Node in Taurus to 'seal the deal' and then she will be on a collision course with chaotic Uranus at some point, so just when that 'rock solid' grows too stagnant, there will be CHANGE. It's all good. 

SUNDAY - Jupiter meets Chiron, repeating Venus's move last week. A very old wound is triggered, maybe around our ability to take care of ourselves/be ourselves, triggering an opportunity for HEALING. Our vulnerabilities can be visible/magnified. Jupiter's blessings come through faith, generosity and taking a risk - keep this in mind.

The Moon on Monday and Tuesday is in Virgo - so very productive, organized, practical. The Full Moon's aspects will fuzz things up, and the square from Mars will pull in some challenges. Our best bet is that trine to Uranus. We talked about all of this HERE. The Moon goes void on Wednesday at 9:07AM EST off a productive trine to Pluto (power, career, goals). She is void until 9:44AM EST when she moves into Libra. Now we are nourished through balance, beauty, other people, love. While in Libra, over the next couple days, she will oppose both Jupiter and Venus and trine Mars. Those oppositions could brings conclusions, endings. The smooth trine is echoing Venus/Mars on Friday. The Moon n Libra goes void at 6:36PM EST on Friday off a testing/power struggle square to Pluto. She is void until 7:06PM EST when she dives into Scorpio to give us a deep/immersive weekend. In Scorpio her aspects are mostly all good, other than an opposition to Uranus (change, the unexpected). By next Monday the Moon is making her monthly waxing trine with the Sun for a smooth release. 

Next week we have:

Mars square Neptune, Sun conjunct Neptune, Mercury conjuncts Neptune, Sun squares Mars, Mercury squares Mars, Venus square Pluto, Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus enters Taurus, Venus sextiles Saturn, Mercury sextiles Pluto, Mercury enters Aries - and then the following week we have the Spring Equinox/New Year/New Moon plus Pluto into Aquarius for the first time since the Revolutionary War - we are in it now, folks - rest when you can!

xo all

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